The 4/20 Friendly Brands You Need in Your Life ASAP

By Virginia Ibarra
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It’s official, 4/20 is now a Hallmark holiday just like any other but hey, at least it’s not just national weed day – or #nationalcannabisday. The holiday has demanded to be a main stay and brands such as Diamond Supply Co., RipnDip and others have heard it loud and clear. Here we curated three brands that have dropped cool digs for this very special day because you need to smoke in style, of course. Check them out below:


Smoking Hot Contrast T-shirt, MAMAMA Paris,
Smoking Hot Bomber, MAMAMA Paris,
sweat_highlife_back (1)
High Life Sweater in Black, MAMAMA Paris,

The Diamond Supply Co. x Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Collection:

Hendrix Lyrics Tee in Black, Diamond Supply Co., $38,
Hendrix Purple Haze Sports Cap in Black, Diamond Supply Co., $44,
Hendrix Purple Haze Hoodie in Purple, Diamond Supply Co.,$85,


unnamed (7)
Kush 3D Iphone 6/6S Case, VALFRÉ, $38,
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