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Former Roark Creative Director Andrew Steiger has just debuted his first solo video project. Entitled “Transcendence,” the one-minute-thirty-second clip showcases the FW’12 – SS’13 collections from LA-based menswear label CLADE. The film premiered last week at an event hosted at one of our favorite LA boutiques,  Akai Ito Boutique. LAC caught up with Andrew and convinced him to spill his guts…


So, what’s up?

Constructing second tree fort, sweet fleet foxes, and nursery rhymes.

 Can we get you something to drink?

Yes, I will take a jar of sweet iced tea puhlaease.

 What are you wearing?

Ripped up Roark (Collective) tank, and big billowy aladin pants.

 Are you single/taken/bummed/indifferent/hopeful?

Single, I actually had a vision the other day of this femme fatale and she said, “you have to wait a little longer”.

Do anything last night?

Composed then went to RR Gallery and drew pictures and watched my friend CW drill holes in giant outline of the word FUCK for his own personal art piece.

How late did you stay up? 

2 am

Meals or snacks?

I fancy both, a snack allows me to feel like a field mouse, or perhaps a grazing caribou. Meals are for family time.

How often do you consume alcohol?


You kissed a girl and liked it?

Oh WEEW yess!

Has anyone seen you naked recently?

Hm… perhaps a helicopter?

Please don’t touch that.


What’s on your feet?

Wiggley riggley toes of joy.

Blue or black ink?


Ever sit down in the shower?

Always // lights off.

When was the last time you really froke out at someone?

A couple days ago , at my friend Bever but I love him and he understands.

What was the first thing you said aloud this morning?

My sister was talking about eyelashes, and I remarked (from the next room) that getting extended eyelashes would be like a frog paying to change its spots.

Are you listening to music right now?

“The Sound of Silence”  – live…Simon & Garfunkel.

Will you text the person you like today?

I mean, yeah.

If we gave you $50, what would you buy?

Paint, specifically “Buoy Orange”… and then several pomegranetes and fabric– of the woven wooly variety.

Last 3 google searches?

1. Flesh eating beatles for sale in LA

2. Owl goddess mythology

3. 1950’s tea party ettiquette

What are you doing later?

Probably eating stew from last night, and then contintuing to write this damn script.

Can we come?

All hands on deck.

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