ELA Advertising Provides a Unique Workspace for Creativity

VMA Watch Party at ELA Headquarters Photo Credit Raquel Vasquez Remember years ago there were companies with a fresh vision and offices were beautiful to the eye and made you actually want to go to work? These new age companies

WBC Champion Boxer Surprises Kids at a Local Gym

Professional Boxer David “El Bandera Roja” Benavidez and the kids of The Rock Boxing Gym Photo Credit Lina Baker Super middleweight 22 year old American Boxer David Benavidez took time out of his intense training camp to surprise the youth

Hot Girl Summer: A Female Empowerment Meme

Calling all the “hotties.” It’s what 2019 calls a #hotgirlsummer, a phrase used by ​women (and men) to be “unapologetically themselves,” to have a “good-ass time,” to “hype up friends” and to just “do you,” according to Houston rapper and

The 4 Powers of Fandoms

At Comic-Con International: San Diego 2019, the crew of the Syfy show Wynonna Earp finally announced the production date for season four (January 2020). The show’s networks Syfy (for U.S.) and Space (for Canada) have shown their support, but the

How Safe Are We on Indian Land?

Cabazon Indian Tribe Photo courtesy of the Cabazon Mission Band of Indians So you pack your favorite bikini, lbd, and some cash, off to the California deserts to party at an Indian reservation Casino. Maybe you’ll take in some casino

The Bigger Picture of the ‘Save the Turtles’ Meme

Four months ago, a battle cry for “save the turtles” trended across the web as a ‘joke’ but unexpected as memes go, this joke opened the door to kickstarting global awareness on the fight against ocean pollution. to help save

Inspiration Lives on the Floor of RuPaul’s DragCon.

The Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. Photo by Harrison Pearl @harrisonpearlphoto. People come from far and wide to attend RuPaul’s DragCon. The event has grown from a subculture phenomenon (driven by the rising popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race), to a huge

What PRIDE is really all about.

As 20GayTeen came to an end, the People bid the successful year of positive representation and support goodbye and carried the energy into the new year, 20BiTeen. The excitement of this momentum spills into the upcoming yearly LGBTQ+ festivities this

Native Son Gets the James Baldwin Edit

Selling more than 215,000 copies in the three weeks following its American debut, Richard Wright’s 1940 novel, Native Son, successfully captivated readers nationwide. The story of Bigger Thomas—a hardened, murderous black 20-year-old confronting poverty in Depression-era Chicago—thrust audiences into a complicated

What it Means to be Asian and American

Growing up Asian American, I often questioned my own identity. In technical terms, I am Filipino-American. I was born here, I grew up in the United States and have no deep personal connection to any homeland in Asia besides the

When Women Ruled DTLA

Ace DTLA. Los Angeles, California. 2014 It’s Women’s History Month 2019, and I’ve just learned about the Scott Lloyd practice of tracking refugee’s menstrual cycles hasn’t ended and what that may mean for their constitutional reproductive rights potentially still being

Generation Z is Nostalgic. Here are 5 Things We Still Love.

Lizzie McGuire Source: Disney Channel It’s the year of 2019. Millennials are the largest population, surpassing the Baby Boomers. Then comes Gen. Z, which often gets mixed into the millennial and Gen. Alpha categorization. Gen. Z is the generation of

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