Young & Sick Takes Over the Echo

By Isabelle Cruz
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Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Young & Sick brought insane beats to the Echo on June 20.

Opening for the show was North Carolina native Caitlin Linney, also known as Linney, who introduced some new songs that were what she described as “California inspired.” She shared her recent journey of self-producing and building on her own authenticity as an artist. Her voice holds raw emotions that captivate listeners. Her relatable lyrics paint small stories about fame, rain, anxiety and more. Linney hinted that her new music will be more sunset, pastel vibes, channeling a California summer.

“They’re all about being honest and true to yourself and growing into yourself,” she explained.

After Linney warmed up the stage, Young & Sick’s Nick van Hofwegen strutted out with his signature enticing stage presence and a guitar strap that refused to stay on because of how intense the guitar playing was.

Young & Sick played his EP before delving into old songs and music that’s never been recorded. The set had an incredible variety of sound, which inject the whole show with vibrancy and life. The guitar riffs had the crowd bouncing along to all the songs. It was clear that the band wasn’t just about making incredible art, they truly valued the simple dynamic of having a good time.

They also showcased sick guitar solos, crowd engagement and sneaky, but humorous merch promotions. Not to mention, van Hofwegen had an incredible vocal range and an energy that had the crowd going.

Fans who came out to support the band found the show a lot of fun.

“My favorite part was [van Hofwegen] just jamming out, you can tell he was having a lot of fun playing his guitar, walking around, playing around. He came into the floor level singing and playing his guitar. So I think those moments of closeness were just really cool, just to see him be in it with everyone else,” shared Stevie Roberts, a concert attendee.

True to van Hofwegen’s word, the music was very nostalgic with a modern approach.

Young & Sick is an LA and New York City based music and art project tying together musicianship and visual art.

Nothing draws inspiration more than digging into the world around me.” said van Hofwegen.

Nostalgia is definitely present in their overall sound, but it is the detailed imagery presented through van Hofwegen’s pen that truly holds the listener. 

After releasing his new EP with Neon Gold Records and B3SCI in May 2019, fans can be hopeful for more music and art post touring.

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