It’s not uncommon that electronic music is characterized as having no soul. But with UK producer and DJ Bonobo, aka Simon Green, the world of electronica is a playground for crafting soulful, mostly-downtempo electronica imbibed with everything from jazz to moody trip-hop. But don’t mistake downtempo for boring. While distinctly independent of the overly-produced and cheesy exaggerations of high-energy, mainstream electronic music, Bonobo’s productions feel kind of cerebral — the kind of music you listen to when seeking an intimate moment in time and space, and perhaps memory.

Moving from earlier productions like the all-instrumental “Animal Magic” LP released in 2000, to 2013’s “The North Borders,” Bonobo’s more recent productions makes use of skittering beats, sub-bass, and a masterful command of melody. Somehow, his productions are tinged with nostalgia and a strange kind of energy, a certain je ne sais quois that makes his music feel distinctly human.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to some of our picks from this talented musician or check him out for yourself at his upcoming live show at the Wiltern on Monday, October 28, 2013. If his past sold-out shows are any indication, you’ll want to pick up tickets quickly.