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Who needs glitter, choreography, or skintight jumpsuits when you’ve got lush green foliage and a snuggly orange sweater?

In his new video for “Say That,” Chaz Bundick hits that indie-kid sweetspot where creepy and awkward adds up to apathetically cool. It’s this ideal crux that his one-man electro-machine Toro Y Moi has always embodied, peppering funky lo-fi cheese with shurgged-shoulder stoicism and a sort of regular-guy ease. And, he looks good in khakis.

The new clip zooms in and out on the songwriter/producer as he lackadaisically lounges, sings, or grooves amidst various landscapes. Meanwhile, a steady beat bubbles along at a languid pace, delivering a West Coast electro-funk flavor and inspiring the sleepiest of dance moves. No need to get off the couch for this one.

Bundick is scheduled to release his third album as Toro Y Moi on January 22nd. Written and recorded after a move from South Carolina to Berkeley, Anything in Return has a distinctly Californian bent. Catch Toro Y Moi in LA at the Fonda on March 3rd.

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