We know who our Summer crushes are. Saturday was a magical time for Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora fans. The pop stars took the stage for a free secret concert for fans presented by Pandora at the Santa Monica Pier. The artists each played sets featuring their biggest hits and seriously blew us away with their performances. Rita Ora took the stage first in a Moschino bandana-printed outfit and a blue-dyed ponytail singing some of her best hits such as “R.I.P.” and “How We Do (Party)”. After, the girl of the summer season, Iggy Azalea, came out in pink and yellow sports gear reppin’ her album, ‘The New Classic’. The Australian rapper gave us the performances of a lifetime performing hits including “Fancy” and  “Work”. It was definitely a night to remember. #yas



What better way to prepare for the video release of ‘Black Widow’, Iggy and Rita’s new single. The pair will also be performing at the 2014 VMAs on August 24th. Can’t wait, can you?


Sonos And Pandora Present "An Evening With Charli XCX"

[dropcap letter=”W”]HAT. A. PERFORMANCE. As Sonos Studio + Pandora executed a stellar, intimate concert this past Tuesday at the hippest LA venue, Charli XCX (she’s oh so good) stood front and center only to rock our socks off. “C’mon LA, you gotta fuckin’ give me some more!” teared through her mic as her #longhairdontcare swooshed from right to left – how do you like that, Azalea Banks, huh?

We were also front and center. Although we had to duck and dive from the swaying smart phones held up high to try to solidify each moment on an Instagram capture, we were too blasted with inspiration by the Londonite’s vocals, confidence and oh-my-STAGE PRESENCE. This banger has one long career ahead of her and the female band supporting her should have no problem riding that train too. When she belted Black Roses & gave I Want Candy a heckuva new twist, the ground shook with enthusiasm as crowd danced danced danced.

Have a look-see at some snippets from the intimate, hard rocking (WILD!) show: