The LAC crew recently got up close and personal with the new online boutique The Dreslyn. Aside from the graceful, impactful, and highly intuitive site designed by clubhouse faves Hugo and Marie, The Dreslyn is seriously capturing our sartorial desires. From brands like APC, Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, Champagnes de Provence, and Carven, founder Brooke Taylor Corcia has carved out a niche for The Dreslyn in the luxury marketplace, and we’re proud to claim the innovative retail environment is indigenous to our fair city.





Seeing the lack of a lateral exchange as an opportunity for innovation, Brooke began conceptualizing a retail platform for the sartorially savvy woman to correct contemporary fashion’s considerable blind spot. Through a cocktail of expert brand-cultivation, art direction, and interactive technology, she crafts an elegant voice and populist exchange between the brand and customer.

“It’s only ‘cause of companies like Net-A-Porter and Gilt Groupe that we’ve been able to advance—we’ve really been able to stand on their shoulders and try something new. Our delivery is much more informal. We come at it from a bit of a democratic point of view—a bit more conversational. The ‘West Coast point of view’ is something that is very important to our identity. I do find that it has been missing the market. I literally relocated my life to California ‘cause there is a lot happening here. The California angle is really exciting and we’re really proud to adopt it.”






For the next installment of our Triple Threat segment we partnered with KOSHKA, a Los Angeles-based online women’s boutique that houses in-demand and on-trend brands like UNIF, Cheap MondayMink Pink and Shakuhachi, just to name a few. Catering to the free-spirited, effortlessly fashionable girl, KOSHKA is the dream one-stop-online-shop because they carry brands with a range of price-points with no swagger sacrificing/repenting.

Enter the Otis and Maclain Midcalf Stripe Skirt. After hours of scouring our favorite online retailer’s latest inventory for that perfect piece (OK– it was about twenty minutes, but it felt long), we finally landed on the skirt for not only the ease of its material but, more importantly, that perfect slightly-below-the-knee length. We naturally called in bi-racial bombshell Ashley Moore to help showcase its versatility and chat with us about Instagram, self-confidence and pick-up lines. Only an impossibly cute-yet-cool girl like Ashley could give us the dynamics we so desire, and the results? Well, take a look for yourself and tell us your fave (we love compliments).





LAC: Let’s get down to business. Who is Ashley Moore? 

Ashley Moore: Ashley Moore is an all-around fun girl. I am a very friendly and energetic person who likes to enjoy the beauties of life. I love being active and finding new things to do. I’m also ambitious and love to keep busy.  I like being able to look  back and know that I accomplished something.

LAC: Models are notoriously known for being long which is perfect for an athlete. Did you play any sports growing up or was there just Malibu Barbie’s dream house? 

AM: No, I’ve actually always been a tomboy. I loved outdoors and my mom made sure she kept me in all sports; basketball, volleyball, softball, track and I played soccer at one point. I love being active and on the go. Never been the Malibu Barbie … haha, to the point where my mother could never get me to wear a dress.

LAC: You seem to have a quiet confidence about you. Where’s that demeanor come from?

AM: My demeanor comes from my mother! She inspires me a lot and made me who I am today. On my down days she’s the one person that knows how to lift my spirits and put a smile back on my face


LAC: Do pretty girls really need to be told that they’re pretty or beautiful from a guy? 

AM: No, as long as you know and believe in yourself, no man’s words should change anything. At the end of the day they are words and you have to look in the mirror and see it yourself … people can tell you how beautiful you are until they are blue in the face, but it won’t mean anything unless you know and believe it.

LAC: We’re pretty sure you’re approached by guys all the time. Tell us the worst pick up line you’ve heard? 

AM: The worst pick up line I’ve heard is “Can I have a quarter?!? I need to call my Mom and let her know I just meet the girl of my dreams.” I just had to laugh for a moment.

LAC: And the best? 

AM: “Will you walk down the runway with me and marry me?” One of my followers had commented on a picture which was really funny.

LAC: We feel like no one asks this but how does it really feel to have 92,000 followers? You’re essentially a celebrity.

AM: It’s a beautiful feeling; my followers are truly amazing and just keep me positive and motivated to continue on the path I’m traveling. It’s also great to know and see that I also inspire others. It means so much.




Ashley is wearing additional pieces by UNIF, Musical Formalities, Satsuki Shibuya and Shakuhachi all available at ShopKoshka.com

Photography: Mark Wales
Art Direction: Aaron Babylon
Stylist: Lauren McQuade



Best friends and creative team, Smiley Stevens and Philippa Price, are the two designers behind one of the most bold and exciting menswear lines out there, Guns Germs $teal. Coming straight out of LA, a city that continues to struggle to find its own style identity besides tees and jeans (at least for mens), GG$’s innovative, bravado brand of dope, forward-pushing items are a much needed breath of fresh air. Just don’t call it streetwear. It’s menswear on a higher level. In a matter of two years, the brand has gone from a small accessory line to a complete clothing line that is now beloved by major artists like Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, and Haim. Currently, the label is getting ready to debut at New York Fashion Week in early September.

Smiley and Philippa, both former models,  share their excitement as they chat with LAC to tell us more about their FW13 collection and the future of the brand.

GGS 005

LAC: Ok, so you both met at a birthday party in the Lower East Side of NY. What connected you two?

