Listen Up: Howling Release X Machina Remix EP

Howling just dropped their latest EP – X Machina Remix. The three track EP is comprised of two versions of  X Machina—the original and a remix by Dave Harrington, guitarist of DARKSIDE. The third track of the EP is a remix of Howling’s Shortline by German pianist Hauschka. This remix package comes shortly after the release of Howling’s debut album Sacred Ground back in May.

Howling is a two man project made up of Ry X and Âme’s Frank Wiedemann. Did you see them in our latest Vacation Issue as featured Tastemakers? You really should. The duo creates otherworldly deep flowing music infused with echoey vocals, that often stray into the darker side of house music.

“Our process was very, very organic. For both of us, it’s just about the creation. Each song has a little journey of its own. The vision’s beautiful between us because there’s a lot of trust. It’s a very intuitive process where we fall in love with one element of the song or one element of a thought, and we follow that until both of those ideas have been met.” – Ry X, Howling

Catch Howling on their North America debut tour, they will be playing the 15th edition of the Prototype series at Lot 613 on July 31st, alongside Âme, Droog and Plastic Love.

Pick up tickets to Prototype 015  here.

Premiere: SNBRN drops playlist for Splash House Palm Springs

We’ve done it again, and this time, with the help of LA based DJ/producer DJ, SNBRN. If you’re gearing up to head down to Palm Springs on June 13th + 14th for Splash House, get in the mood with these ten tracks he exclusively drops on LA CANVAS—along with why they’re so nostalgic to him—to get you in the sun soaking, palm tree musing kind of mood for a weekend of proper house heavy beats.

Hands down my favorite summer jam of all time….no questions asked

Who doesn’t love the original, Viceroy flipped this one just for the pool.

A staple in all my summer sets! 😉

Currently my favorite track of the summer, wonder who hit this one out of the park???

This track is so catchy & beautiful…it’s sunset worthy.

Aight, nobody can make a house jam like Le Youth. 

Such an emotional remix, I cant get enough of it!

This remix is so unique and fresh, I play it every set.

Talk about a piano anthem, Blonde did it again…

This track is all about summer, and I’m all about it!


Let’s get deep on this glorious Music Monday. Real deep. Like, the deepest house mix by Trinidad – Senolia titled “Deep Wood Stomp” just dropped today on okayplayer and somehow, it simultaneously found its way in, around, out and through our favorite Marshall headphones as we get to do what we love — bring it all to you. We suggest you take a listen while you read what Trinidad plans to bring to our future music turntables.

Q & A: Pants Off with OKGo

Treadmills, canines and visual trickery aside, the indie rock outfit OKGo simplifies to childhood friends who just want to “create stuff.” Since forming in 1998, the foursome have spent their career in a steady state of transformation that spans music, film and movement. Their forthcoming album, Hungry Ghosts, is set to debut this fall — preceded by an ambitious summer tour. While diligently prepping on a soundstage, front man Damian Kulash took time from the madness to share his perspective on their musical growth, ridiculousness in clubs and the right moves to sweep a pants off-dance off. Shall we shimmy on? OK… Go…


LA CANVAS: We’re looking forward to catching you guys at The Echo on 7/23, and noticed that most of your tour dates route through intimate venues. Was that deliberate? And, what can we expect of your live show?

DAMIAN KULASH: We were particular in picking small clubs, but it won’t be small staging. We’re really attempting the ambitious with our live show… musically, visually, and the experience. We’ll be bringing big production on the road with us that small clubs don’t normally have. Think lots of computers, LED screens, projection mapping, and other insane things from this new crazy world of technology. We want to prove that rock shows can be ridiculous, especially since we’ll be touring for the next year or two.

LAC: Speaking of years, it has been quite some time since your last full album. Tell us how OKGo has grown, and about the process behind making this new album.

DK: So it has been about 4 years since our last album, which was a very electronic and deliberate record. I think we’re done being deliberate with songs. For example, with our first single “Get Over It,” there was a lot of nu-metal or bands like The Strokes out at the time. We asked, “what about glory?” and we set out to write a stadium rock anthem. Now when we’re writing, our songs have no starting point. It’s like playing in a sandbox. We’ve grown so much in embracing not knowing what it is that we’re making, and planning less. Being open has really evolved our voice, both the process and result is a lot more unique like that. I feel that these new songs and this new album sound a lot more like “us” than our prior records.

LAC: So, does your mom think you’re famous?

DK: You know, we’ve been together as a band for 15 years, I’ve never felt that we’ve become super famous. I feel like we’re known in creative circles but we’re not really a pop culture band. But yes, my mom does read all the comments online and wallows, she’s pretty proud.

LAC: The story is told that OKGo was sparked from meeting at summer camp many, many moons ago, what was 11 year old you like?

DK: Tim & I have been friends for 27 years. Wow, that sounds weird to say that out loud (laughs). Since age 11, our friendship has been based around making stuff together. We were just 2 camp kids with a guitar and sketchbook, and we still look at things as art projects. From being kids to our career now, it does feel a little  full circle. We’re lucky for this to be our day job. You have to be naïve enough to chase this, as it’s really a one in a billion chance. We understand that, and we do our best to work hard.

LAC: People know OKGo as a Chicago band, but you’re mostly LA residents. Any favorite places and things to do in the city?

DK: None of us have lived in Chicago in about 10 years, we are here now and LA’s a good place to be. Some of our favorite spots include the Magic Castle, for obvious reasons, and Griffith Park. I love being in nature with my dogs and it’s just minutes from the bustle of the city. We’re always hunting for food spots too, we are big foodies.

LAC: Spill on your top taco spot.

DK: Ok, but there are 2 calibers of tacos. If you want fast, cheap yet good, then you have to hit up Taco Zone on Alvarado. There are definitely much better places on York Ave in Eagle Rock though, if you’re willing to make the drive.


LAC: To ease the drive during the next few months, what’s on your tour playlist?

DK: I’ve just gone through a period of only listening to 60s and 70s soul, now I’m back into Led Zeppelin big time. Some newer acts on my radar are Hozier, such a soulful singer songwriter, and I’ve been feeling Jai Paul. They’re both pretty awesome.

LAC: Your band has earned bonus kudos on your impressive choreography but if there was a pants off dance off right now, which member would win and with what move?

DK: Without a doubt, it would be Tim and he would win with a little move that I’d like to call the “Pelvic Rodeo.” It’s a very intense and specialized dance. However, I should note that I’ve just learned to Vogue. I’ve been watching videos with these guys hitting the floor, and it’s the coolest thing ever. So actually, I think I’d hit Tim with that for the win, he wouldn’t see it coming (laughs).

LAC: Other than music, videos, and dance-offs, what else is in store for you guys?

DK: Our goal is always staying creative and consistently making things… music, videos, and everything beyond! Presently, we’re working on 2 TV shows, and launching another app.

LAC: It’s half way through the year. Be honest, have you fulfilled your resolution yet?

DK: My resolution has been pretty effective, working harder and thinking less.

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This one’s a no brainer, come dance! OKGo performs at The Echo on Wednesday July 23rd. In the meantime, listen to the Upside Out EP for a small taste of what’s to come.


U.R. ART Music Festival, a day-party series featuring the best music, art, fashion, and food each month, returns to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica on July 20th for its second blowout culture installation — this time, the decks get blessed with Solar, Asadinho, Sean Patrick, Eduardo Castillo, John Wander and music man Guillaume + The Coutu Dumonts — who we zeroed in on for a proper sit down. This multi-faceted musician definitely knows his percussions and the ever-evolving Tsunami of music. Listen to his pulse: 


LA CANVAS: So, what’s up with you headlining U.R. ART Festival on July 20th?

GUILLAUME: Hahahaha… Not sure what to answer to that. In any case, I’m not a big fan of the term headliner. I think promoters and even party people give too much importance to what they think is a headliner. But yeah, I have the chance to be one of the “out of town” guest. Lucky me!

LAC: What are your thoughts on the concept of U.R. ART being more than just music?

G: I haven’t seen it in action so far.. but from what I gather it seems to be touching to fashion, food, design on top of being a music festival. Being a musician, I will always be a bit more interested in music then fashion (for exemple)… so as long as the music is good… whatever quality artistic stuff that is around makes the experience even more of a success.

LAC: What do you think of the rise (+ domination) of house + techno in LA?

G: Wow, that’s great to hear. I love it. Well.. it’s all about cycles no? It comes and it goes. I guess you guys had a bit of a low tide for a while so now let’s enjoy the Tsunami.

LAC: Are you interested in any specific style of music right now?

G: Always. I listen to everything I can all the time. I try to keep my ears open as much as I can.

