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Glowing Up With Internet Artist, Brittney Scott

Over the weekend, internet artist Brittney Scott served up neon signs of glowing affection during her solo exhibition, L7 at Chinatown’s Leiminspace gallery.   Inspired by selfies given to the artist by her friends, Scott creates neon squares which are, sans context, pleasant on sight,

5 Booths to Check Out at This Year’s LA Art Show

200,000 square feet of modern and contemporary art will consume the Los Angeles Convention Center between January 28th and January 31st. This is fantastic news for people who like to get in their zone with their preferred routine or recipe, and then proceed to

Meet Topsy: Silverlake’s Idiosyncratic Design House

  Perhaps the only interior designer to host a monthly invite-only salon showcasing the brightest lights of the LA music scene, Jared Frank, from Topsy Design, is not your usual host, decorator, or curator.  And very few people can claim,

Lisa Solberg Brings Paradise to the Art District

Allow your self-consciousness to rust and your morals melt away. Lisa Solberg’s ‘Mister Lee’s Shangri-La’ at MAMA Gallery, is a new sort of Utopia for the modern human. Solberg makes her art installation interactive by adding a wooden swing in the middle

The 9 LA Art Gallery Openings You Need to Know About

    Toba Khedoori | Regen Projects January 9th – February 13th Opening Reception: Saturday, January 9th, 7 pm Toba Khedoori renders small pictorial scenes on large expanses of paper, using everyday imagery such as park benches, rocks, fences, tunnels, and

The Billboard Creative: An Ode to Public Art

The Billboard Creative is the Los Angeles-based nonprofit that exposes artists in the most innovative and affordable way. In a nutshell, the business takes unused and remnant billboards and turns them into public art around Los Angeles. This quintessential display of diverse

Art Hype: Long Live The Triforium Project

Ready to literally go back to the future? Scenario: A diverse group of LA enthusiasts pledge commitment to restore and retrofit Joseph Young’s “polyphonoptic” kinetic sculpture, The Triforium, built in 1975, with modern technology. Among them are Claire Evans and Jona

The Apartment at The Line’s Holiday Soiree

Nestled on the tree-lined streets on Melrose Ave., The Apartment at The Line is art directed as a home—specifically the most drop-dead gorgeous home you’ve ever stepped foot in. West Hollywood’s most unique haunt houses refined, contemporary goods that span

Art Basel 2015’s Personal Touches

Miami’s Art Basel is known for its Warhols, its Faireys, its Harings, but it’s not just about art from guys like that which you can’t afford. Oh, you can afford it? Well then here’s a list of charities you should

One to Watch: LA Artist Sean Higgins Suspends Reality

    Featuring beautiful explosions, unmoored islands, and rolling hills that seem to stretch on forever, the surreal landscapes featured in Sean Higgins’ work imply a contemplation of the line between fantasy and reality. But the Glassell Park-based artist has

How to Party: An Introvert’s Guide to Art Basel

I am, admittedly, an Art Basel newbie. Where others have been hobnobbing with the rich in Miami each winter for years, I had no interest … until I was invited to show. It’s just that, well, a day look art

One to Watch: Actress + Artist Loan Chabanol

Loan Chabanol joins a short list of actor-artists such as James Franco (her co-star in the indie ensemble, Third Person) and Viggo Mortensen who have made names for themselves in both métiers, balancing them with aplomb and seamlessly transitioning from

Gett Cozy at the Getty All Winter

The Getty Museum is an easy favorite, a beautiful facility housing impeccably curated works. Yet the holiday season brings even more reason to visit- magical, twinkling, dancing lights that decorate the grounds. Need more reason? Complimentary hot cider. Boom. Guests can

Cutting the Web: An Art Show for the Digital Age

  In the Touch Museum, Julie Weitz explores the paradoxical notion of digital humanism—a philosophy that leverages technology to enhance the human experience. Weitz aims to create an artistic experience for the 21st century millennial, steering away from the traditional—look at

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