Cruising west on Olympic, it’s pretty easy to drive right past culinary gem, Tapenade. It’s unassuming refectory nestled in the Olympic Collection plaza was admittedly hard to track down even with our updated version of Google Maps, but alas, we spotted the location by process of elimination and scored some free street parking (after 3p, yep, 3) that had us strolling into the well-lit lounge with a satisfied and confident skip in our step.


ORIGINAL Brussels Sprouts small ITALIAN Brussel Sprouts2 small MEDITERRANEAN Brussel Sprouts small THAI Brussel Sprouts small

L-R: Original, Italian, Mediterranean, and Thai Brussels Sprouts

Chef Ressul Rassallat opened his first restaurant on the Westside after 20 years creating elaborate dishes at internationally award winning hotels and restaurants.  Tapenade, which he personally constructed from the open and unique interiors, to the impressive California “Mediterranean influenced” menu with flavors derived from Italy to Morocco.  Tucked away on the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic (“West LA’s Little Japan”), Tapenade is the latest addition to this growing restaurant row of established eateries that step a bit left of traditional Asian cuisine.  Rassallat, a member of the American Culinary Foundation, is known not only for his tremendous expertise in all things gastronomic, but also for his fine palate, outside-the-box fusions and attention to detail. The culinary exhilaration we enjoyed in his recipes kept us blabbing to our friends throughout the long weekend. Brussels Sprouts four different ways? Sure, why not? One time for the Cabernet and champagne flavored sea salt.


Sangria1 small


ProsciuttoManchengoTerrine1 horz small

Prosciutto Manchego Terrine

Lamb Angioletti 1small

Lamb Angioletti

champagneburgundySalts2 small

Burgundy and Champagne Salts