The saying is, “work hard, play hard,” and here at LA CANVAS boy, do we breathe that mantra.

This past Tuesday, we were back at it again at Palihouse with another kick-ass event in our Fashion Issue Release Party, getting down with LA’s most glam, gorgeous and fashionable inhabitants. With So Super SamShiva and DOOMZ  on the decks and Red Bull to provide the cocktails, the party was quick to swell and get down and dirty on the dance floor.

And if you weren’t on the dance floor, there were many other happenings throughout the night including a fashion installation where Love Nail Tree, 7 Diamonds and Koshka featured some of their signature looks for guests to bid on, benefitting the Downtown Women’s Center. Giving back to the community with a drink in hand, why didn’t we think of that sooner?

The fun didn’t end there though. With sweet goodies provided by Element Eden, TRI-ANTLER, Publish Brand, Filtrate EyewearNapoleon’s Macarons, Paisley Sockwear and Good hYOUman – just to name a few – a DIY denim bar by !TEM and an interactive photobooth by Tommy B, the night was jumpin’ from the get-go and the entire LA CANVAS crew couldn’t be more grateful to those that came out to share it with us. We wouldn’t want to celebrate our new baby in any other fashion than with some good drinks, good music and good company, especially when its with great folks like yourselves.

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LA CANVAS hit up the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach this past week, and now we can’t shake the feeling that we need an entirely new wardrobe for fall. Connection? Maybe. Agenda is like stepping into a world where everyone is really cool-looking and wants to hand you their business card. Well, there are worse ways to spend an afternoon. As we made our way through the varying aisles of the latest in streetwear, we caught up with some of our old favorites, along with our most anticipated up-and-comers in the game.

Check out some of our highlights from the tradeshow.





Publish designer holding their signature Jogger Pants.



Creative Recreation has been using a lot of pony hair this season with their own line and their upcoming collaboration with Barney’s (left).



Rhythm‘s soft and wearable board shorts with a giant orange.



Reebok always gives us what we want: old school, but never boring.



Zanerobe shows some LAC love while we can’t stop thinking about those perfectly tailored sweatshirts.


This year Agenda previewed their first ever women’s collective — aptly named Agenda WMNS — which seems a little overdue, but I guess we’ll let it slide. Now, the ladies in the industry have a place beyond the sea of printed board shorts and scantily-clad women used as marketing tools (we’re not bitter . . . ).



It was matchy-matchy over at Mink Pink, a perfect summer vibe.



It was poppin’ at Hellz Bellz, and we know it’s because their collection is exactly what women want to wear.



YRU is bringing it with their platforms in just about every style and color you can think of. Props.



Tavik‘s women’s swimwear is all about neoprene and mesh and we’re not mad about it.


All-in-all, it was a successful couple of days at the Agenda Tradeshow and we can’t wait to see what’s next for these labels. Not pictured/honorable mention: the mini horse dressed as a unicorn next to the food trucks.


Featured Image: Tommy Brockert for Tommy B Photography.


It’s been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The idiom has inspired and provoked the human condition for centuries. Holy Carter aka Jay-Z even wrote a song about it. We at LA CANVAS chose to entertain this dichotomy by pairing two emerging LA-based stylists and icons growing in fashion scene against each other.  The street-chic sensibility and fireball energy of Ann Marie Hoang paired with the artistic, grunge-prep, lady-killer vibes of Justin Barco makes for a perfect match-up. In honor of PUBLISH BRAND‘s 2013 release, we pulled in the Jogger Pants and some of our favorites.

LAC: First question is where did you get your start?

Ann Marie: My Uncle, Hau Nguyen, owner of Duc Duc Salon in Torrance taught me good work ethic. My hustle was recognized by Aban Sonia, Boss lady at Art.

Justin Barco : I started off modeling, and my style caught on to people so I just made the best of what I could and the things I knew and started developing my own brand/career from there.




LAC: Both of you guys like to flirt with androgyny in your personal style. Explain why. 

JB: In my case as a male I feel that  one should be a balance between both masculinity and femininity and I mean that with out a sexual connotation but to understand our type of being and taste of culture. I look for art in all elements so to me it’s show casing pieces I’ve collected through time.

AM: I flirt with everything fashion related. I don’t discriminate, but I like the dichotomy of mixing feminine and masculine pieces together. That’s the luxury of being a lady, we can pull off anything.

LAC: So, Ann Marie, why wardrobe styling?

