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Straight Up: MiniBar Hollywood is Your New Favorite Watering Hole

Tucked inside a Best Western on Franklin, beside the iconic late-night 101 Coffee Shop, you’ll find the cozy Mini Bar—a sophisticated but laid-back respite from the oft-excessive Hollywood bar scene. The brains that birthed Little Dom’s and Dominicks, have brought

The Cool Mom’s Guide to Mothers Day

Ah, Mother’s day. The only day wearing mom jeans makes an extra sensible fashion choice and eating until you look semi-preggo just means extra attention and maybe a free waffle, score. The way we see it, deep down inside, we

Taste Talks: The Art of Salad Dressings

Want to know how to make your summer ’16 revenge salad game bearable? The right salad dressing. Of course, lemon juice and olive oil will last you for awhile, but the real way to swing is to trust the experts. Enter Girard’s

The Weekly: Rihanna, Four Tet and Free Margarita Monday

Poetic Purpose Is Lyrical Thursday, April 28th, 7 PM – 9 PM The Standard Hollywood | 8300 W Sunset Blvd. 90069 Get down to the hustle of the Sunset Strip for an existential poetry reading from artists Mandy Kahn, Lani Trock

Chef Ray Garcia: A Modern Mexican Movement

If there’s one thing Angelenos can be ubiquitously proud of, it’s our city’s Mexican food. Whether it’s the juicy ceviche tostadas of places like Mariscos Jalisco or the humble street taco, Mexican food is what we take our out-of-towner friends

Spring Cleaning: The Detox Edition

The cleansing trend seems to have lingered around LA, and while we don’t always drink $10 juices -yup, sometimes we get the $3 Naked kind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – we’re still into the whole spring cleaning ordeal, at least gut-wise. So whether you’re reacquainting yourself with your

Your Morning to Night Guide for St. Patty’s Day in LA

Oh, America. If there is anything we do with reckless abandon well, it is our wherewithal to take advantage of any cultural holiday that promotes alcohol consumption. Just far enough from winter festivities, St. Patrick’s Day comes right when we are itching

5 Must-Try Flavors at Donut Farm

Calling all sugar addicts. NorCal’s favorite vegan donut shop, Donut Farm, opened its fourth location at the Golden Plaza on Sunset Blvd. Not only are the donuts vegan but also made from 100% organic ingredients – so that bright purple donut

Maradentro Brings Their Seaside-Style Mexican Food West

Most of LA’s best Mexican food comes by way of truck or street stand. Think Echo Park’s Quesadilla queen with her blue corn. On the other end of the economical and authenticity spectrum, we also have a burgeoning scene of

Sun Chasing in LA: 5 Outdoor Lunch Spots

While the rest of the U.S. huddles around a blazing fire — hot cocoa in hand, red-cheeked and freezing; we Angelenos are experiencing a heat wave. With mid-day temperatures reaching into the mid 80’s, we thought it would be appropriate

Valentine’s Day Special: Live Art Supper Club

This Valentine’s day eve, Live Art Supper Club brings you an intimate event where you’ll experience the perfect marriage between art and fine dining . Be prepared to spend a night appreciating “art for art’s sake” with renowned street artists as well

One-Stop Shop: 8 Great Places to Dine + Drink in LA

Angelenos know what’s up when it comes to food, nightlife, and culture—just ask GQ. There’s a lot to celebrate in the city, but today, we wanted to focus on just the first two. Transitioning from dinner to drinks can be tricky. In the

Life After Alma: Chef Ari Taymor’s Next Entrée

    Chef Ari Taymor of Alma restaurant is done talking about food. To Taymor,cooking is beyond the flavors served on a plate; he’s more concerned about the conversation happening over dinner, the labor practices behind the kitchen, and the

Welcome to Pitchoun: Downtown’s Authentic French Boulangerie

Nestled in the heart of Downtown LA, Frederic and Fabienne Soulies’ bakery and cafe offers a vast, eclectic French cuisine, pastries, and a full European-style coffee program beautifully paired with a genuine French cafe experience. Pitchoun, which translates into French

Eye Candy: The 5 Most Instagram-Worth Eateries in LA

 The prerequisite for a restaurant to call itself one is pretty simple—they’ve gotta serve food. But as we all know, our favorite restaurants take more than one sense into account. Interiors are tricky; like most refined arts, the best design

It’s Back: 7 dineLA Menus to Make Room for

dineLA is back!! With over 300 restaurants participating in this year’s Restaurant Week, each offering special, discount menus from January 18th-31st—now’s the time to round up the homies and find your new favorite LA spot.   Simbal | Little Tokyo

Inside Bunker Hill’s Latest Gem, Otium

  When the much-anticipated Broad museum was opened this past September, who knew that only months later, its adjacent restaurant would arrive with just as much fanfare? While museum restaurants often feel like an afterthought, Otium, which began serving in

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