[dropcap letter=”T”]here are plenty of reasons to be in a state of overwhelming bliss this summer: LAC Dive Club Sessions, the LA Kings’ epic win, and finally (possibly the most exciting of all)— Independence day falling on a Friday this year. Dionysus owed us for the Monday #fail that was St. Patrick’s Day, and we couldn’t be more primed to party within the generous boundaries of the americana color scheme.

So let the nationalistic overkill and overzealous declarations of patriotism commence. The Brits may find our holiday overbearing, but they’re debatably irrelevant these days. On this side of the pond, we are nothing if not enthusiastic when it comes to thematic nostalgia.

We know fireworks are hard to come by without the right connections, but luckily our city has no shortage of public spectating options.  And if you don’t get an tremendous feeling of patriotic vigor when you see the glitter of the fireworks reflected on the face of a child—you are presumably dead inside.

That said, let’s talk 4th of July looks, shall we? It’s America’s birthday, and this country was founded on the premise of freedom and an unwavering devotion to costume. So, in honor of the 17 days it took Thomas Jefferson to draft the Declaration of Independence— we brought together 17 red, white, and blue threads for an all-out auspicious ensemble.





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ice cream | slider

The first ever BAY STREET BAZAAR was all kinds of fun this past Saturday, mostly because it gave us an excuse to hang out with all of our best pals and (not) share a Jarritos ice cream float.  Our friends at Koshka co-hosted the downtown shopping party and had a pretty bangin’ set-up stacked with über-cute pieces from recent collections, but we’re not here to play favorites.


koshka booth


koshka booth inside


Who can forget the dope-ness brought by Hellz Bellz, Love+Made, Miss Wax, See You Monday, and that epic Bart Simpson denim shirt from 90s Lullaby. There was not a chip in sight, thanks to manicures by Scratch, and even more beautification was taking place with help from Root Beauty.


90s lullaby




The dudes at UPXUNDR were killing it with their take on modern street wear, along with Undefeated, Stussy, GPPR and Us Versus Them. The shopping experience was rounded out with hats from Goorin Bros., who have been providing people with high-quality headwear since 1895.



goorin bros


Outside, The Flower Truck brought color to the already vibrant refreshment lounge where Jarritos was slinging soda floats to the sweet-deprived. Satisfied shoppers hung out and watched live art by Paige Smith along with other installations by local artists Gregory Siff and Tyler Spangler.


the flower truck


jarritos float


PBR helped populate the beer garden and made sure the beer pong games never ran dry. All of this while‘s DJs spun just the right vibe to focus our attention on the task at hand: SHOPPING.


pbr 4evr

beer pong

Want more photos from the BAY STREET BAZAAR? Check out our Facebook page for more photos, plus upcoming LAC events you won’t want to miss.