Red Bull Music Festival makes its way to Los Angeles in 2019

This unique festival will incorporate everything including art, music, film, fashion and video games.

Coming to historic locations throughout Los Angeles, the Red Bull Music Festival will be a month long event that features a number of eclectic installations and musical performances.

Attendees will be able to experience several day and weekend events that showcase some of the city’s extraordinary talent. With the festival series touring several major cities including Tokyo, Chicago, Berlin, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and New York, the brand is excited to extend its reach to California. After experiencing success in Chicago, whose festival concluded Friday night, Red Bull Music Festival’s Creative Director Kristen McElwain believes that the Los Angeles series will be just as impactful and artistic.

“I think the LA festival is going to be unique because we programmed it in different order than the Chicago event,” says Kristen. “This was to make sure we were working with artists that bring a different element to the table — including photography, music and even skateboarding.”

The current lineup for the festival is as follows:

Feb. 7 at the Vibiana: Singer/songwriter San Cha presents a live play and a musical performance of hits from her latest project, Capricho Del Diablo.

Feb. 14 at The Reserve DTLA : Rap duo Rae Sremmurd will perform and will feature special guests that are TBA.

Feb. 16 at The Pink Motel: The skateboard collective Illegal Civilization, will be hosting a day festival which includes film screenings, a community swap meet, a skate bowl and live performances from Tierra Whack, 1TakeJay, Show Me the Body and many more.

Feb. 21: Hip Hop photographer Gunner Stahl will be opening his very first DJ set. Location TBA.

Feb. 22-23 at The Palladium: Swedish pop singer Robyn will performing a two-night show. This will be her first performance since 2010.

Feb. 23-28 : Video gaming company, Rockstar Games, will be showcasing a secret exhibit. More information to be discussed.

Feb. 8 – 25: Red Bull will partner will Center Channel to transform the Ukraine Culture Center into a cinema. The event plans to explore some interesting intersections of music, sound and film.

Each of the different events will have their own separate costs for entry.

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Truth Be Told…

It’s taken me a couple days to get myself geared up to recap this year’s Lightning In a Bottle (LIB). It’s an odd quirk, but there’s just something about the decompression period following a festival of this scale, and the value of mentally cataloging these experiences.

This past Memorial Day weekend was one of the most all-encompassing festival experiences I’ve had. Thinking back, it’s been three solid years since the last time I attended my last LIB (with all the natural life baggage that comes with). And while attending as an older, snarkier blogger may have affected my experience in some ways, I’ve also learned to appreciate some new, previously overlooked aspects of the LIB experience that really resonated with me this time around.