GG$: Our height. We were both like, woah you’re awkwardly taller than everyone else here, cool, me too … let’s be friends. But we realized pretty quickly we shared a creative connection that exists on a different wavelength. We’re Soul Sisters.

LAC:  What eventually brought you to LA?

GG$: We both grew up here, so after college (mostly because we were broke) we moved back to LA. We still miss the grind and the energy of New York, but we know we wouldn’t be able to be doing what we’re doing if we had stayed out there. Besides, nothing beats L.A. weather. Mentally I don’t think we could handle the stress of starting a business on top of handling a New York winter … or a grimey New York summer for that matter.

GG$: Has LA changed the way in which you perceive menswear – would you be designing different items had you stayed in NY?

GG$: Our designs are whole heartedly and organically a product of the unique vision that the two of us share … I think this would be the same no matter where we were. We weave an eclectic range of experience and influence into each of our pieces and don’t consciously design with a certain type of person or trend in mind… in fact we try our hardest to stay away from that. Generally speaking, men’s style here is not exactly the best, but I think in that sense, being in LA has enabled us to really focus on developing our own style that remains true to the root of our vision.

GGS 009

LAC: Let’s talk about your new collection. It has an impressive amount of elements that work so well together. It was difficult to describe it. I almost came around to calling it “conceptual sportswear.” How far would I have been?

GG$: Exactly as you say, we layer so many different elements and influences together in our designs, that our “style” is almost impossible to define. It’s funny because people have been trying to define our brand since we first started, and I don’t think we’ve even figured that out ourselves yet. Yes, this collection could definitely be described as “conceptual sportswear” but we wouldn’t say that defines GG$ as a whole … just wait till you see what we have coming for Spring / Summer 2014.

LAC: So what then would you say defines GG$ as a whole?

We don’t believe in definition–definition is what has divided people for the entire course of human history. The only thing our collection defines you as is confident.

LAC: What was the concept behind the collection?

GG$: For this collection we focused on the concept of the uniform. We explored everything from military uniforms to astronauts, sports uniforms to royal regalia, even the idea of skin as a uniform. We expanded our interpretation of the term “uniform,” focusing on the idea that even personal style over the past century has become a uniform, used to identify you with a certain division of our culture. We blend elements from all kinds of subcultures, creating our version of a universal uniform.

GGS 025

LAC: Since showing the collection back in February at Project Las Vegas, what has been the feedback? 

GG$: We’ve received really great feedback from those who have seen the collection … it’s only just available to the public this week so we’re excited to see the reaction. We’re particularly excited about the pieces we created with our amazingly talented friend and photographer Brianna Capozzi. We used a few of her photographs on the neoprene sweaters in the collection which thus far have been everybody’s favorite. Combining her bold images with our neoprene silhouette created a really unique optical illusion when worn as clothing and we’re excited to see how people interpret that.

LAC: How does the collaboration dynamic work between the two of you and do you ever wonder if guys will really dig what two ladies are creating?

GG$: Day to day, Philippa handles most of the design while Smiley manages the company operations. The way we work creatively is very organic. One of us will come up with an idea, and the other will add a new dimension, and we will go back and forth until we reach something next level. We’ve come to trust our combined aesthetic so we don’t really worry about what guys’ reactions will be … when we both agree on something there is no question… we just know it’s TIGHT.

LAC: For what kind of guy do you make your clothes for? 

GG$: A guy with confidence. There couldn’t be anything more attractive than confidence (PLEASE NOTE: confidence is NOT the same as arrogance).

GGS 013

LAC: Out of a long list of celebrities that already wear your items who would you say best exemplifies your line and who else can you see wearing your clothing?

GG$: That is such a hard question. It’s pretty much impossible to pin it down to one person… our pieces have already been worn by such an ecclectic range, from Kendrick to Rihanna, and of course our girls Haim and Brooke Candy. They are all people who’s individual movements we respect and who we feel are leaders in this verging culture movement of our generation… I think that in itself is what best exemplifies our line.

LAC: You went from making accessories to menswear, any plans on creating more womenswear?

GG$: Oh just you wait… clothing is just the beginning for GG$. Right now, we are really focusing on our mens collection but like we said, we have come to realize that we have a strong following of women who wear our clothes. With that in mind we have definitely been focusing on developing more unisex pieces and fits. You will see this in our Spring 2014 collection which we are getting ready to present at NYFW this September … in two weeks actually. Fuck!

LAC: Finally, when and where can we get our hands on the new collection?

GG$: We are launching the collection this Thursday at 424 Fairfax in L.A., and by the beginning of next week the collection will be available in a few select retailers around the world –

US: 424 Fairfax / American Rag / Extra Butter

UK: Browns London / Machine A

JAPAN: Nubian / GR8

The lookbook was shot by L.A. photographer Adri Law.

Photo of Smiley Stevens and Philippa Price is courtesy of Diane Abapo / SUSPENDMAG.COM






If there’s a style of menswear that has outlived its own decade without  it simply surviving out of nostalgia or irony, and without showing any hint of winding down, it would probably be grunge. Made popular by bands such as Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and of course Nirvana, the rugged look of jeans and a button down shirt, primarily plaid, has become the go-to outfit for just about every guy regardless if they’re in a band or not. It’s comfort that unintentionally became fashionable.

