What it Means to be Asian and American

Growing up Asian American, I often questioned my own identity. In technical terms, I am Filipino-American. I was born here, I grew up in the United States and have no deep personal connection to any homeland in Asia besides the

The 5 Greatest Moments in PEN15

Photo- Alex Lombardi: Hulu PEN15 is nothing short of a masterpiece. I was born in 1990, making me 10-years-old in 2000 (the year the series takes place), but I still vividly remember what it was like to be 13 at

A Black Woman for Valentine’s Day

Black women. So desirable. So vivacious. So accredited. Imagine taking the power of the sun, and harmonizing with it. I Love the black woman. There are so many wonderful traits and characteristics that black women possess, one can easily become

An Angeleno’s Guide to Drinking Alone in LA

Charles Bukowski by Carl Mikoy Whether you’re suffering from a broken heart, too many parking tickets, or just your run-of-the-mill existential crises, my advice is to look to Bukowski. When he was asked why he was alone on a Friday

Sharif Farrag: Ceramic Artist for the 21st Century

Farrag’s classically colored vase, is depicted with decidedly surrealist figures.  (Source: New Image Art Gallery) Los Angeles local ceramic artist, Sharif Farrag, doesn’t appear to be more than fifteen-years-old. Photos of the young artist often feature his shaggy mop of

The Overlooked Intersection of Art & Pro Wrestling

Source: Cultured Vultures For those who have never been to a live professional wrestling show before, each experience can be vastly different, just like going to see new films. The pro wrestling that airs on television is only a sample

Lil Peep’s Posthumous Album Out Now & Documentary Coming Soon

Source: Soundcloud Lil Peep’s second full-length album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt 2 has dropped almost exactly one year after his death. The rapper/singer was on the verge of stardom when he accidentally overdosed on November 15, 2017, at

The Timeless Allure of LA’s Classic Tiki Bars

Photographer: Anne Fishbein To most of the world, Los Angeles represents a glitzy land of opportunity and grandeur, and while it’s no longer sparkling in the Golden Age of Hollywood (and really it hardly sparkled then), people still flock here

La Canvas x Squarespace – POMPOM Interview

Photographs by Jeffrey Baum  Interview by Renee Schmiedeberg for LA Canvas and Square Space.   “POMPOM” is the whimsical moniker she goes by when she’s in LA making music nostalgic for the 80s. Audrey is her name when she’s a

Stand Out as a Musician by Building a Website

Words by Renee Schmiedeberg Whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, a chef, a musician or all of the above—you need a website. With a website, your work, services, and talent are more easily discovered by others. Because hiring your own

LocoL in Watts: The NYT, the Menu, the Anniversary

  The first person (literally) to eat at LocoL in Watts journeys back to check-in    My friend knew not to extend an invite to something before 7 a.m. He knows that mornings and I have always tended to disagree.

FLORA, Maggie West

Maggie West: Vegetation Illuminated

FLORA is a vibrantly photographed plant life and flower series on display at the Standard hotel in West Hollywood until mid March.   Leave it to Los Angeles-based photog Maggie West to transform the lobby of the Standard Hotel in

Underneath It All: Cupid’s Race for Charity

BY NICOLE GOURDARZIAN | Feb. 12, 2017   Not all heroes wear capes. Some prefer undies. On Saturday, 150 participants ran one mile in the name of charity, joining the Children’s Tumor Foundation in the fight against Neurofibromatosis during Cupid’s Undie Run down

Finch & Partners, Jaeger-LeCoultre, KP Projects, art, exhibit, The Art of Behind the Scenes, films, photography, artists, Hollywood classics, Los Angeles

New Exhibit Honors the Unsung Heroes of Hollywood

Art exhibit to pay tribute to photographers who have contributed on Hollywood classic films As award season approaches many people are focused on the faces on screen. But what about the people behind-the-scenes? Finch & Partners, along with Jaeger-LeCoultre, are

Off-The-Menu: A Guide to LA’s Secret Foodie Gems

Feb. 10, 2017 If you don’t know, now you know: LA’s most secret foodie gems. Who wouldn’t want to be an LA foodie-insider (or at least feel like you’re tight with the chef?)  From downtown to the beach – and,

Mr. Elevator, Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, LA, Los Angeles, Music, psych pop, chillwave, the echo, the echoplex, burger records

Two Floors Up with Mr. Elevator

The Burger Records alumni release their second album, When the Morning Greets You.   BY EMILY NIMPTSCH With its booming drums, silky bass lines, and bellowing organs, Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel’s psych pop features ‘70s influences in perfect harmony with

6 Throwback Series Set in Los Angeles

LA is portrayed in dozens of different ways in the media— some laugh-worthy, some spot-on. So in the spirit of awards seasons — and West Coast weather envy — we decided to make a short list of throwback shows set in our

Q&A: Breaking the Rules with Photographer Paley Fairman

Every so often there’s an artist that goes against the grain, swapping the current trend for experimental composure, coloring and a curated sense of detail. Photographer Paley Fairman has been just that. While every other photographer produced washed out images,

Manuela DTLA: A True Work of Art

Enter through an unassuming alley off 2nd Street and walk down a hallway lined with floor-to-ceiling exposed brick. A Shinique Smith installation dangles over your head, and to your right and left are rooms brimming with sculptures, installations and contemporary works. You have entered

River Tiber: You’ll Be Seeing Me

There are two things that are hot in music right now: producers and Toronto. River Tiber happens to be a producer from Toronto, but I’m sure his impressive list of collaborators came for his infectious beats, not any fleeting hype. River

Travel Points: Doing Good with Kind Traveler

Remove the overuse of the word “wanderlust,” and you are left with a term that truly defines the insatiable want to explore outside your own bubble and see a part of the world that’s very different from where you live. But what happens

Q&A with Jessy Lanza Plus An Exclusive Editorial

No one wants to deal with anxiety but if there is one person who has managed to turn something so unpleasant into a beautiful piece of auditory art, it’s Canadian singer/songwriter Jessy Lanza. Dealing with anxiety was the force behind Lanza’s sophomore album,

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