WBC Champion Boxer Surprises Kids at a Local Gym

By Raquel Vasquez
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Professional Boxer David “El Bandera Roja” Benavidez and the kids of The Rock Boxing Gym Photo Credit Lina Baker

Super middleweight 22 year old American Boxer David Benavidez took time out of his intense training camp to surprise the youth at The Rock Boxing Gym in Carson. David “El Bandera Roja” Benavidez is 21-0 and getting ready to fight again this September. But David hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

Years ago, David spared at this humble gym. The Rock Boxing Gym is a non profit gym that trains anyone under 17 for free. There are three volunteer trainers that care enough to want to keep kids engaged and healthy. They are there every night.

Benavidez and his father Jose Benavidez Sr, who is also his trainer and team gave a shocking surprise visit with gifts in tow. Shocking, because when the kids see the huge green WBC Championship Belt their faces light up and their eyes are wide with amazement. There’s a real champion walking among them.

“I was a young kid like them once, being here helps me remember everything I have gone through to be here today. The hard work doesn’t stop though, in life, we got to keep working harder to better than we were yesterday.” Wise words from the young boxer.

David Benavidez signs autographs Photo Credit Lina Baker

“It’s my obligation as a professional boxer to come back to the gyms and do whatever I can to inspire the youth. They are the future, they’re the ones we have to keep our eyes on. One day they will be the champions and will also go back to inspire the youth.”

David signed autographs and took photos with everyone. He and his team also did a short training session. “ I want to make a couple of visits before my next fight, it really motivates me  to see the youth, they’re the ones who support us boxers, it’s only right we give them our time as well.” There was a Q & A with the champion boxer that shed light on his amateur days, becoming a professional boxer and some boxing tips.

Giving back is part of the WBC Championship way Photo Credit Lina Baker

The Rock Boxing Gym volunteers Elvis, Greg and Miguel were presented with an honorary mini WBC Championship Belt for all that they do. “Thank you so much for this, you have no idea the impact this has on the youth. This gym is not luxurious, we are in need of an upgrade, but it has a lot of heart and as long as the kids keep coming, we will not charge them. If they win, we win.”

In today’s grim view of so many topics, it’s important to highlight the good that is done by the many that still have good hearts and intentions.

Be sure to watch David “El Bandera Roja” Benavidez vs Anthony Dirrell September 28, 2019 in Los Angeles at the Staples Center airing live on Fox PPV.

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