The L.A. clothing line Fear of God has updated the early 90s scene by creating darker contemporary grunge-like items that may remind you of modern fashion apparel designed by the likes of Alexander Wang and Rick Owens. Fear of God recently released their end of summer lookbook for their SS13 collection Final Delivery, with items that include a long clean tee, a fitted side-zipped plaid shirt, and a short-sleeve hoodie, all of which hold on to what made grunge so great in the first place, comfort.






See their collection: http://fearofgodla.com




Kanye with A.P.C. Founder Jean Touitou

This past weekend while we were getting rowdy at Palihouse for our Hydration Issue release, we were also feeling the buzz of another release: a Kayne West-designed collection for Parisian minimalist brand, A.P.C. After a picture of the inseam tag was leaked on G.O.O.D. Music affiliate and architect Travi$ Scott’s Instagram, the buzz was almost as bad as that surrounding the birth of Kimye’s lovechild. As a fan of both A.P.C. and Kanye, we said, “enough with the tag, where are the damn clothes?”
a-p-c-kanye-2013-capsule-collection-1Luckily, the collaborative effort’s results are a collection of minimalistic design that fashionistos and Kanye West fans alike can certainly get behind. So much so that the rapper-producer’s collection apparently sold out the instant it went live on A.P.C.’s website. Don’t fret, pre-orders can be made for the next available wave of minimal digs, so you can carefully consider whether you wish to rock the plain white “Hip Hop T-Shirt” ($120) or the Kanye Hooded Sweatshirt ($280). (We’d go with the latter.)



We are in lurve with this new editorial for the latest issue of French-German publication, Lurve Magazine. The spread, styled by Peju Famojure, features looks from Rodarte’s Spring ’13 collection and uses plants as an extension of each look matching the patterns within the garments to the texture of the plants. The surrounding foliage frames Canadian model Grace Mahary making her look strangely tribal as she plays on light and shadows amidst the leaves in the monochromatic images. Photographs by Elle Muliarchyk.













“Locals Only”

Parisian Brand Sandro would not be the first this season to be adapting Californian surf and skate culture into their latest collection. With brands like Katin collaborating with Club Monaco and designers like Shaun Samson taking queues for their streetwear collections, Sandro’s menswear designer Ilan Chetrite customizes a limited-edition line of t-shirts and skateboards with Hugh Holland’s legendary photos.


Classic California imagery from the famed Hugh Holland’s “Locals Only” book on 70’s Skate culture are translated into the French streetwear brand’s California collection on digitally printed shirts and color blocked skateboards.




T-shirts are available at $130 and Skateboards at $250 at Sandro

Photo credits:  Hugh HollandGQ UK, Be.com



Having revamped and restyled luxury brands from Nina Ricci and Lanvin, to YSL in Paris, former CEO and President of said companies, Paul Deneve, arrives in California at the helm of not another fashion company, but at consumer electronics giant, Apple. The man responsible for working with Alber Ebaz and hiring Hedi Slimane, was hired by Tim Cook as the new Vice President working on “special projects” by the Silcon Valley Company.



Having helped YSL sales rise  34% to €472.8 million ($617.6 million), who knows what this ultra-leader will do with Apple with shoes like Steve Jobs’ to fill. His former position at YSL is being filled both by Hedi Slimane as Creative Director and Bottega Veneta’s Francesca Bellettini.



With products like the new Mac and future iPhones already branded as luxury devices in a highly stylized manner, we might as well get used to the “virtual catwalk” these products will be featured on.


Source: Wall Street Journal, Apple Insider, Digital Trends





L.A.-based brand Band of Outsiders recently showcased their Spring/Summer 2014 Men’s Collection via Livestream and a photo shoot with singer/songwriter Devendra Banhart at the Chateau Marmont. The Livestream featured an eight-hour-long process of the shoot using hidden cameras in Room 29. Watch and you can see Devendra being groomed and dressed in the 20-look collection, playing on the guitar and piano, and discussing his current music and art.



Deviating from a typical runway show, designer Scott Sterberg and senior PR director Nicole Cari are always thinking of different perspectives for showcasing their collections. Examples include “Game Control” where they had two male models compete in a Scavenger Hunt across NYC, and “The 60-Hour Menswear Show” where a model lived in a Display Window in Paris for 60 hours. But with Los Angeles as their background, they don’t typically employ models; instead, celebrities are utilized for their campaign lookbooks, which have included Frank Ocean, Amy Adams and Michelle Williams.

With the Venezuelan singer lolling and bouncing around, the lookbook exhibits the Spring/Summer collection of tailored loungewear, from leather blazers and jackets, patch-work pajamas, and ombre denim, to the classic Band of Outsiders suits.




 Pictures via Nowfashion


It’s been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The idiom has inspired and provoked the human condition for centuries. Holy Carter aka Jay-Z even wrote a song about it. We at LA CANVAS chose to entertain this dichotomy by pairing two emerging LA-based stylists and icons growing in fashion scene against each other.  The street-chic sensibility and fireball energy of Ann Marie Hoang paired with the artistic, grunge-prep, lady-killer vibes of Justin Barco makes for a perfect match-up. In honor of PUBLISH BRAND‘s 2013 release, we pulled in the Jogger Pants and some of our favorites.

