A rundown of the best events in our city this week.



WHAT: Tired of scenester kids overrunning artwalk? What’s a cultured person to do? This Thursday, forego crowds and join LA CANVAS instead as we celebrate progressive menswear and the pursuit of sartorial refinement with an exclusive preview of DTLA’s newest retail destination for gents: Seven Points. The fine booze purveyors of Silverlake Cocktail Company will be running signature drink specials all night and the first 20 people to arrive will receive a free Goorin Hat. Join us for a drink or two or three, food trucks and swag giveaways. RSVP here.
WHEN: Thursday, November 14, 7pm-11pm
WHERE: Park Showroom | 845 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014



WHAT: Mixologist Matthew Biancaniello hosts a Cynar tasting tomorrow night at Marina del Rey’s Settebello. Putting aside the fact that Cynar sounds suspiciously like “Cyanide,” you’ll want to get a taste of how cocktail wizard Biancaniello whips up six cocktails featuring the Italian artichoke liqueur. Complement the booze with a Cynar ice cream sandwich with a saffron infused crust. Fancy! | See More 
WHEN: Friday, November 15, 8pm
WHERE:  13455 Maxella Avenue, Suite 250, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292



WHAT: If you’re like us, the transient nature of street art often means that mural you swore you’d instagram next time has been painted over by the time you drive past again. Thankfully, organizations like Branded Arts have promoted the longevity of this urban art form by curating large-scale exhibitions and over 50 public mural projects in LA. With their dedication to their city, its no surprise that same dedication be transferred to its inhabitants. Hosting an art exhibit to benefit the Santa Monica’s Boys and Girl’s Clubs, Branded Arts is showcasing work from over 50 artists, including private collection pieces from Banksy, Shepard Fairey, KAWS and more. Purchase tix ($20) here.
WHEN: Saturday, November 16, 7pm-12am
WHERE: Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica | 1238 Lincoln Boulevard., Santa Monica, CA 90404



WHAT: Chaz Bundick, or more affectionately known as Toro Y Moi, is arguably the kid that brought the whole chillwave-movement to light, or at the very least made it cool again. The hapa beatsmith’s latest release, Anything In Return, may be his best project to date with a refined, tasteful collection that touches upon all the phases Toro Y Moi went through in previous works: from silky R&B to bubblegum funk and roller-rink pop to his signature chillwave sound. To round out the multi-faceted Chaz is LA-based DJ/producer duo Classixx throwing down some spaced-out disco funk. | See More
WHEN: Saturday, November 16 at 8pm
WHERE: 3790 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010



WHAT: We normally don’t like to succumb to LA-stereotypes that outsiders may have, but when it comes to good food well.. we can’t deny it. True to Angeleno form, Seed Kitchen has been delivering that good stuff the only way they know how and just how we like it: organic and eco-conscious. From their produce to their cooking techniques to recyclable menus and utensils, Seed Kitchen is about as green as they come, and they’re proud of it. Celebrate their fifth-year anniversary at the restaurant with live music, raffles, and of course, food. | See more
WHEN: Sunday, November 17, 3pm-7pm
WHERE: 1604 Pacific Avenue, Venice, CA 90291



WHAT: Those bemoaning the lack of soul in popular music breathed a collective sigh of relief as singers like  British chanteuse Jessie Ware emerged in the American market this past year. Her latest album Devotion took British charts by storm with its playful but earnest discourse on romance and now the singer is on tour stateside to promote the American release. We were first introduced to the singer with Disclosure’s remix of her track ‘Running’ and after a spellbinding Coachella performance this year, we can’t wait to rendezvous again with the delightful songstress. | See more
WHEN: Tuesday, November 19, 7:00pm
WHERE: 8430 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069



WHAT: On November 8, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and it hit hard. Whole towns were destroyed leaving thousands homeless, some separated from their families and without any viable resources. For its Southern California edition, the folks at UNICEF and Smith House Tap and Grill are hosting a fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds are directed to the organization’s disaster relief efforts. If having a beer means we get to help those in need, we’re all for it. And if you can’t make it out to the fundraiser but still want to contribute, feel free to visit UNICEF’s site for donations. | See more
WHEN: Tuesday, November 19, 6:30pm-8:30pm
WHERE: Smith House | 10351 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025


Photo credit: Oliver Walker, FYF Fest


It’s mid-summer, you’re all out of vacation days, and you can practically fry an egg on your roof. Best way to escape this inferno? Head to the embodiment of indie music bliss, F*ck Yeah Fest, at LA State Historic Park. It’s FYF’s 10th anniversary this year, and the festival has put together one of its best and meatiest lineups to date.  So if you haven’t already got it on your calendar, save the date for August 24th and 25th for what’s sure to be a kick-ass, reverb-filled weekend, with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and My Bloody Valentine headlining. See our list of survival tips and must-see acts to make your FYF experience parking-lot-porta-potty-I-don’t-know-who-to-see disaster-free.



1. Go Public: Unless you want to sound like a bad impression of SNL’s The Californians skit, take public transport. There’s the gold line to Chinatown that will shave a good hour and a lot of fury from your commute. Option 2: Bike. (Just remember to employ festive decorations or drop a pin on your phone’s GPS, so your beer-goggled self can remember where you stacked that shit later.)

