The Best of Inktober 2019 So Far

By Isabelle Cruz
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Inktober by @art_by_roxas

The countdown for Fall festivities began mid-September and jump started into turbo the moment calendars flipped to October 1st. One of the most awaited Fall festivities is Inktober!

Starting in 2009, illustrator Jake Parker began a month-long challenge to develop skills and positive drawing habits. The challenge asks that an artist create ink drawings based on a given prompt/idea for the full 31 days, posting their work online. There are rules, but the main purpose is to practice your craft.

Artists have shared their work across the globe using #inktober or #inktober2019. Here are a few gems from the first few prompts Ring, Mindless, Bait and Freeze:

Ring Inktobers

Art on IG by Elfrentrank from Norway

Art on IG by mikekoubou from planet Earth

Art on IG by toritempo from Bellingham

Art on Twitter by EhabEhabMohame1 from planet Earth

Mindless Inktobers

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Currently catching up on Inktober stuff so hopefully I'll get the next prompt done tonight!! Anyways here is prompt 2: Mindless 🧠 I've shown a drawing of Charlie's mother once on my Instagram story so I'm going to finally put her into an actual post explaining her story! ~~~~~ Charlie's mother was a very kind and caring person. She was always there when Charlie needed her most (especially in trying to figure out his powers as a young child because she had to learn as well). However, her sweet personality leads her to her ultimate demise as she begins to slowly open herself up to the ghosts surrounding her. Her power is to hear ghosts and so she uses this as an opportunity to help lost ghosts pass on. But once she cares too much for the ghosts in need she is soon taken advantage by evil spirits (who disguised themselves as normal ghosts to trick her) and loses her sanity all together. In this drawing she is seen walking mindlessly down the halls of her home following the evil disembodied calls from the other side. As for the fate of the mother after this event, she loses her mind entirely and is put into an insane asylum. One day she mysteriously disappears without a trace leaving nothing behind but a haunting black imprint of her body on the bed she laid on…. 👻👻👻 . . . #ghoststories #supernatural #spirit #ghosts #storyideas #storydevelopment #characterdesign #victorianwomen #victorianocs #victorianera #inktober2019 #inktober #inktoberprompts #mindless #art #artistsoninstagram

A post shared by Minna F. (@9emiliecharlie9) on

Art on IG by 9emiliecharlie9 from planet Earth

Art on IG by _in.somnio_ from planet Earth

Art on IG by sdelarts from London

Art on Twitter by CamilleCailloux from France

Bait Inktobers

Art on IG by sgintheart from planet Earth

Art on IG by laserlazuli from planet Earth

Art on IG by castorval from Colombia

Art on Twitter by Nindio_art from Mexico

Freeze Inktobers

Art on IG by kenjimarciio from Brazil

Art on IG by israel.hmonteiro from Brazil

Art on IG by boba.the.art1st from planet Earth

Art on Twitter by Flaming_Gun

These are some of the many Inktober gems from the large pool of art people are creating. One can see the various styles and interpretations of the prompt.

There isn’t just one way to create something; every individual has a unique perspective of the world. This annual month-long challenge serves as a reminder to be open, to be creative and to express yourself.

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