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Flashing Lights: MONA’s Anticipated Debut

Like a moth to a flame, our eyes are naturally attracted to bright lights. Vegas, candles, chandeliers, our natural gravitation to brightness makes it no surprise that we’re squirming in our seats about MONA. No, not Lisa. The Museum of Neon Art in

Art Crush: Inside the Zany Mind of Artist Taylor Dunfee

In a 21st century world where everyone is a “multitalented” artist producing uniquely profound work, Taylor Dunfee has emerged at the head of the pack, producing awesomely uncommon and highly sought after visual creations. LA CANVAS caught up with the half-photographer,

Say Ahhh: Future Tongue Art Collective Launches First Gallery

It was only early evening on Saturday, but the sidewalks on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park were already littered with ambling hipsters, searching for their first haunt. Sandwiched halfway between Short Stop and Little Joy was a storefront art gallery with

Ink + Acrylic: Meet Poncho the Artist

All human beings are junkies, for one thing or another. The trick is to be addicted to something good.   Celebrity tattoo artist, body painter, and artist, Edward “Poncho The Artist” Davila founded “Art is My Drug” in 2012 and opened

Work in Progress: A Disruptive New Pop-Up Gallery

If you’re stranded in LA next week and looking to make the most of your Thanksgiving weekend, make the trek out to the border of Westlake-DTLA after your Friendsgiving festivities and retail rounds for Work In Progress (W.I.P.), opening to

The World’s Most Elite Photojournalists Come Together for One Night

Dylan Furst Featuring contributors of National Geographic, New York Times, Al Jazeera, Street Dreams Magazine, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and Getty Images, LA creative collective Hands Down Presents,”Eye for an Eye.” In a welcomed attempt to stretch the function of a photography exhibit past

The Urgency of Contemporary Artist Alexander Yulish

  A painting may change as you gaze at it. If you stare long enough, shapes shift. Light plays tricks. Pigments take on different shades, and human figures alter their expressions. I witnessed this while looking at a piece called

Halloweekend Recap: El Jimador Art Brawl

The already ridiculous number of things going on at any given time in LA makes an exponential spike on a holiday. Yep, the city sure does love any excuse to celebrate. We confess that our favorite activity after a big party-day

“We Just Have This Feeling” About Artist Cheryl Louise Humphreys

via The Tappan Collective I want to give artist Cheryl Louise Humphreys’ phone number to everyone I know—she may be the best texter you’ll ever meet. Her refined sense of symbolism in the tech era makes some seriously interesting—and wordless—communication, putting

Art Talk: A Look at The Broad Museum’s Un-Private Collection

Monday night, we took a stroll over to Downtown LA’s newly solidified arts and culture enclave on Grand Ave. for The Broad Museum’s Un-Private Collection series. The paneled discussions, which feature distinguished cultural leaders and artists, began back in 2013 and

A Full Day of Free Art at Grand Ave. Arts: All Access

  On October 24th, the bustling cultural hub of Grand Avenue in DTLA will be closed off between Temple and 6th Street for the much anticipated GRAND AVE. ARTS ALL ACCESS event. The event follows the recent opening of The Broad

Visual Feast: Richard Heller Gallery

For over two decades, Bergamot Station, a sprawling 7.5–acre, industrial arts complex in the heart of Santa Monica, has played home to one of the city’s most unique public spaces. With more than 30 galleries and a myriad of public

Clifton’s Cafeteria is Back to Blow Your Mind

Historic gem, Clifton’s Cafeteria is located on Broadway between 7th and 8th streets in the Historic Core of Downtown LA since the 1930s. Dormant for years, the iconic establishment  is about to crack open its re-furbished doors after years of construction and palpable anticipation.

Calling All Local Artists: LA CANVAS Presents Art Brawl

  Got Halloween plans? Well, if you’re an LA artist, now you do. This Oct 31st, our pals at El Jimador are sponsoring a Halloween party. But this isn’t your run of the mill Dia de los Muertos rager; this Halloween, the tequila

Cyrcle: The LA Art Collective’s Global Takeover

Between the streets and the gallery, art and life, darkness and light, Cyrcle seeks balance between opposites. But before hitting some sweet middle, they know you’ve got to go jump off a cliff. A two-person arts collective based in Hollywood,

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