Who doesn’t love delicious surprises? It’s a good time of year to do something cutesy or make a romantic gesture. How about this ice cream cone that’s actually a cupcake? This isn’t so much a recipe on it’s own (because using a mix is so much easier, and I love finding easy means to ends), but more of a way to look like a clever master baker without having to know what you’re doing. Also, I’m a sucker for trompe l’oeil.



-cake/cupcake box mix + whatever it tells you to get (mine wanted water, oil, and eggs)
-ice cream cones (the “styrofoamy” ones with the flat bottom)
-sprinkles/things to decorate with (optional)

-mixing bowl
-muffin/cupcake tin, or a cookie sheet if you feel dangerous (the mini cupcake tin I had fit the cones perfectly!)
-chopstick/tooth pick/skewer/fork


1. Follow the instructions on your cake mix box. Mine said preheat to 350F and combine all ingredients.



2. Stand all your cones in your tin/on your sheet.


3. Use a spoon to fill the cones. Do not fill to the brim. They will rise.


4. Bake as long as the box tells you to. They usually give you a time window, mine said 21-24 minutes. I checked if they were done at 20 minutes by sticking a chopstick in them. (They weren’t.) If your chopstick/tooth pick/skewer/fork comes out clean, you’re done.



5. Frost/decorate.



6. Surprise! Enjoy.




Loz Feliz eatery Little Dom’s is known for it’s delicious brunch and stylish bar. But there’s another delicious, sometimes-overlooked part of the beloved neighborhood spot that we’d like to draw your attention to: the deli.

This small space, decked out in a style that pays tribute to a true 50’s diner, houses pastries and a cafe offering selections that are to die for. Our office had the privilege of trying this month’s pick from Muffin Madness, a special sweets series designed by house pastry chef Ann Kirk, which happens to be Banana Nutella, a soft, warm little cake that’s wholesome on the outside, party on the inside (YUMM!). Move over cupcake.



Every month the flavor will change, and we ensure that everything Ann throws in the muffins tins will be worth trying. We decided to ask the pastry genius behind the delactable goodies how she does what she does.

1. This Banana Nutella muffin is the best muffin we have ever eaten. We’re kind of sad to see it go in March. How is next month’s flavor, Brown Butter Oatmeal Crumble?

The Brown Butter Oatmeal Crumble?  It’s DELICIOUS, of course!  Heartwarming and very nostalgic.  It eases you into your day with a smile on your face.

2. Without asking you to give away all your secrets, how did you go about perfecting the art of muffins? Have you been working at them for a while?

Thanks for the props!  I learned the fine art of not over mixing muffin batter in my 7th grade Home Economics class.  So yeah, you could say i’ve had a lot of practice.

3. What inspired you to create the Muffin Madness program this spring?

I was in a standing in line in coffee shop in Palm Desert and their muffins were flying out the door.

4. Are muffins the new cupcake?
I’ve always hoped the Gelato Sandwich would be the new cupcake…but yeah, it’s sorta like the breakfast cupcake.

5. Okay, enough about muffins. What are some of your other favorite treats from the Little Dom’s Deli? Any other new things we should look out for this spring?
Oh it’s hard to name your favorite children but…Did i mention my love for the gelato sandwich?
The scones are very good and light.  The fruit focaccia and savory focaccia change daily, and have a very faithful following.  My favorite is the fruit focaccia with berries and mascarpone cheese!  I also do several desserts to go in jewel jars like vanilla panna cotta and dark chocolate budino (pudding).  I’m working on individual cheesecakes to go in the jewel jar for spring. Stop in and see what’s new!

Be sure to try a Muffin Madness selection from now until June. (Flavor schedule listed below)

February – Banana Nutella

March – Brown Butter Oatmeal Crumble

April – Carrot Apricot

May – Fresh Blueberry

June – Cherry Almond

Little Dom’s – 2128 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027.