[dropcap letter=”M”]ack Sennet Studios is no longer the ultimate best kept secret. Although the studio was opened ninety-eight years ago (the image above proves that ish!) as one of LA’s first production studios, the new school version of Mack Sennet reopened last year under the helm of giant music producer Jesse Rogg (Banks, Sam Sparro, Adam Lambert) and WOW, what a year can do. This month, the “turn up” team celebrate some major accomplishments in just one year: photo shoots, feature films, commercials, music videos, live theatre, symphonies, symposiums, screenings, runway shows, round table discussions, silent auctions, after parties, dinner events, community events, a carnival and so much more.

We’re stoked to have had the chance to collaborate with MSS as our featured venue for The Noise Issue release party extravaganza earlier this year—and hope there’s WAY more creative opportunities that allows us to floss with their team. Happy Anniversary, Mack Sennett — there’s definitely plenty of #teamworkissues happening at this creative hub and it’s just our speed.