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Love by Christina Masterson | Weston. James from Weston. James on Vimeo.

The emotion of love could be categorized as one of those existential and undefinable emotions that are relative to the person they capture. In Weston James’s latest short film we watch as actress Christina Masterson takes on the challenge of defining the four letter word, and analogies ensue.

Masterson, dressed in a fur coat, begins by telling us what love is and does. As she goes on to explain that being in love is like being a collector, scenes of her in a floor length white gown scouring a beach at sunset for shells accompany her asides. All of this comes with added charm, as Beach House’s Victoria Legrand croons in the background via the duo’s song “Turtle Island.” Whether the short hits a chic editorial note, or asks you to question your own definition of the word “love”, James’s cinematography and ability to peek our interests never ceases.

Watch the video above, and check out the rest of James’ work here.


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