2. Pre-game in Chinatown: Since you’re smart, you’ve arrived via subway right in the heart of Chinatown. Best advice? Relax, get some cocktails or some dim sum in Chinatown before heading into the battlefield. If beer’s your think, we recommend Melody Lounge on Hill St. for $7 beer flights.




3. Be Fashionably-Practical: We got the advice from DJ Heidi (arguably one of LA’s most fashionable vinyl-addicts/DJs): “Bring your fashion A-game, this ain’t Glastonbury or Outside Lands–sure, there is a little dust–but you are not going to ruin your shoes.”

DOs: Hat, scarves (to field the dust), comfy shoes, summer dresses, ear plugs (Etymotics or Earpeace are great for lowering volume without distorting sound like those crappy foam ones do).

DON’Ts: Heels. And any outfit that looks like it belongs at EDC.


4. Stay Cool: It’s hot as balls out there…so it’s important you drink plenty of water. F* Yeah Fest provides water bottle hydration stations. How did the legendary DJ Harvey (who performed in 2012) escape the heat? Ice Cream.



Photo courtesy of DJ Harvey

5. Porta-Potties: It’s definitely gotten better every single year on this front. But with this shit (pun intended) it’s really logical: either plan ahead and go before you need to go, wear a diaper, or as festival regular Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips once recommended “do some practicing where you hold your piss a little bit longer.” Obviously option A is advised. Also, pack a sealed bag of wet-wipes to avoid catastrophic oh-shit-I-took-a-shit-but-there’s-no-TP moments.

6. Bring $$$: FYF is one of the few festivals that has an awesome selection not only of food, but also of rad clothing designers, artists, and records. Just remember, if you are going to buy, make sure you do the rounds and figure out where to stash it.



2013 FYF ACTS TO CATCH (In no particular order…)

Poolside: Former LAC feature and LA-based duo Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise are signed to Echo Park records and craft the type of sunny, loose disco that you dig hearing poolside. Considering how hot and dusty Echo Park is, it’s time bring on the pool jams.

Charles Bradley : We are psyched this soul crooner will be dropping through. Let the hip swaying, “Amen!”-ing, and smoke wafting begin. And then let’s all hug and make out.



Glasser at Coachella 2011

Glasser: Cameron Mesirow crafts shards of ethereal electronica, a la Zola Jesus and Fever Ray–dripping with eccentric percussion and electro-pop scintillation. She’ll let you just float away.

Flume: The 21-year old electronic beat wonder-kid from Australia is garnering buzz all around the world these days, particularly for his remix of Disclosure’s “You and Me” and single “Sleepless.” You’ll want to see this one up close …because it may be the last time you can. And you’ll want to d-a-n-c-e.


fyf - !!!

!!! At Pacific Festival 2011

!!! – There’s a 90% chance that the lead singer will run into the crowd and try to eat his microphone. ‘nough said.

Dan Deacon : Dan is a Brooklyn-based avant-garde hipster whisperer. He turns on his deck of neon-colored knobs and gadgets, lets the layers of wacky DIY electronic sounds emanate and poof: hipster chicks get naked and skinny boys go nutso like fat kids on fire.

Devendra Barnhart: It won’t matter if you don’t know what language DB is singing in half the time and that he undulates from folk balladry to neo-psychedelia to self-described “space reggae.” He allows you to let your freak flag fly and that’s pretty much what F*ck Yeah Fest is all about.


Toro Y Moi at SXSW 2012

Toro Y Moi : Sure he’s may appear to be a sweet, unassuming guy with a laptop and glasses, but he crafts the type of blissed-out electronica that will have you in a shimmery dance tizzy.

Death Grips: After so much sunny electro-pop, it’s nice to sink into your dark side. If you like it rough and you dig dirty experimental hip-hop, you may find yourself moshing to these guys. Ear plugs are especially necessary here.


TVOR At Spin’s Party SXSW 2011

TV On The Radio & The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: These two rock acts are old friends from Brooklyn so we’re dreaming of a lot of creative cameos within their performances. Maybe even some kinda mash-up?! Tunde and Karen – ya heard?

My Bloody Valentine: The band is stopping in before touring Texas and the rest of Cali. It’s a hipster’s wet dream to close out the weekend by dipping our heads and swaying slowly in the night to their tendrils of shoe-gazy reverb. Yes, please!

{ PHOTOS & TEXT: Faith-Ann Young, unless otherwise credited }


Who needs glitter, choreography, or skintight jumpsuits when you’ve got lush green foliage and a snuggly orange sweater?

In his new video for “Say That,” Chaz Bundick hits that indie-kid sweetspot where creepy and awkward adds up to apathetically cool. It’s this ideal crux that his one-man electro-machine Toro Y Moi has always embodied, peppering funky lo-fi cheese with shurgged-shoulder stoicism and a sort of regular-guy ease. And, he looks good in khakis.

The new clip zooms in and out on the songwriter/producer as he lackadaisically lounges, sings, or grooves amidst various landscapes. Meanwhile, a steady beat bubbles along at a languid pace, delivering a West Coast electro-funk flavor and inspiring the sleepiest of dance moves. No need to get off the couch for this one.

Bundick is scheduled to release his third album as Toro Y Moi on January 22nd. Written and recorded after a move from South Carolina to Berkeley, Anything in Return has a distinctly Californian bent. Catch Toro Y Moi in LA at the Fonda on March 3rd.