Zedd in the Park Lights Up the Night

By Isabelle Cruz
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Saturday wasn’t any ordinary night. Zedd blessed LA with louder sound, more food and plenty of Z’s in round two of Zedd in the Park Festival on Sept. 7.

Call it a baby rave with the amount of smoke and fire the crowd gave, but that doesn’t amount to the lit sets this year’s lineup of DJs set up for the big screens. This fest included: Brownies & Lemonade, Y2K, Keys N Krates, TroyBoi and of course Zedd.

This event was like a dip into the EDM scene with attendees showing up in squads of full blown glam and glitter attire. Some common threads were the bandanas, crop tops, shear, cargo pants, floral tops while for the most part accessorized with a fanny pack, beaded bracelets or water backpacks (an anti-hydro flask event).

Along with the sick threads were the scattered Z’s photo op spots. The first spot was the giant LED Z just past the entrance before you hit the open tunnel and Hollywood hill-style Zedd letters followed by some cloud swings. The set-up was aesthetically pleasing if you were lucky to get a good shot from the hired photographers.

And if you got hungry, there were snackable munchie-craving food options. I’m happy to say no one spent their time (willingly) hungry or thirsty. There was Thai, poutine, bagels, and pizza to list a few. Several water stations were set up and plenty of water, booze, Red Bull and Gatorade being sold.

Something surprising was despite intimidating appearances, people were friendly. This crowd was one of the friendliest I’ve ever encountered compared to past festivals and concerts. Strangers said ‘hey’ and linked up waiting in-between sets before the next jam out session. It’s easy to find your next dance/jump partner simply by turning your head left or right.

Another surprising thing was who actually showed up to this festival. The age range was 18 and older, so while the majority seemed to be people under 21, there were plenty of older looking attendees from all over. My friend and I even met a dude who flew all the way from Brazil just to see Zedd.

And when the night stretched on, the anticipation grew to bubbling excitement. It’s a smart move to start the fest with the newer DJs. It made time for crowd listen to some chill sets before jumping into the night. It also just made the wait worth while. Some highlights before Zedd include: Y2K’s “Lalala” and old school mixes with Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne to Keys N Krates’ unreleased mixes to TroyBoi’s eclectic set.

Best in the house was reserved for Zedd who went full out on production and engineering while playing a mix of old and new before literally lighting up the night with fireworks.

My favorite part was a tie between “Beautiful Now” and “Clarity.” Girls were on shoulders and the crowd was literally in sync. The energy-high was exhilarating and without warning addictive. If you haven’t seen Zedd already, this is your cue.

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