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The Perfect New Year: Part 1

Photo by Shivkumar Dharmoji from Pexels. Cari wanted to end the year with a bang. This was not quite what she had in mind. 24 Hours Before Beep Beep Beep! Cari groans at the blaring alarm rousing her from sleep.

Shannon and the Clams Punk Up Unsuspecting Italian Social Club

Rich tapestries, red carpeting, and chandeliers abound in Highland Park’s unassuming Garibaldina Society hall. The “Italian social organization that welcomes [those] who enjoy monthly dinner dances and activities,” according to its website, also boasts a Bocce court and claims to

Chloe Lilac Takes Over the Echo

Courtesy Photo / DrillDown Media Los Angeles Indie lovers better be ready for the breakout of Brooklyn native Chloe Lilac as she sets out for first ever headlining show at The Echo. From sneaky late nights busking in Manhattan to

Splash House is Coming!

My first foray into the Splash House experience was in 2014. I didn’t know much about the festival, or the concept in general. Was it a pool party? A hotel party? Was it a EDM festival with furry boots and

When Women Ruled DTLA

Ace DTLA. Los Angeles, California. 2014 It’s Women’s History Month 2019, and I’ve just learned about the Scott Lloyd practice of tracking refugee’s menstrual cycles hasn’t ended and what that may mean for their constitutional reproductive rights potentially still being

Young American Boxers: The Tank vs Ruiz in Los Angeles

Gervonta Davis delivers a right in red. Courtesy Premier Boxing Champions The young champion boxers of today are rock stars like no others. Gervonta Davis vs Hugo Ruiz was a title fight for the Super Featherweight Championship February 9th at

Let’s Talk About the K-POP Phenomenon

A still from BTS’s video, “Love Yourself” Some may have noticed the breakout of Korean pop boy band BTS or even the recent collaborations of Korean Pop groups, also known as K-pop artists, with western artists such as Steve Aoki

NoHo Vegan Sunday: An Angeleno Weighs In

Vegan Street Fair, Uncover LA “No, but you have to go!” Jasmine was adamant. “Jasmine, I wear fur. I love almost all meat, including yak. I absolutely love yak… That tender yet chewy delicacy…” I trailed off, as my sentiment

An Overview of Billboard’s Women in Music Awards

1- Popstar Ariana Grande named Woman of the Year for Billboard’s Women in Music Awards 2018.-Courtesy Photo / Emma ​(​CC BY-SA 2.0​)/altered from original The first Woman of the Year Billboard Music Award was awarded to ​Reba McEntire​ in 2007.

LAMP PRESENTS: The Leo Islo Playlist

The Los Angeles Music Project, affectionately known as LAMP, is turning 4 and they are starting their year off by throwing a banger. Join them February 25th from 6 pm – 2 am in downtown Santa Monica at the West

The United Nations of Metal

A firsthand, female account of the biggest heavy-metal cruise in the world.   STORY AND PHOTOS BY CHEANTAY JENSEN | Feb. 17, 2017   Author of this story and part-time metaller, Cheantay Jensen   It didn’t matter if I was

The Artistry of Costume Design

By Elizabeth Collazos Feb. 16, 2017 The FIDM Museum (Fashion Institute of Merchandise and Design) in downtown Los Angeles opened its 25th Annual “Art of Motion Picture Costume Design” on Feb. 7 to the public. The exhibition runs through April

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for someone special? Look no further! Here’s a list of items exclusively made in California for this Valentine’s Day:   TO WHOM IT MAY Why go for a traditional box of chocolates? Give a gift that might

Your every fear of solo-travel destroyed

Jennifer Schlueter is a contributing travel writer, who also writes her personal travel blog Discovering Legacies. Born in Germany, Jennifer lived in Los Angeles for several years for college and gives a fresh, outside perspective of how ridiculous LA life can be.

Video Premiere: ‘Fine Day’ by DJ Henri

The London-to-Los Angeles DJ presents “Fine Day,” her psychotropic take on Opus III’s early ‘90s MTV-cult hit.     “Fine” is the politest way to fail in self-assurance. You know it’s bad, so you say “it’s fine,” but “fine” is a

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