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By now, you must know that there are about a bajillion places in LA showcasing outdoor movies this summer. And while we are totally on board with the array of flicks being presented, we’re getting a little bogged down with just how many places there actually are to get your outdoor movie fix in. From Cinespia to the LA River’s Bike-In Movies, the city is blossoming with everything a cinephile’s heart could want.

In lieu of presenting you with another all-encompassing list of every damn movie there ever was all summer (that are predominantly sold out already), we at LA CANVAS decided to compile our own list of our favorite flicks and picks for your outdoor viewing pleasure.

Silver Linings Playbook
Street Food Cinema – August 3rd
Don’t be fooled, this isn’t your average rom com. So boys, pack that blanket, grab that bottle of Fireball, and make your girlfriends happy by taking her out for a film you’ll both actually enjoy. A plethora of grub trucks are on deck to take care of all your food cravings.



Empire Records
Silver Lake Picture Show – August 8th
The one and only movie we can stand Renee Zellwegger in. And with a spot right off Sunset, it’s impossible to miss. Just make sure to get there early as space is limited (and drinking rules are pretty lax, so we hear).



Street Food Cinema – August 17th
We’ll admit, the idea of an action-packed 007 movie sounds a bit underwhelming from a park lawn and a blow-up movie screen. But given our experience with Street Food Cinema and their sound quality, we are willing to risk it. Catch Daniel Craig whooping ass and exploding through the screen for this fun thrill ride (Ed. Note: He does not actually explode).


Friday Night Flicks – August 26th
“WWWAAALLL-EEEE” Finally, the one night a week Pershing square isn’t run amock with our favorite vagabonds. Instead, Robots take center stage for this epic outer-space adventure. Not only are these screenings free, but pets are welcome too (and we’ll bet they might find it just as entertaining as you do).


Electric Dusk Drive In – August 31st
Hitchcock on the big screen? On a roof? With a skyline? We are soooooo in. But that’s not even the best part! This truly retro experience is the only drive-in in LA. Which means you don’t even have to worry about parking.


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Movies in the Park – September 7th
Grand Park has partnered with Street Food Cinema this year for a collection of family-friendly movies. Family or not, ET totally brings us back to our childhood and we’re happy to reminisce.


Jurassic Park
Movies in the Park– September 14th
Remember the scene where Tim and Lex, the two kids of the film, get caught by a couple of raptors in the park’s kitchen and your seven-year-old self is screaming inside your head out of sheer fright? Yep, it’s still as scary this time around too. Especially when you’re in an open park watching a park full of dinosaurs.


Friday Night Flicks – September 27th
Cher, we will always love you. Even when you nearly ran that bicyclist off the road during your driving test. Or when you tried to squash Tai and Travis’ love in an effort to popularize your new project. Or when you were too self-obsessed to realize Christian was gay. Like, obviously. Nevertheless, we will be there, front row and center, to watch your cult-classic and clueless antics all over again. Picnic baskets are welcome, but there’s also food for purchase in the square as well.



The Hunger Games
Front Porch Cinema at The Pier – October 5th
Ok, ok, we’re jumping the gun a bit here. It may seem like October’s a long way off, but you’re gonna want to get first dibs on this one. Unwind on the Santa Monica Pier, LA’s ultimate front porch, after a long week, and catch one of the biggest movies of 2012 (In case you were the only one on the planet who missed it the first time around). Movies are free, and there are even old-timey lawn chairs for rent.



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