AM: Style can change your entire mood. It can make you feel like a badass, or sexy, or whimsical, etc. I like to translate these feelings to my audience. Aside from editorial work, I chose to style individuals because I believe that everyone has style. I like to maximize the potential inner-badass in each individual that I work with. I love to see my clients discover who they really are stylistically. It is the most rewarding part of what I do.




LAC: Justin, I’m interested as to know how optimistic are you about your future in fashion?

JB: I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities, and have been in settings that I never imagined to be, so I’m looking forward to what is in store for me in the arts. I’m very optimistic.

LAC: Educate us on the LA “indie” fashion scene?

AM: Well LA is a melting pot of a lot of different sub cultures within the city. We have WEHO where folks tend to be more avant-garde, Beverly Hills where folks are more classic casual, Downtown’s where folks tend to be more fashion-forward, then we have Venice where folks are more boho. That’s what I love about LA’s  indie fashion scene–you can be transported to a whole different world by driving 10 mins.

JB: Personally, don’t like it, I feel its too saturated and corporations made it a bit cheesy.

LAC: I have this amour with cliche questions. Ok. Where do you think you’ll be in 3 years?

AM: In 3 years I see myself traveling more to expand my own personal taste in style.

JB: Lol- Ah man ha,  it’s a hard to say but I’m working on it, definitely somewhere beautiful. I’ll make sure to get back to this question in 3 years.


“I’m on that red wine, shorty likes white. Same shit different toilet, we both getting nice”
– Jay-Z “Venus vs. Mars” 

Photographer: Mark Wales


While LAFW seems like an underground affair compared to New York, Paris, London, and Milan, there are still some brands that come out to show the best of what LA has to offer. Feel like you’re not in the fashion know? LA CANVAS has you covered with some events and shows that can’t be missed.


Brigade LA is a Downtown boutique with feminine yet edgy vibes (something we can definitely appreciate.) Attend their Ready At Retail fashion show March 12th to see what they can offer for spring and summer. Don’t forget to pick up your coupon at the show for their huge winter sale going on through the two days following the show.



SkingraftAndroid Homme and FourTwoFour Fairfax host their celebration of the style overload by popping open some Hennessy and dancing it out at The Standard Hollywood. The late night event will be held March 13th. RSVP by sending first and last names to [email protected].




The Well, a stylish haven for all that is on point is celebrating this fashion week with a preview of Spring 2013 collections from UNIF, Clover Canyon, Again, Publish Brand and many more. Come out on March 15th for complimentary beverages and snacks, as well as a sneak peak at all the clothes you’ll be wanting to wear in the warmer weather.



Zalez Studio, the editorial art mavens, present their Fall 2013 collection sure to feature the outlandish and trippy designs we’ve come to love. The event premiering their fresh and modern aesthetic will take place on March 16th.




Cant get to these events, or currently cutting back on the fashion budget? We feel you. Wasteland, the holy grail for vintage and rad brands, is hosting a sample sale March 16th. Music, food, and booze will be provided. Heaven is a place on earth?




Style aficionados and fashion industry movers-and-shakers made their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas this past week to attend the foremost fashion trade show, PROJECT.

Fighting hangovers, and with our money and personal dignity miraculously intact,  the LA CANVAS crew found themselves ready to conquer the aisles and bring to you some of our hand-picked favorites.

Publish Brand

camojoggers IMG_5960

Publish Brand’s jogger pants are the perfect mix of casual and class. The unique camo print shown is just one example of Publish’s attention to detail, also seen in their house-made hats.


tavik2 tavik1

The discerning eyes of the folks behind Tavik bring us chic swimwear and clothing with beautifully patterned materials. 

Royal Elastics 

IMG_5964 IMG_5959

The anti-shoelace company collaborated with the ladies at LOVE+MADE, and the results are darling.





Hex continually makes transporting and storing our laptops and iPods sexy. Pictured here is their collection with graffiti legend Eric Haze.


Maui & Sons


Who said beach bums have to sacrifice their personal flair? Maui & Sons makes gear for the active person who wants to do it all in style.


3rd & Army


3rd & Army do denim right with great fits and well-cut plaid and patterned shirts.


Dr Martens

IMG_5962 IMG_5963

Did you know that 80% of Doc Martens’ customers 50 years ago were housewives? Today the Doc’s shoes are as stylish as ever with the iconic brand taking on fun materials like hot pink and glossy patent leather oxfords.



Keith Haring X Joyrich Collaboration sweater; classic illustration and tribute to the late and great artist.