LAC: First question is where did you get your start?

Ann Marie: My Uncle, Hau Nguyen, owner of Duc Duc Salon in Torrance taught me good work ethic. My hustle was recognized by Aban Sonia, Boss lady at Art.

Justin Barco : I started off modeling, and my style caught on to people so I just made the best of what I could and the things I knew and started developing my own brand/career from there.




LAC: Both of you guys like to flirt with androgyny in your personal style. Explain why. 

JB: In my case as a male I feel that  one should be a balance between both masculinity and femininity and I mean that with out a sexual connotation but to understand our type of being and taste of culture. I look for art in all elements so to me it’s show casing pieces I’ve collected through time.

AM: I flirt with everything fashion related. I don’t discriminate, but I like the dichotomy of mixing feminine and masculine pieces together. That’s the luxury of being a lady, we can pull off anything.

LAC: So, Ann Marie, why wardrobe styling?

AM: Style can change your entire mood. It can make you feel like a badass, or sexy, or whimsical, etc. I like to translate these feelings to my audience. Aside from editorial work, I chose to style individuals because I believe that everyone has style. I like to maximize the potential inner-badass in each individual that I work with. I love to see my clients discover who they really are stylistically. It is the most rewarding part of what I do.




LAC: Justin, I’m interested as to know how optimistic are you about your future in fashion?

JB: I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities, and have been in settings that I never imagined to be, so I’m looking forward to what is in store for me in the arts. I’m very optimistic.

LAC: Educate us on the LA “indie” fashion scene?

AM: Well LA is a melting pot of a lot of different sub cultures within the city. We have WEHO where folks tend to be more avant-garde, Beverly Hills where folks are more classic casual, Downtown’s where folks tend to be more fashion-forward, then we have Venice where folks are more boho. That’s what I love about LA’s  indie fashion scene–you can be transported to a whole different world by driving 10 mins.

JB: Personally, don’t like it, I feel its too saturated and corporations made it a bit cheesy.

LAC: I have this amour with cliche questions. Ok. Where do you think you’ll be in 3 years?

AM: In 3 years I see myself traveling more to expand my own personal taste in style.

JB: Lol- Ah man ha,  it’s a hard to say but I’m working on it, definitely somewhere beautiful. I’ll make sure to get back to this question in 3 years.


“I’m on that red wine, shorty likes white. Same shit different toilet, we both getting nice”
– Jay-Z “Venus vs. Mars” 

Photographer: Mark Wales





Style is personal. It’s your representation of who you are, what you do and how you do it. And with DJ, actress and model Amy Pham, things are no different. The stunning fashionista has spun from here to London (DJing with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Riff Raff), hosts a weekly show entitled “The Fashion Statement,” and has booked film and television roles along with multiple campaigns for brands  including Forever 21, Nike and SONY.

We sat down with the multi-hyphenate beauty for a quick chat and dress-up session with one of our favorite brands, MINKPINK. The line’s  “Be Brave and Free” mantra is a perfect match for Amy’s fun-loving persona, complementing her adventurous spirit and playful take on fashion. We had her select one of her favorites pieces from MINKPINK’s Summer ’13 to style 3 ways.


So you’re a DJ, the host of a very popular web show, a Model and full-time babe, if you didn’t have these “slashes” under your belt than what would you be doing?

Ha ha! Thank you, you’re too sweet. I’d probably find myself in some other creative field. I like drawing, art, photography, clothing design… anything that involves the artistic side of my brain, I’m all about it.


At what moment did you realize THIS is what you wanted to do? 

There was never an “ah-ha” moment for me. Every day I am always grateful to have the ability to work with inspiring people, express myself creatively, and to be able to get paid for a job I love doing!


How do these 3 separate looks represent those 3 different titles?

The first look I think represents my “host/ actor” face. Meaning it’s the showiest of all the looks, haha. When you need to turn heads, this is the getup to do it.

The white sweater and black cap is definitely a go-to in my every day life, running around from shoots to meetings and auditions. It’s an easy look to throw on, but you look effortlessly cool and stylish (even if you are putting in lots of effort).

The black top with the black leather jacket is definitely a night time look– something I’d wear when I’m DJ-ing. Whenever I DJ I’m always about wearing statement pieces that are nighttime appropriate, but also comfortable for me and lets me move around freely.


What do you love about these MINKPINK  denim shorts? 

They’re the epitome of a summer short– bright colors, funky prints, and a super comfy denim cut. Perfect for the beach or a pool party!

How important is it for you to have pieces in your closet that are versatile?

It’s very important to me to have versatile pieces in my closet. Five out of 7 days of the week, I’m running around all morning and afternoon, then I have to do a quick-change into nighttime gear for a gig or an event. So having a piece I can work into a day and night look makes my life so much easier. Not to mention it’s easier on my wallet!

You’ve DJ’d events w/ Snoop, Iggy Azalea, and Riff Raff. What’s the craziest DJ experience you’ve encountered? 

I’m not sure what the craziest experience is, but there have been mermaids, naked animal people, and an impromptu rap performance during my DJ set by Fatlip (The Pharcyde) that were pretty rad.


With all your success and your internet buzz growing, how do you remain so humble?

