Editor’s Pick Event: Wine Riot

Wine confuses me. If I ever have the luxury to look beyond the cheapest glass on the menu, I will be woefully unprepared to make a selection. For starters, why is Two-buck Chuck or Whole Foods brand “Three Wishes” a more innocuous and socially acceptable wine then say, Yellow Tail? Why is Yellow Tail  MORE expensive? Why does Yellow Tail make me sick? (Don’t get me wrong, I’ll drink it, gladly).

I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I’ve found a place that does, and it’s way more exciting than Wikipedia.

Wine Riot is a fun-filled five hour wine-tasting/crash-course/revolution/party going down in DTLA this Saturday, November 10th, from either 1pm-5pm or 7pm-11pm.

For $50, you get unlimited tastings from over 250 bottles of wine and the chance to explore different wine regions and grape varieties through mini-seminars. There will be experts roaming the floor to answer all of your questions and a healthy dose of frivolity in the form of DJs, fake tattoos, a photo-booth, and food vendors.  You could say I haven’t been this excited to go to class since I was enrolled in weekly “Free Time.”