LAC: How long have you been banging on percussions, and when did you start?

G: Well… I did it “for real” a long time ago. When I mean for real I mean, practicing 5 hours every day. Nowadays, I would say I don’t really play. I use a drumpad during the live set which I play… but it’s nothing like playing the real drums. I started when I was 15-16 years old. I was playing some old banged out drums over Santanas songs in my living room.

LAC: Was there a moment in time that you knew ‘music was the answer’?

G: That moment when I was playing over the Santana’s records in our living room. Made me feel good and it made the time stops.

LAC: If life could resemble any record…

G: Then death is a over-compressed shitty resolution mp3?

LAC: Your career is multi-faceted. Tell us a bit about your journey behind the decks…

G: Well, I started as a percussionist and then studied percussions, electroacoustic composition and then discovered techno and house music. So I guess I apply my baggage to what I do nowadays. I try to keep as many collaboration projects as I can. I also have a band project, Guillaume & The Side Effects (guitar, keyboards, saxophones and Dave Aju doing the vocals). That project will soon bare it’s fruits with the first album coming out in 2015. Other then that, this year will probably see the first album of Museum, a ambient more experimental project I have with my brother Gabriel Coutu Dumont and Frederic Aubourg. I’m really looking forward to this one as well.

LAC: Any secret music formulas you can share with us we should expect on Sunday?

G: Hahaha, formula… nooooooooooooooo. But one thing I like to do is really trying to shape my live set like if it was a dj set. I mean, I like to go up and down and left and right. I bore myself if I try to play the same kind of groove and songs thru the whole set.

LAC: Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

G: What about a mystery and murder dinner (with Hercules Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Mata Hari, Miss Marple, etc…). You know those one when you everyone dresses in a costume and plays a part. Wait, they made a film out of that idea… what’s it called again?

*There’s Rope, The House Of Yes, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Gosford Park, The Last Supper…

LAC: Top 3 favorite tracks of all time…

G: That’s way too hard! I can probably do a top 3 tracks of the month.

Loose Joint, Tell you
Mandre, Rain
Taylor Mcferrin, Degrees of Light

LAC: Advice or words to live by for those emerging creatives?

G: Instinct baby instiiiiiinct!!!!!


Kitten (the band, not the furry felines) is a Los Angeles-based indie band whose self-titled debut album just dropped in late June. Fronted by Chloe Chaidez (she’s only 19!), Kitten has been making waves opening for bands such as No Doubt and Paramore. This past week, Chloe did an acoustic set at Amoeba Records in Hollywood and blew us all away with her powerful vocals and purrrfect guitar skills. Their album features songs from their past two EPs, Cut It Out and Like a Stranger and the songs offer an old school 90’s and synthpop sound to make you feel all fuzzy inside. Here’s to music yet again. Meow.


We’ve waited two years for something from Grimes, the eccentric, Canadian-waif, MEGA talent, and finally, she delivers. Her album isn’t done yet, so why drop the new single “Go,” featuring Blood Diamond, right now?

Side View Of Grimes - 1

It’s our summer jam so we figured we should put it out ‘cuz I am very bored of waiting to finish my album b4 releasing new music haha,” she says in a press release.

do you, Miss Claire. Do you.



The track is far more accessible than Grimes’ previous work, and not to mention it’s a bit more pop that we are use to from her, a fact she isn’t completely unaware of. Nevertheless, the song is layered with sensitivity and enough back-beat sultriness to please current and new fans all ova.

But real talk—how much hotter would it have been with a verse from YG or Ty Dolla $ign around the 2:30 mark?


Jessie Ware took 2012 by storm with the debut album, “Devotion,” but the UK singer didn’t cease to stop there. Upon the album’s release, a cover of 1990’s R&B group, Brownstone’s “If You Love Me”  took to the blog-o-sphere and thus Ms. Ware has barely left our cranial void. BenZel, producer duo of London’s Two Inch Punch and Benny Blanco, who created the sonically-charged cover have laid another track for Jessie in newly released single, “Tough Love,” which we can only assume is the first glimpse into Jessie’s “Devotion” follow-up.

jessie ware la canvas

Following the Brownstone cover’s lush synth and percussion, Jessie’s vocal stylings progresses throughout the track, alluding to the same kind of devotion and passion onto “Tough Love,” as we heard throughout that stellar first album. Check out the track below.

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