It’s a time of year that’s rough for us Angelinos. We transitioned out of a warm summer with the hot, dry Santa Ana winds, then sporadic periods of hot and cold before Southern California settled on a dreary, drizzly, winter. That’s a lot for your skin to go through, so it’s time to treat yourself with this fool-proof sugar scrub. As a plus, it’s all natural, safe to eat, customizable, and you probably already have everything you need. Scrub off that S.A.D. and glow.


-granulated sugar
-brown sugar
-olive oil (or try coconut oil!)
-essential oil (we’re using lavender, but you can switch up the scents by trying peppermint, vanilla, chamomile, or eucalyptus. Just make sure you’re not using something that can be a potential irritant to skin– like lemon or cinnamon– or use it very sparingly)

This is so fool proof. Your sugar, sugar, oil ratio will be 2:2:1. So if you put one cup each of the sugars, you’ll only add half a cup of oil. Don’t have measuring cups? Whatever! Use tea cups or mugs or shot glasses. Just use the same units at that 2:2:1 ratio.

TIP:This is a great D.I.Y. to give as a gift. Put it in a nice jar (we picked one up at a craft store for $1) and tie a ribbon around it. Good for moms, teachers, in-laws, or landlords. Why not?

1. Mix equal parts sugars together.


2. Add oil and a few drops of essential oil. You don’t want to go too crazy since essential oils are potent. If you are making a batch that yields about two cups, then add maybe about 10 drops at most. if you’re just making one jar, then 3-5 drops. Err on the “too few drops” side. You can always add more later.


3. Combine until smooth. Really work those lumps out.


4. Spoon into your container.


5. Exfoliate. Enjoy.

TIP: If you do decide to go tropical and use coconut oil, it has a habit of being solid at room temperature. If it seems too thick to easily rub all over your face, set the jar in a sink full of warm water. The heat will liquify the oil making it much easier to scoop and spread.