Thank you! I guess the key is how I was raised– my mom was an incredible woman, and taught me to always be grateful and humble for what I have, no matter where I am in life. And to also treat people how I would like to be treated, that’s one of my biggest mottos


Amy Pham is rocking the MINKPINK Make Your Mark Denim Shorts. Snag a pair yourself–you can find them this month on Nordstroms.com and the Somedays Lovin’ Parallels Block Knit Crop Jumper dropping in July on NastyGal.com

Photographer: Mark Wales




If you havent heard of the name Aphidoidea, chances are you’ve likely seen some of their work. Born out of Los Angeles’ downtown arts district, the self-proclaimed “open collaborative think tank of design” has created some of the most stunning environmental and visual art installations to grace the best coast. The collective is the brains behind this past Coachella’s ‘Through the Cattails’ massive illuminated light sculpture, Burning Man’s ‘Crystalline Centrum’, and a long list of equally inventive and all-around awe-inspiring architectural installations. Next project on their list? Sitting down with the LAC team and entertaining our seriously ridiculous questions.





So, what’s up? Nothing much, just prepping for a long year of work.

Can we get you something to drink? Sure, a redeye with a side of expresso.

Aphidoidea? What’s up with the name? We work collectively like a colony, plus we love tomatoes and hate ladybugs.

Coachella or Burning Man? A walk in the park or sand in everything? At least at Burningman you don’t get any tanlines. If you know what I mean…

Rock, paper, or scissors? Rock beats everything, whoever tells you otherwise if full of shit.

Do anything last night? Coming up with drawings for a piece we are submitting, exciting stuff.

How late did you stay up? Usually as late as it takes, but last night it was probably around 3ish. Long nights are part of the game.

Meals or snacks? Meals. AYCE KBBQ.

Your craziest installation to date? Burning Man 2012 had some of the harshest weather and dust storms, it was lovingly referred by some as Burnapocalypse 2012. So, being in the middle of the Playa in a whiteout trying to hold up our project from the winds was pretty crazy.

Who would you invite to your fantasy gallery opening? Jabba the Hutt, as long as we don’t get thrown in the rancor pit.

If life could resemble any film… It would be PRIMER meets BRAZIL meets JURASSIC PARK meets THE NOTEBOOK meets GREASE ends with HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN.

Who would you commission to create your portrait? Any one of those caricature portrait artists on the Santa Monica Pier. Gotta support the budding artists.

Your favorite hiding spot in LA? A long night at King Eddie’s Saloon followed by post last-call Chinese at Won-Kok in Chinatown.

Blue or black ink? Black, darker the ink, the deeper the hue…

An art project you most regret? We got stranded in the middle of the Yuma desert at night on some sand dunes for a lame independent movie prop. We ended up having to get picked up by a relative who lived in Calexico. Never a dull day.

Ever sit down in the shower? No, but now that you mention it, it actually sounds kind of cool. I guess it’s like taking a bath without brewing in your own dirty stew.

When was the last time you really froke out at someone? WTF is froke! Froke you! Lol. No, seriously, WTF is froke.

What was the first thing you said aloud this morning?  Coffee. Now.

Are you listening to music right now? Whatever Pandora thinks I like at the moment.

Your dream project? Anti-gravity museum.

If we gave you $50, what would you buy? With 5 of us @ $10 bucks each we would get the following: Cocoa Krispies & milk, beach ball & Tapatio hot sauce, a case of Monster energy drinks, a six-pack, and a bottle of cake flavored vodka.

Last 3 google searches? 16 gauge shear press nibbler, Camp Bisco, Froke.

Where can we catch your next installation? On the beach at Santa Monica’s GLOW event in September.

What are you doing later? Working on a scale model for a public art project in Colorado.

Can we come? Don’t know, do you get your hands dirty?

See all of Aphidoidea’s latest work here


untitled shoot-0056

For many men, a haircut is simply a routine process. Get in car, go to local barber, pay $30 and leave with a cut that’s satisfactory but not exactly in line with your idea of dashing-young-gentleman. Proper Barbershop Founder Vinnie Morey is trying to change that. Having his start cutting hair in female centered salons around the world, Morey made the switch to the classic art of barbering, and has never looked back.

At 23, Morey, along with business partner Trent Magnano, opened the doors of Proper approximately 9 years ago, all with the goal of creating an a classic barbershop atmosphere where a great cut could be had. Centering their business around “period correct” mens cuts from the 1920’s and onward, they have been cutting the locks of everyone from the normal joe to Hollywood celebrity. Morey looks at his work as both a tradition and an art, all while paying homage to the history that follows the craft.

“All we really hope to do here–not by our look or the way we dress, but by our haircuts and our work–we hope to pay homage to barbering.”

Morey and Magnano have certainly paid homage to classic barbering with Proper, but with a touch of flair that they attribute to punk, skate culture. While the shop’s chairs are like those you’d find in an old-school barbershop, the surrounding mirrors, booths and walls are filled with tattoo flash, skateboard decks, and custom-made pieces by local artists-slash-customers, alongside vintage barbershop memorabilia.

untitled shoot-0070

“A lot of us are just normal punk rock dudes. We ride motorcycles, we grew up skating and going to shows, and we aren’t going to change that because we cut hair.”

