Raan Parton, founder and creative director of Apolis, along with his wife Lindsay Parton, recently opened Alchemy Works – a stylish multipurpose garage-like retail store, art gallery, and event space. The large, bright, open studio with its high ceiling and burnish concrete floor was designed to reflect Raan’s hometown of breezy Santa Barbara. He wanted to bring cool beach vibes to the industrial-chic area known as the Art District, asserting that even downtown L.A. will have endless summers.

For it’s launch, Alchemy Works is selling its centerpiece, a neatly polished dark blue 1959 Fiat Abarth Spyder convertible, the only one in the U.S. yet somehow perfectly designed for a sunset drive down PCH. And fret not ladies, although the shop may look like a man’s dream garage, not everything in the store is for guys, there are some well-selected items for women as well.

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Almost all of the items in the store, including the art pieces, are made in California. Much like the art, everything in the store will be rotated in an effort to continue to provide a platform to showcase as many designers, photographers, and all around creatives that live in our city. Stop by frequently – there’ll always be something new to check out.


We are in lurve with this new editorial for the latest issue of French-German publication, Lurve Magazine. The spread, styled by Peju Famojure, features looks from Rodarte’s Spring ’13 collection and uses plants as an extension of each look matching the patterns within the garments to the texture of the plants. The surrounding foliage frames Canadian model Grace Mahary making her look strangely tribal as she plays on light and shadows amidst the leaves in the monochromatic images. Photographs by Elle Muliarchyk.














Style is personal. It’s your representation of who you are, what you do and how you do it. And with DJ, actress and model Amy Pham, things are no different. The stunning fashionista has spun from here to London (DJing with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Riff Raff), hosts a weekly show entitled “The Fashion Statement,” and has booked film and television roles along with multiple campaigns for brands  including Forever 21, Nike and SONY.

We sat down with the multi-hyphenate beauty for a quick chat and dress-up session with one of our favorite brands, MINKPINK. The line’s  “Be Brave and Free” mantra is a perfect match for Amy’s fun-loving persona, complementing her adventurous spirit and playful take on fashion. We had her select one of her favorites pieces from MINKPINK’s Summer ’13 to style 3 ways.


So you’re a DJ, the host of a very popular web show, a Model and full-time babe, if you didn’t have these “slashes” under your belt than what would you be doing?

Ha ha! Thank you, you’re too sweet. I’d probably find myself in some other creative field. I like drawing, art, photography, clothing design… anything that involves the artistic side of my brain, I’m all about it.


At what moment did you realize THIS is what you wanted to do? 

There was never an “ah-ha” moment for me. Every day I am always grateful to have the ability to work with inspiring people, express myself creatively, and to be able to get paid for a job I love doing!


How do these 3 separate looks represent those 3 different titles?

The first look I think represents my “host/ actor” face. Meaning it’s the showiest of all the looks, haha. When you need to turn heads, this is the getup to do it.

The white sweater and black cap is definitely a go-to in my every day life, running around from shoots to meetings and auditions. It’s an easy look to throw on, but you look effortlessly cool and stylish (even if you are putting in lots of effort).

The black top with the black leather jacket is definitely a night time look– something I’d wear when I’m DJ-ing. Whenever I DJ I’m always about wearing statement pieces that are nighttime appropriate, but also comfortable for me and lets me move around freely.


What do you love about these MINKPINK  denim shorts? 

They’re the epitome of a summer short– bright colors, funky prints, and a super comfy denim cut. Perfect for the beach or a pool party!

How important is it for you to have pieces in your closet that are versatile?

It’s very important to me to have versatile pieces in my closet. Five out of 7 days of the week, I’m running around all morning and afternoon, then I have to do a quick-change into nighttime gear for a gig or an event. So having a piece I can work into a day and night look makes my life so much easier. Not to mention it’s easier on my wallet!

You’ve DJ’d events w/ Snoop, Iggy Azalea, and Riff Raff. What’s the craziest DJ experience you’ve encountered? 

I’m not sure what the craziest experience is, but there have been mermaids, naked animal people, and an impromptu rap performance during my DJ set by Fatlip (The Pharcyde) that were pretty rad.


With all your success and your internet buzz growing, how do you remain so humble?

Thank you! I guess the key is how I was raised– my mom was an incredible woman, and taught me to always be grateful and humble for what I have, no matter where I am in life. And to also treat people how I would like to be treated, that’s one of my biggest mottos


Amy Pham is rocking the MINKPINK Make Your Mark Denim Shorts. Snag a pair yourself–you can find them this month on and the Somedays Lovin’ Parallels Block Knit Crop Jumper dropping in July on

Photographer: Mark Wales



Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the LA-based designers behind fashion powerhouse Rodarte, have consistently charmed fashion audiences since they first debuted their collection at NYFW in 2005. The self-taught sister duo are known for their intricate avant-garde collections which often come with quirky backstories. The theme for their SS13 collection, for example, is “medieval and fantasy role-playing games.” This theme is manifested beautifully in the bold patterns and geometric structures of the collection, solidifying Rodarte’s reputation for “couture armor”. See below for some of our picks from the collection.


Rodarte SS13 (2)