Tom Loeffler’s Hollywood Fight Night

By Raquel Vasquez
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“El Flaco” Serhii Bokachuk, Abel Sanchez, Tom Loeffler. Photo Credit- Lina Baker 360 Promotions

Los Angeles is chock full of cool things to do. This is why you read our magazine! And this is one of those cool things to do, but you have to know about it. Tom Loeffler’s 360 Promotions puts on “Hollywood Fight Nights” at the historic Avalon Theatre all through the year.

Last Nights Fight Night was packed as always, but boxing is not only a sport, it’s a business. The industry has it’s drama that’s for sure. Last night’s event didn’t disappoint in any aspect.  These Hollywood Fight Nights bring athletes to Los Angeles from all over the world. Yes we expect a show, but let’s consider, it’s not like any other show.

Each boxer has trained and sacrificed for months. The physical and mental discipline that goes into boxing is not something we can imagine, but we can try. Think back to any boxing movie you’ve ever seen. Now imagine flying for 13 hours to a country you’ve never been to. You arrive and no matter who may have picked you up from LAX, at some point, you’ll find yourself alone in a hotel room thinking about a fight that could very seriously affect your body, life and career as you once knew it.

Some athletes actually attempt to do this alone. Other boxers have a team of trainers, managers, corner men, girlfriends, wife’s and family. One of the most incredibly shredded boxers Ben Simon of Berlin Germany 27-3-0 (26 KO’s) backed out of the main event. This bout was for the WBO Inter-Continental Super Middleweight Championship belt. He backed out the very night after the media workouts and flew back to Germany.

He was set to fight the undefeated Alem Begic of Munich Germany 22-0 (19 KO’s) with a dead serious look on his face. It is said that they have a rivalry. I had the opportunity to speak with Ben at the media workout. “We both want to be the best in America, we are both from Germany” said Simon in his best english. Simon had knocked out two of his last three opponents. “I’m not the best boxer, but I’ll knock you out” Simon said.

Serhii Bohachuk vs Freddy Hernandez.
Photo Credit- Lina Baker 360 Promotions

We will never know what really happened there. Let’s see if we ever hear from Ben Simon again. He left Alem Begic and all the fight fans hanging. Another boxer did not make weight. This is a professional sport and boxers are fined for such discrepancies. It’s crushing to the opponent who has gone through so much preparation to end up with knowone to fight. To say it is a let down is not adequate. As they say the show must go on. Tom Loeffler, always cool as a cucumber.

As I arrived, there was already a line around the corner of the theatre.

The first fight was super bantamweight boxer Humberto “Filly” Rubalcava 9-1-0 (6 KO’s) from Orange Ca vs Daniel Constantino 3-2-2 (1 KO) from Compton Ca. “Filly” started out with a constant mean jab. He got Constantino in the corner and started to pummel him with combinations. Once the referee sees a neck bouncing back and forth without any defense, it’s over, and that it was! Daniel Constantino complained that it was stopped too fast, with the heart of a fighter. An easy win for “Filly”.

Next up was LA’s fight fan favorite Adrian “Bam Bam” Corona. An undefeated young fighter of Rialto Ca. His record is a stellar 4-0. Adrian is 19 years old and comes from a boxing family, and a referee Dad. He was up for a six round fight against Canton Miller from San Diego. Miller, 3-2-1 (1 KO) wearing black and gold walked out to “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan and dropped to a knee for a prayer.

Adrian Corona vs Miller.
Photo Credit -Lina Baker 360 Promotions

This fight had all good exchanges of blows from both boxers. This fight went all 6 rounds. It was difficult to call each round. Corona was confident throughout the fight, and Miller was a definite challenge. Split decision went to Adrian “Bam Bam” Corona. Keep in mind Corona’s ringside seats are subject to blood and sweat splash.

Hollywood Fight Nights has a good flow of boxing. We knew we had two bouts missing from the fight card so the crowd took some time to enjoy the venue, some food and of course some cold Tecate’s. The venue has servers walking around with cold cans of Tecate like peanuts at a Dodger game, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Photo opportunities for fans and ring girls make the lobby great for who’s who-ing. There was also a moment of silence in respect to HBO’s boxing judge Harold Lederman who recently passed at the age of 79.

The night continued with George “El Phantasma” Navarro 5-0-1 (2 KO’s) of Apple Valley Ca vs Cesar Sustaita 3-4-0 (3 KO’s) of Juarez Mexico. This was a four round super flyweight bout. Cesar Sustaita did not stand a chance. It was frightening to see, and his corner threw in a small black towel 37 seconds into round one. “El Phantasma” must love Hollywood Fight Nights, it’s his third time here and the third time he leaves victorious.

The climax of the evening was another fight fan favorite, Serhii Bohachuk. We call him “El Flaco.” We love El Flaco! He’s always ready to box, always shredded, and always gives us a knock out! This is what we’ve grown to expect from “El Flaco” he’s 13-0 with 13 KO’s! He’s from the Ukraine but fighting out of Big Bear Ca trained by the world renowned Abel Sanchez.

George “El Phantasma” Navarro wins in round one.
Photo Credit – Lina Baker 360 Promotions

“El Flaco” is young and has his sights set on being a world champion. He is so damn happy to box he says “It’s easy” with a non cocky shrug of his shoulders. When you watch him fight it’s amazing to see him go to his corner at the bell with the biggest smile on his face. Yes we love “El Flaco” as he walks out to the Mexican boxers traditional banda. Boxing fans take that as a sign of respect to the sport.

With a record like Flaco’s, each fight has even more build up. We want that KO! We don’t ever want to see him lose. On this night he was up against world title challenger Freddie Hernandez 34-10-0 (22 KO’s) of Mexico City Mexico. Hernandez is no piker, and fought contenders such as Andre Berto, Julian Williams and Luis Collazo to name a few. His last fight was a hard loss to Jason Quigley a super tough opponent to say the least. Hernandez wasn’t going down like the rest.

Flaco went for the body with punches that sounded so painful. Bohachuk true to form did get a knock down in round 3, but Hernandez got back up. Attacking the body, “El Flaco” used Hernandez like a heavy bag. The judges gave the fight to Serhii “El Flaco” Bokachuk” by UD. He remains undefeated, but this was his first fight that did not result on a KO. Freddy “El Riel” Hernandez will retire on this night with a new record of 34-11 (22 KO’s). 

The historic Avalon Theatre is still accommodating entertainment as it has since 1921.

With so much going on in the sport of boxing on any given weekend, everybody sure came out to see what Tom Loeffler and 360 Promotions was up to. The WBC was there, ESPN was slithering around, trainer Jonathan Banks was there, Michael Buffer, Champion Boxer Raquel Miller, WBC World Champion Atomweight Bang Bang Lulu all came out to support.

This event was hosted by “The Real Fight Girl” Cynthia Conte, Ring Magazine’s Doug Fischer and former featherweight world champion Kevin Kelley. You can scope out the next event @360BoxingPromotions on instagram or Sponsors of the event are Tecate Beer the official Beer of Boxing and Ocean Honda of North Hollywood.

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