Best Coast gives us that lo-fi, west coast sound we love, again. They may be criticized for sounding the same, always, but you have to admit it is iconic. Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno make us wish we were drinking beers and sitting on the beach enjoying the duo’s company. While the themes of  their Fade Away EP (released earlier this week) sound like downers – heartbreak and not knowing about life or yourself – the perkiness of every guitar chord and simple drum beats make dancing around in a bathing suit seem not so far-fetched in October.

While we don’t want Best Coast to change, on this EP you won’t find mod-podged cutouts of lolcats, the California coast and bud leaves making an appearance – the two have matured, some what. On the title track, “Fade Away” the lyrics are reminiscent of a so-called bullied, country singer we’d rather not name, ending the song with, “sick of you being mean, I didn’t do anything.” On “Who Have I become?” we realize we have no idea who we are, and we hate it – “I want to be somebody else. Sick of myself and how I feel,” ughh, life. Also, those tug-of-war relationships we try to not think about make the list – “you can have me everyday or we can go our separate ways”- in the 2nd track “I Wanna Know.”


While we all may be at the age where a “no fucks given” attitude is said to by now be ingrained into our brains and knowing yourself should be a given, we are mistaken – and Best Coast reminds us of that.  Fade Away is a wonderful contradiction – vulnerable and cheerful at the same time – and, well, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

PS. The EP was entirely produced by the band on Cosentino’s new label, Jewel City. She is definitely doing big girl things, and we applaud her.

Take a listen and pay close attention to tracks 1, 3 and 7 – those are our faves.



In the midst of the neverending search for all things girl-band related, along came Sharkmuffin. They are a little riot grrrl, a little lo-fi, and a whole lot of badass. With song titles like, “Mermaid Sex Slave,” how can you not already tell this band goes hard, and by hard I mean beautifully rough guitar riffs, and passionate vocals that scream and crack – everything you want from a group of noisy pop Brooklyn musicians.

Sadly, the trio is a little far from the west coast, but we were able to get 21 questions answered by Tarra Theisson, the bands singer, before she hopes on a train to the Jersey Shore. Batman sheets were involved, and not fist pumps, fortunately.

So, what’s up? I’m sitting on the stairs at penn station waiting to catch a train to the Jersey Shore to visit my family since it’s my half birthday tomorrow. Half birthdays are very important.

Can we get you something to drink? Yes, please. Last time I was at Penn Station this early I made myself a mimosa but their individual plastic wines are so pricey.

What are you wearing? Black shorts and a sweater with some spikes on it.

Do anything last night? Went to some weird party at the knitting factory, had band practice at midnight and then watched cartoons with my boyfriend.

How late did you stay up? Til Like 4 or 7am.

Meals or snacks? Meals.

 If life could resemble any film… Something in between The Holy Mountain and Almost Famous.

The fashion moment you most regret…Wearing shorts that had a hole right over my butthole and I didn’t realize it.

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party? Courtney Love.


What is your greatest extravagance? Champagne and guitar pedals.

Who’s your biggest fan? My grandma.

Who would you hire to write your theme song? Greer of The Mallard.

Blue or black ink? Black.

Ever sit down in the shower? Yes, back when my bathroom was bigger than a closet.

What’s the story behind your name? A Sharkmuffin is an intelligent young lady who goes after older men without any malicious financial intent. Sort of like the relationship between Audrey Horne and Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks. It also could be a cute woman who is especially good at playing pool at bars.

What was the first thing you said aloud this morning? “Whatever, man…”

Are you listening to music right now? Judy Nylon’s cover of “Jailhouse Rock.”

If we gave you $50, what would you buy? Some records.

Last three google searches…Desert Island Comics hours, surfer dream meaning, Daenerys Targaryen


Craziest road trip/tour story? Our original drummer Drew had quite the temper and when we were in Tennessee driving back from SXSW this passed March one of our tour mates in Haybaby threw a banana peel in the trash can labeled ‘lottery trash,’ at some gas station and a redneck drinking beer behind this gas station at 3pm started yelling at him, so Drew got up in his face and was like “what’re are ya, the sheriff?” and it continued to escalate from there. At one point before we sped off, since the plates on our sprinter van were from Jersey he was screaming shit like “go back to jerzzayy ya punks!” in the best angry drunk southern accent ever.

What are you doing later? Maybe going to a boardwalk psychic and making my mom buy me some new Batman sheets.

Can we come? Yea! The psychic in Asbury Parks’ late grandma told Bruce Springsteen he’d be famous back in the day, so I’m sure she knows her shit.