For a long time, we had trouble putting a face to the name Elizabeth Rose after hearing her feature on Flight Facilities’ 2013 Soul Train-reminiscent jam “I Didn’t Believe,” and since then we haven’t heard the singer/songwriter without a tinge of soul ever since that first taste. Dropping her EP, The Good Life, on January 17, the five-track project teeters more toward a straight-forward electronic production, but it’s Elizabeth’s vocal stylings that adds on soulful inklings as heard on the Flight Facilities collab — to put it simply, think of an Australian Katy B. We caught up with Elizabeth for a quick 21 questions sesh, check out our run-down with her below.

1. So what’s up?
Nothing much, on the bus on my way home now.
2. Can we get you something to drink?
Yes please I need a sugar hit! A fizzy lemonade por favor!

3. What are you wearing?
Pair of Nikes that I bought in NY recently, denim skirt, R&S records t shirt that my boyfriend got me for Christmas

4. Are you interested in anyone right now? 

5. Do anything last night?
Watched that David lynch movie Mulholland Drive right before bed…bad choice

6. How late did you stay up?
Mm til about 2am

7. Meals or snacks?

8. How often do you consume alcohol?
Not very often actually! Every now and then when it’s free/on my rider haha

9. It’s midnight and you’re hungry, what are you craving?
Aero bar block of chocolate

10. Cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs!

11. Favorite hip-hop producers…
Dark child, Timbaland, Pharrell

12. Who you listening to music right now?
‘All I could do’ by Oscar Key Sung

13. Ultimate festival lineup? (Not including yourself)
The Knife, Caribou, The Chemical Brothers, Jean Michelle Jarre and Outkast!

14. Who would you want to see live via hologram?
Jean Michelle Jarre – I want to see the intricacy behind all of the synths he plays


15. Most embarrassing moment?
I’ve had many… One recently was when I didn’t wear my glasses to a show and watched another band play before me; backstage afterwards I said to this guy “Hey great set” and he says, “I wasn’t playing…” and I went bright red and couldn’t dig myself out of it!

16. If life could resemble any film…
It would be Donnie Darko… What is reality? Ah, I think too much..

17. Favorite place to go on the weekend?
Flea markets!

18. Your dream project?
To restore an old Victorian terrace house haha…been watching way too much of that show Grand Designs

19. If we gave you $50, what would you buy?
I’d pay off my phone bill because I’m way over due… Can I have the $50?

20. What are you doing later?
Looking for houses to rent online

21. Can we come?
Sure can, help me find a place!