Proper’s mix of old-school dapperness and modern-day punk sensibilities is clearly an equation for success. And other brands have taken notice, with successful collaborations from brands Rebel 8 and Filtrate Eyewear resulting in custom shop towels, t-shirts, sunglasses and beyond.  The Rebel 8 collaboration was one in particular that struck the Proper’s humble owners. “My business partner and I have been fans of [Rebel 8] for so long, that for us to now get the opportunity to actually do a shirt with them is kind of a dream come true.”

Still, with all their success, Proper claims to stay true to its community-valuing roots. The shop’s employees have come from paths as varied as long-term friendships and clients who were so interested that they started as shop assistants and worked their way up. There’s a certain camaraderie within the shop, where guests face each other, rather than a mirror, and we have a hunch it’s this that really elevates Proper from being a trendy barbershop to being a Class-A destination.

untitled shoot-0079

So, what are you waiting for? Mention LA CANVAS during your next cut (first or 100th, whichever it may be) by Vinnie and the Proper crew and receive it all for $20.00. We think that’s a pretty stellar deal.

Get in touch with them here.




Downtown Angelenos are more than familiar with the oft-unpleasant sights and sounds from “man’s best friend.” Luckily, Manchester-based online retailer Togs + Clogs remind us that the furry creatures can be cute, too, at least in paper form. Their latest lookbook features the creative stand-in, “Gerald,” an adorable paper-crafted dog. The quirkily patterned creature was hatched by the creative minds at Lazerian and is the perfect companion for Manchester’s lookbook campaign of floral prints and casual prep. If only the prepsters in our high schools were so well-dressed. 

Photographer: Tom Cockram
Styling: John-Paul Cassidy








UniqueLA’s spring show was this past weekend, a gathering of the best craft vendors in the city. You shouldn’t have missed it, but if you did, here’s a recap of artists and designers that stood out for great use of color, material, technique, or just having that je ne sais quoi. If you loved their work as much as we did, click each artist link to learn more about them or shop their wares.

BEST USE OF LASERS: [un]possible cuts
Laser cutting/engraving is the new big thing. We’re calling it now. While there were a few vendors with laser cut acrylic necklaces, [un]possible cuts took the technique and ran with it. They came up with a huge selection of cute and clever earrings, rings, pins, necklaces, and even clocks. Whether your flavor is cutesy or geeky, chances are, they had something you’d want to take home.


Aside from being a really nice and cool looking dude, Dan Bob Thompson also used to work for Disney and Cartoon Network. He’s got big design chops, and his playful prints reflect that. Just look at his command of color.


BEST WAY TO RECLAIM YOUTH: Tattly temporary Tattoos
Everyone loves a comeback story. Tattly is bringing back every kid’s favorite accessory: the temporary tattoo. Irreverent without being cheesy, Tattly curated great collections of bright, durable, and trend-conscious tattoos. How great are those friendship bracelets?



I love Freddy Rojas. He’s a hustler, and can be found working it at every craft fair, art walk, and sidewalk sale in LA. He also happens to design what consistently remains one of my favorite collections. Rojas stays on the forefront of style, while staying true to the Chicano flavor of Los Angeles.


If bustiers as tops aren’t your thing, or if Zooey Deschanel is your spirit animal, Fleet Collection might be for you. This adorable collection of dresses stood out because of it’s smartly limited but carefully selected color palette. Mint, mustard, navy, coral. All great. All there.


EJH started with their beautifully detailed animal prints, and extended that to pillows (which happen to be made of hemp, cotton, and hypoallergenic down alternative), stationery, and two delicious-smelling coconut wax candle lines. Check out that living sign. Beautiful.



Tell me those KOKOCANDLES don’t look good enough to eat. Well, except for the poop. But it comes with it’s own portable turf and that is too adorable to not love even if you don’t want to eat it. And that “pineapple” from Recycculents is full of good choices. But what really kills me? Recycculent’s cactus made of succulents. Perfect.




Flea Market Girl is another booth that pops up pretty often around LA, and I can’t help but stop and look through all their necklaces. At only $5 a pop, why not pick up a cute or ridiculous necklace. I wish I knew where they got their charms, because their selection is amazing. Treat yourself, and don’t look back. It’s only $5, why not?



THE GATSBY HOOK-UP: The Feathered Head
Of course you’re going to a Gatsby party. Of course. And you’re going to look fabulous. And The Feathered Head can help. Just look at all the salvaged and repurposed vintage treasures that are now one-of-a-kind pieces waiting to sit on your pretty head. Those feathers’ colors? Unbelievable. And that gem covered grasshopper? The best.




FOR THE BLACK THUMB: blooms in the air
I’ve killed three air plants. All they (allegedly) need is air, but they’re dead. If you can relate, blooms in the air has something beautiful for you that won’t die. From peonies to terrariums, BiTA’s stunning hand crafted paper plants will have you swooning.


Who doesn’t like sticking it to the man? How about doing something to improve the world? Greenaid Seedbomb is the answer. Check out their “menu” for what you can grow.



Missed the Spring show?  Don’t worry, there are two more shows this year!

The Summer Show will hit Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar on July 13+14
The Holiday Show will be at California Market Center December 7+8

For more info, head to UniqueLA’s website here.


Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the LA-based designers behind fashion powerhouse Rodarte, have consistently charmed fashion audiences since they first debuted their collection at NYFW in 2005. The self-taught sister duo are known for their intricate avant-garde collections which often come with quirky backstories. The theme for their SS13 collection, for example, is “medieval and fantasy role-playing games.” This theme is manifested beautifully in the bold patterns and geometric structures of the collection, solidifying Rodarte’s reputation for “couture armor”. See below for some of our picks from the collection.


Rodarte SS13 (2)


Melody Ehsani, worn by the likes of Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, and Amber Rose, has teamed up with the out there and in-your-face designer, Jeremy Scott. The collection, released just a couple of days ago, delivers an array of necklaces, rings, and earrings, all in a classic gold tone. In addition, each piece is plated with either “Jeremy” spelled out in Arabic or an M16 rifle. Perfect for anyone who wants to feel like they just stepped out of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” music video.

Get yours online or at the Melody Ehsani store located on 424 1/2 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

Supreme x Misfits: Spring/Summer 2013

Supreme, known as a forerunner in the street wear industry and for its numerous collaborations, recently teamed up with the Misfits, the infamous horror-punk band for a clothing collaboration. The much anticipated Supreme x Misfits capsule collection finally dropped yesterday, delivering the Supreme staples of well-fitting tees, button-ups, sweatshirts, coats, and hats, adorned with the Misfits’ creepy-but-iconic skull motif, and the infamous Barbara Kruger-inspired Supreme logo.

The new collection can be copped online or in-store at any Supreme branch.



Style aficionados and fashion industry movers-and-shakers made their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas this past week to attend the foremost fashion trade show, PROJECT.

Fighting hangovers, and with our money and personal dignity miraculously intact,  the LA CANVAS crew found themselves ready to conquer the aisles and bring to you some of our hand-picked favorites.

Publish Brand

camojoggers IMG_5960

Publish Brand’s jogger pants are the perfect mix of casual and class. The unique camo print shown is just one example of Publish’s attention to detail, also seen in their house-made hats.


tavik2 tavik1

The discerning eyes of the folks behind Tavik bring us chic swimwear and clothing with beautifully patterned materials. 

Royal Elastics 

IMG_5964 IMG_5959

The anti-shoelace company collaborated with the ladies at LOVE+MADE, and the results are darling.





Hex continually makes transporting and storing our laptops and iPods sexy. Pictured here is their collection with graffiti legend Eric Haze.


Maui & Sons


Who said beach bums have to sacrifice their personal flair? Maui & Sons makes gear for the active person who wants to do it all in style.


3rd & Army


3rd & Army do denim right with great fits and well-cut plaid and patterned shirts.


Dr Martens

IMG_5962 IMG_5963

Did you know that 80% of Doc Martens’ customers 50 years ago were housewives? Today the Doc’s shoes are as stylish as ever with the iconic brand taking on fun materials like hot pink and glossy patent leather oxfords.



Keith Haring X Joyrich Collaboration sweater; classic illustration and tribute to the late and great artist.




When I was a freshman in college, my girlfriend of two years decided to break up with me on a day reserved specifically for love.

That’s right, I got dumped on Valentine’s Day. Sure I was depressed and heartbroken. And just like sipping orange juice after brushing your teeth, Valentine’s Day quickly left a bitter taste on my pallet. However, I took hold of the situation and did what every other red blooded American male would have done.

I cashed in my student loan checks and blew it all. Not on beer, not on strippers, and not on video games. I spent all my money on clothes. Fancy, high end, make me feel good clothes. I did some major shopping and I discovered how quick retail therapy made me forget about my Valentine’s day break-up.

Retail therapy helped me ease the painful grips of heartache, and with my new style, I even gained a massive confidence to talk to pretty girls at parties. Sure I was broke and hungry for the next six months, but damn it, I looked fabulous! And that folks is really all that matters. 

So, if you find yourself alone in the wake of Valentine’s day, there’s no need to drown in your sorrows. There is a life raft, and it’s made of beautiful clothes. But if you don’t know where to begin, or your style just needs a little help, then we’re here to assist.

We visited some of the hottest shops and boutiques in LA to bring to you some of the style therapists that can assist you during your retail therapy sessions. We’re showcasing just a little taste of their personal style in their work environment. So whether your style is wild, edgy, conservative or free, we have a therapist for you. We even have a hair stylist in the mix. So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we present to you, the Style Therapists.



03essensuals03    03essensuals01


Jeffrey Tilton
Technical Art Director

Essensuals London
8126 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles CA 90046

08wildstyle01  08wildstyle02b


Kelly Merlo

Niklos Rosales


Wild Style

7703 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles CA




Jeremy Brown
Store Manager

Joy Rich
7700 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles CA 90046




Kelly Rae Carroll
Social Media and stylist

8209 W 3rd St. West Hollywood CA 90048




Anastasia Thomas
Stylist and visual director

8500 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90048




Tamira Wells
In House Stylist

Diesel Black Gold
8401 Melrose Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90069




Alana Lobit

No. A
374 E. 2nd St. Los Angeles CA 90012
[email protected]


01buttons&bows01  01buttons&bows02

(from left to right)

Monique Aquino
Shop Owner/Creative Director

Karen Marley
Shop Owner/Creative Director

Leah Bickel
Shop Manager/Marketing


Buttons & Bows

111 W 7th St Los Angeles, CA 90014



02diesel black gold




It’s almost time for the most beloved (or dreaded) Hallmark holiday of the year, so we’ve compiled three looks to suit any February 14th perspective. Make this an inspiration board for what to wear to all your cutesy (or anti-love) festivities.


