Los Angeles is full of inspired and exciting events all year long from music festivals, to film premieres and art gallery openings. Angelenos have there work cut out for them when trying to scope out where to spend a day or evening. Whether it’s spending a crafty afternoon at The Americana At Brand’s DIY Camp or the night at L.A. Live’s Dark Nights Market the LA Canvas events calendar is packed with fun and eclectic events popping up all over LA.

Full of music concerts and shows Los Angeles is a city beyond comparison with when it comes to live music. DJ culture has taken our city of Angels by storm and LA Canvas has taken it upon them selves to give the people what they want. Listing event’s like Exchange LA’s deep-house night Inception and Palm Spring’s weekend summer festival Splash House in a new and unique way. Dropping these events in conjunction with LA based DJs such as SNBRN, Mikey Lion, and Deep Jesus sharing a exclusive playlists to get you in the mood.

With sites all over the internet blasting events on the daily it is hard to know where to look for the best events going down in LA but don’t despair because LA Canvas will always be there for you packing their events calendar with posts such as Art Hype, Noted and Moving Images to keep you on the up and up of what’s going down in LA.

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