In case you were unaware, Drake’s album dropped Tuesday. It’s hard to ignore the man since he has been just about everywhere lately wearing those promotional tees. Anyway, we’ve been feeling a lot like Jaden Smith at the VMA’s since the album leaked and we were excited to see the video for his second single, especially since it features our latest Triple Threat model, Ashley Moore.


Drake has been in the rap game for awhile now, but he seems to never run too far away from his roots. In “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” he brings back his acting skills, in a white suit, looking real important. It isn’t far from truth, aside from the fact that the video takes place in Miami circa 1985. With A$AP Rocky as his right hand man, they embody the mafia lifestyle. Like all head honchos in mafia movies, the haters try to get you down by taking what you love – is this all just a metaphor for life disguised with bad ’80s attire and mediocre acting, or are we getting ahead of ourselves?

In a Sopranos-esque kidnapping, Drake comes close to losing his woman (a.k.a Ms. Moore). But because we are all suckers for a ::SPOILER:: happy ending, they reconcile with a perfectly passionate make-out sesh.


He may receive backlash for being the most sensitive rapper in the game, but we like seeing the nice guy finish first. Enjoy the video while we get back to listening to Nothing Was The Same – on loop.