The Romantic

For the girl who actually has semi-regular plans (i.e. dinner and the Flux Screenings at the Hammer) and is actually excited to get out with her love interest (It’s ok to admit it!) this look is just literal enough to make Valentine’s Day feel slightly different than the other date nights.


The Realist


For the girl who is not in the mood to accessorize with heart  and floral prints, yet wants to do something besides stay in and watch another season of Parks and Recreation, we have a more classic outfit for any activity you have planned. This is perfect for a show (EELS are playing The Observatory and Dead Meadow is headlining at The Troubadour) or just grabbing a bite at less romantic locations (i.e. that hole-in-the-wall spot you’ve been wanting to try.)


The Cynic

If you’re going out despite your disinterest in all things Valentine, you’ll be battling against hoards of couples invading every popular hot-spot. In which case a military jacket and combat boots are your ideal uniform. Whether you are attending an Anti-Valentine’s Day party or staying in to avoid the cheesy decor most dining establishments will be donning for the night, this look will ensure you an unromantic evening.


Have you ever wondered where you could get five plastic fetuses? What about an illustration of Steve Buscemi as an earth worm? Etsy, known for all its cutesy and crafty charm, has more to offer you than meets the eye. We rounded up some of the most disturbing (and hilarious) finds to bring you the creepiest stuff you can buy on Etsy.



5 Creepy Rubber Fetuses, Pink

At a standard rate of $15.50 you can own five rubber fetuses, which the seller insures are “very squeezable,” in case that was a concern.


Kim Kardashian Crying Face iPhone Case Cover

Who wouldn’t want Kim Kardishian’s crying face on their cell? It saves you the time of rewinding your DVR just to rewatch her freak out on Lord Disick… I mean Scott.



Magic Unicorn Bacon

According to the seller of this glorious meat product, you can actually buy “magical unicorn bacon.” Is it just me or were you at least expecting some type of rainbow food coloring to be involved with that title?


Creepy Gourd Wall Street Businessman Print

This frightening image is sure to warm up your studio apartment. Who doesn’t love a dried-out squash portraying the true essence of corporate America?


Steve Buscemi As An Earth Worm

This simply titled piece might haunt it’s recipient in their sleep, but the seller thinks it would be fantastic as a “Get Well Soon” card. Nothing says “feel better” like Buscemi’s face on a spineless organism.


Intestines In A Jar Necklace

Trying to avoid talking to anyone at your next social gathering? Wear this lovely vile filled with intestine shaped clay. More of a brain or heart in a jar type of gal? The seller says they’re coming soon!!



Oops – The Dog Did it – Poop Soap

Forget that boutique soap bar that smells like lemon verbena. This feces-shaped soap is scentless, and ready to sanitize your hands. The seller promises that it will be sent in attractive packaging. Perfect for gifting!


 Cat Nip Toys Shaped As Sperm

For $8.00 your feline companion can enjoy one 100% organic cat nip toy that is sure to creep out you and everyone else that comes to your home.


 Cashmere Undies

This fabulous find promises to keep you warm, while still ensuring breathability. At $48.00, I don’t think you could ask for more.





Vampire fangs and spinal bones and two-headed bunnies and disembodied hands and weird little dinosaurs….

This is the ambient paraphernalia of VERAMEATs bizarre dream world (and the stuff nightmares induced by falling-asleep to Little Nemo are made of).

VERAMEAT started in NYC when designer Vera Balyura (an ex-model originally from the Ukraine) started making strange little charms for herself. Shortly thereafter, she took her pieces out on the flea-market circuit before finally setting up shop in the East Village. Hand-crafted from recycled silver and gold brass, the sculptural pieces never tarnish and fall in that price point sweet-spot of $50 – $300.

Last month, Vera & co brought the collection of fine contemporary heirlooms to a neat little storefront across the street from Chin Chin on Beverly Hills Boulevard. We dropped into the new boutique this past Saturday to snap some photos and snag some flair, spending the better part of an hour ogling the whimsical displays of delicate metal creatures dangling from creepy objects.

Because we grew up on Pokemon and can’t help but want to catch them all.



hand verameatwindow2 boxes verameatwindow wall wall2  inside necklaces

189  S Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90212
Open : Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm


This past Saturday we ventured to the fashion district to check out Nicholas Bowes‘ new DTLA boutique and Holiday Party. Upon entering, we were greeted with a glass of wine and a southwestern-inspired interior, including various cattle skulls, reclaimed wood furniture pieces, and lovely leather apparel. Simply put, we felt right at home. If you’re looking for custom, LA-Made quality clothing and footwear, this is the place. Nicholas Bowes, an Australian-born designer now based in LA, has raised the bar for the ubiquitious essentials that every LA resident needs; we’re talking next-level leather jackets, comfy basic tees and rugged lace-up boots. Take a look with your own eyes and head down to Spring and 8th St in DTLA…


For more info: http://www.nicholasbowes.com/
More photos from the event can be found on our Facebook: http://facebook.com/LACANVASmag

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