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The first ever BAY STREET BAZAAR was all kinds of fun this past Saturday, mostly because it gave us an excuse to hang out with all of our best pals and (not) share a Jarritos ice cream float.  Our friends at Koshka co-hosted the downtown shopping party and had a pretty bangin’ set-up stacked with über-cute pieces from recent collections, but we’re not here to play favorites.


koshka booth


koshka booth inside


Who can forget the dope-ness brought by Hellz Bellz, Love+Made, Miss Wax, See You Monday, and that epic Bart Simpson denim shirt from 90s Lullaby. There was not a chip in sight, thanks to manicures by Scratch, and even more beautification was taking place with help from Root Beauty.


90s lullaby




The dudes at UPXUNDR were killing it with their take on modern street wear, along with Undefeated, Stussy, GPPR and Us Versus Them. The shopping experience was rounded out with hats from Goorin Bros., who have been providing people with high-quality headwear since 1895.



goorin bros


Outside, The Flower Truck brought color to the already vibrant refreshment lounge where Jarritos was slinging soda floats to the sweet-deprived. Satisfied shoppers hung out and watched live art by Paige Smith along with other installations by local artists Gregory Siff and Tyler Spangler.


the flower truck


jarritos float


PBR helped populate the beer garden and made sure the beer pong games never ran dry. All of this while‘s DJs spun just the right vibe to focus our attention on the task at hand: SHOPPING.


pbr 4evr

beer pong

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Street artist, graphic designer, and all things in between, Paige Smith has been busy beautifying dingy corners and dilapidated sidewalks with her “Geodes” project. Since its conception in 2011, her geodes have traveled the world, popping up in the strangest of places. (LAC writer Ross Gardiner just stashed some in his suitcase en route to his hometown of Ballachulish, Scotland. Ever heard of it? Neither had we. Where on earth do we find these characters?)

We sat down with Smith to pick her brain and find out what she’s up to next. (for a more in depth look into Smith’s work, be sure to check out her artist feature in our newest issue here)


geode_5.2 (1)

So, what’s up?

Busy making glittering minerals before my trip to Bali this month.

Can we get you something to drink?

Whisky please.

Do anything last night?

I saw my long lost sister who lives in Australia and wrestles koalas and we got drunk. True story.

How late did you stay up?

I hit the pillow at 4am.

Meals or snacks?

Meals, I really like to eat a lot in one sitting.

Ever gotten caught installing your Geodes?

Not yet. The only person that’s ever asked what I was doing was a homeless woman who stuck to that spot and told everyone that passed by not to touch it.

Where’s the farthest place your Geodes have travelled?

There are some in Amman, Jordan, but a box is on its way to Johannesburg right now.

Who would you invite to your fantasy gallery opening?

Walter Murch

If life could resemble any film…

The Goonies

Who would you commission to create your portrait?

Chuck Close

Your favorite city spot you installed a collection of geodes?

My kind friend that owns the Daily Dose in DTLA keeps letting me install them. I’ve done some great experimenting there.

Blue or black ink?

I don’t care; it really depends on how nicely the pen writes.

An art project/idea you most regret?

I spent a year and months attempting to create an installation that never ever worked. I finally let it go, but it was an awesome lesson.

Ever sit down in the shower?

When I’m hungover.

What was the first thing you said aloud this morning?

I’m hungover…

Are you listening to music right now?

I have “Everything Everything” and “Mother Mother”, on repeat.

Will you text the person you like today?

I do every day. He really can’t shake me.

If we gave you $50, what would you buy?

I’d buy something shiny; probably gold paint.

Last 3 google searches?

Wilson Phillips, Garbage Pail Kids Paige, The Mighty Boosh

What are you doing later?

I’m going to eat cookies on my couch.

Can we come?

Please do, will you bring me cookies?


Learn more about Paige Smith here: