In The Groove: Free People Flares Through The 70s In New Summer Lookbook

Vintage flare bell bottoms, short playful rompers, long striped pant suites and chunky statement shoes. Free People is transporting you back to a time when the Farrah Faucet mane was celebrated and the wider the pant leg the better, with their newly released “In The Groove” look book collection.


Free People, known for their bohemian lifestyle and cutting-edge threads, takes you on a trip back in time to summer in the 1970s in Venice, Calif., “where the days are longer and the times are more simple.” Mixing clean ‘70s silhouettes with corduroy, knits, suede, and crochet textures, all highlighting a true red, white and denim Americana palette, this collection will have you wanting to swap your modern marble floors and granite counter tops for shag carpet and oak wood-paneled walls and cabinets.


Denim also plays a large role in this collection, appearing in various shapes, including long and short rompers, tops, and the “Free People cult favorite,” the Extreme Vintage Flare. Although accessories are slightly more subdued for this particular collection, Americana-inspired scarves, sun-shielding wide brimmed hats, and bold statement shoes will help every girl channel her inner ‘70s babe.


The “In The Groove” look book collection is available now online at

Shop collection


Model: Alena Blohm @AlenaBlohm
Photographer: Jason Lee Parry @JasonLeeParry
Hair: Tony Vin @TonyVin
Makeup: Samuel Paul @SamuelPaulMakeup


Wearing white in the summer is a no brainer. And let’s be real, neither is it for the winter. Common sense tells us that white fabrics seems to spare us from solar scorch, keeping us cooler than any other colors would. Let’s not fail to mention white’s versatility allows you to pull off any look from bold + daring to elegant + timeless almost effortlessly. With that being said, what’s Labor Day nowadays anyway?  Here’s a projection of  a weekend fashion forecast: trending in white for the rest of your complementary days devoted to luxe leisure—or at least dressing the part. white_weekends_LACANVASwhite_weekends_LACANVASwhite_weekends_LACANVAS


What’s summer without a good BBQ? Everything from the food, the company, the outdoors and waisted plaid shirts give us the notion that it’s oh so necessary. Floss Gloss however, is serving up something new with their honey and biscuits—and their version of ribs are a cooking up some style. We’re devouring their “ALL THE FIXINS” Spring/Summer ’14 Lookbook and now we’re thirsty for Fall. Our late-summer cravings have never been more digestible:


Click through the FLOSS GLOSS previous lookbooks here, where you’ll find bursts of flavorful nail swag. You might also want to grab a napkin — to wipe the drool off your chin when you’re through.

Photography: Janine Lee + Aretha Sack
Models: Emily + Alison Cisneros + Lauren Williams
Make Up: Cassie Ancira
Wardrobe: Emily + Alison Cisneros
Nails: Janine Lee
Application Assist: Monica Kim Garza
All Props: Floss Gloss Ltd


[dropcap letter=”J”]uxtaposing the seasonal lookbook themes of playful beachside attire, The Dreslyn‘s July ’14 editorial brings to life the idea of summer passion and hot nights. Shot after sunset, the coloring makes reference to ’80s films as well as the 1962 classic “In The Mood For Love”. With voyeuristic elements and the idea of getting intimate glimpses into something meant to stay hidden, photographer Emman Montalvan and stylist Sissy Sainte-Marie portray the items you need for the season in new light. Designers featured include Rag & Bone, Rachel Comey, Wayne, IRO, A.P.C. and more, all available to shop at the online boutique.

Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E star in biopic, Straight Outta Compton

We like Dre’s style: dominate every avenue without forgetting the city that made you. What’s the most potent way to deliver exciting news? Twitter of course. The former N.W.A. member took to this account to share news that the actors who will play Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E for the biopic, Straight Outta Compton, are set and ready to go. He even released a cast photo to give fans just a taste of things to come. LA on the brim, standard LA mean-mug pose, and Dickies with a crease is exactly what we’d want and expect from the legend himself.

The film will be released August 14, 2015 with F. Gary Gary (The Negotiator, Friday) as director. We’ll be here waiting patiently for 2015 to roll around, but until then, here’s something to hold you down…


Summer is too short to be stuck in 405 traffic all day. Solution; Pure City Cycles. Made with the urban cyclist in mind, these bikes are designed to fit your lifestyle so that if you’re on a hill or a have runway-style long legs, your bike can be modified accordingly. The best part is none of the aesthetics will be compromised in the process, so you have all the mechanics along with all the style.

By far, our favorite is The Western, the black and white frame will go great with our white Converse Chucks, but the citrus hues of The Abbey would really make our tan pop. With all the gas money we’ll be saving we just might be able to nab both!

And let’s not forget how banging your legs will look after a couple of weeks of peddling your little heart out. So if you have to work this summer, why not arrive to that dreaded summer gig in style.

We can already picture ourselves riding around LA neighborhoods as pedestrians dodge out of our way—we don’t have that whole graceful bike rider thing down just yet. And ladies, don’t forget to wear some bike shorts under your dress while on the seat; moderation is key this summer.


[dropcap letter=”F”]inger bracelets, hand jewelry, hand harnesses – whatever your favorite sartorialist labels them, the hand charm is all you need to win the style game this summer.



[photo courtesy of Guru Jagat | @RamaInstitute]

We’ve all gone through the torment of buying stacks of gold bracelets come only to find that after a night of too much prancing around, they’ve all gone the way of our bobby pins – M.I.A. There’s no way these intricately woven beauties are vanishing, not even on your most adventurous of nights. Just try to steer clear of the hardcore-bro high fives.

These architectural jewels are for the more opulent style maven looking to step outside the routinely-layered bracelets & oversized watch style has been, in which – let’s face it – is far too poised for the bohemian summer you’re trying to embark on.



