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Summer is ending and we know you spent all your money on a good time (re: alcohol). Lucky for you, your alcoholic beverages are giving back. Stella Rosa wine is giving you the opportunity to be a part of their first ever contest in order to win back some of that quickly dispersed cash and then some, $2,500 to be exact.

Before anything, open up that Instagram app – we know it is first on your recently used list because you check it every 5 minutes – we’re guilty of this too, don’t worry.

Then, snap a funky, cool pick of your Stella Rosa bottle and BE CREATIVE! Get your friend in the pic or revisit that scenic picnic spot you went to last weekend with your favorite Stella flavor in hand. Or, do something way more creative than anything we could think of, we know you got it in you.

Next, bust out those hashtags we all love so much and #stellasummer

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Now, you are entered in the contest. But, you aren’t quite finished yet.
Your photo will then be put on the Stella Rosa Facebook page where you can share the image with your friends and get them to vote. The winner will be picked on October 1st.

To truly get started, visit: 

Let the stellabrating commence and check out the video below for more details.

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