If no one is giving your gaudy manicure its rightful look over , strapping on a three diamond finger bracelet just might do the trick. Whether you’re pairing them with a bathing suit, dabbing the tedious work suit with a little bling or stepping out in billowy evening dress, the delicate flair these hand-cessories (woah, we just created a street term) are your next level hand toppers.

Although they inspire some serious Bollywood swirling, we aren’t claiming they will suddenly turn you into a dance floor maverick – you have vodka for that, but they just might make your the rhythmless clap-side-to-side much more enchanting.


Cleo Handpiece


Solar Handpiece  



Raquel Evil Eye Hand Chain






Rose Gold-Plated Finger Bracelet 




Summa 4 Finger Ring



Wonder Child Gold Handpiece



Le Revolution Bracelet



 The Thin Spike Handpiece





La Vega two polaroids

Have you ever found yourself in that perfect moment, when your sunny surroundings perfectly match the soundtrack from Ipod? Well, living here in California, that moment tends to happen to a lot of us here, and we can’t think of anything better to listen to on a warm Los Angeles afternoon than La Vega. The group, made up of members Daniel Vega and Evan Magers, boasts the vintage summer-rock vibe that we have grown to love, and they definitely do not disappoint with their new single  “Do The Surfer Girl Limbo.” The track kicks off with a hypnotic guitar riff and some gritty vocals that invites listeners to do “the swim” in whichever location they are in (be it the car, your sisters wedding, or the irritatingly “iconic” California thing, driving down the PCH).


Their highly anticipated release of their full length, appropriately titled “Wave,” is set to hit your local record shop on August 13th. Take a listen to the new single below, and tag us in a instagram video @LACANVAS of your perfect  La Vega moment, or even a dance (we promise, we’ll keep it between you and us).






By now, you must know that there are about a bajillion places in LA showcasing outdoor movies this summer. And while we are totally on board with the array of flicks being presented, we’re getting a little bogged down with just how many places there actually are to get your outdoor movie fix in. From Cinespia to the LA River’s Bike-In Movies, the city is blossoming with everything a cinephile’s heart could want.

In lieu of presenting you with another all-encompassing list of every damn movie there ever was all summer (that are predominantly sold out already), we at LA CANVAS decided to compile our own list of our favorite flicks and picks for your outdoor viewing pleasure.

Silver Linings Playbook
Street Food Cinema – August 3rd
Don’t be fooled, this isn’t your average rom com. So boys, pack that blanket, grab that bottle of Fireball, and make your girlfriends happy by taking her out for a film you’ll both actually enjoy. A plethora of grub trucks are on deck to take care of all your food cravings.



Empire Records
Silver Lake Picture Show – August 8th
The one and only movie we can stand Renee Zellwegger in. And with a spot right off Sunset, it’s impossible to miss. Just make sure to get there early as space is limited (and drinking rules are pretty lax, so we hear).



Street Food Cinema – August 17th
We’ll admit, the idea of an action-packed 007 movie sounds a bit underwhelming from a park lawn and a blow-up movie screen. But given our experience with Street Food Cinema and their sound quality, we are willing to risk it. Catch Daniel Craig whooping ass and exploding through the screen for this fun thrill ride (Ed. Note: He does not actually explode).


Friday Night Flicks – August 26th
“WWWAAALLL-EEEE” Finally, the one night a week Pershing square isn’t run amock with our favorite vagabonds. Instead, Robots take center stage for this epic outer-space adventure. Not only are these screenings free, but pets are welcome too (and we’ll bet they might find it just as entertaining as you do).


Electric Dusk Drive In – August 31st
Hitchcock on the big screen? On a roof? With a skyline? We are soooooo in. But that’s not even the best part! This truly retro experience is the only drive-in in LA. Which means you don’t even have to worry about parking.


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Movies in the Park – September 7th
Grand Park has partnered with Street Food Cinema this year for a collection of family-friendly movies. Family or not, ET totally brings us back to our childhood and we’re happy to reminisce.


Jurassic Park
Movies in the Park– September 14th
Remember the scene where Tim and Lex, the two kids of the film, get caught by a couple of raptors in the park’s kitchen and your seven-year-old self is screaming inside your head out of sheer fright? Yep, it’s still as scary this time around too. Especially when you’re in an open park watching a park full of dinosaurs.


Friday Night Flicks – September 27th
Cher, we will always love you. Even when you nearly ran that bicyclist off the road during your driving test. Or when you tried to squash Tai and Travis’ love in an effort to popularize your new project. Or when you were too self-obsessed to realize Christian was gay. Like, obviously. Nevertheless, we will be there, front row and center, to watch your cult-classic and clueless antics all over again. Picnic baskets are welcome, but there’s also food for purchase in the square as well.



The Hunger Games
Front Porch Cinema at The Pier – October 5th
Ok, ok, we’re jumping the gun a bit here. It may seem like October’s a long way off, but you’re gonna want to get first dibs on this one. Unwind on the Santa Monica Pier, LA’s ultimate front porch, after a long week, and catch one of the biggest movies of 2012 (In case you were the only one on the planet who missed it the first time around). Movies are free, and there are even old-timey lawn chairs for rent.





Give it up to this duo. Newly inducted members of the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America and winners of the Swarovski Award (which acknowledges talented emerging menswear designers), Dao Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne are like the new Riggs and Murtaugh of menswear. This is the perfect time to unleash their Spring/Summer 2013 campaign upon us. Styled by DETAILS Style Director and street style expert Eugene Tong, this new collection presents a killer combination of English tailoring with NYC Soho swag. The perfect juxtaposition of prep and street, Chow and Osbourne’s campaign reassures we’ll never be too cool for school.