This Saturday, self-taught slash self-proclaimed vandal turned street artist Benjamin Alejandro hosts his latest art installment at the Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art in none other than Sin City, Las Vegas.

Known for his philosophical and iconographic approach to his art, Benjamin’s newest body of work builds upon the famous mug-shot portrait series that featured the likes of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Lindsay Lohan – simply because of course, you can’t not mention Lindsay Lohan and ‘mug shot’ in the same sentence – and even his own.


Starbucks X Skrillex X Elvis Presley Gun Paul Gonzalez X Benjamin Alejandro

By taking moments of past failures – as exemplified by the mug shots – and transforming them into pieces of art that teeter between disturbing and funny, Benjamin has developed a penchant on taking his concepts and ideas on societal worship of celebrities and flips it in an attempt to reveal to viewers just how obsessed we can be.

His latest body of work, “The trouble is, you think you have time,” Benjamin continues to toy with the idea of taking the celebrity off of the pedestal, to reaffirm that they too are also human, which is easy to forget – hell, we saw Adrian Grenier at Harvard & Stone last week, and he looked pretty human ordering a measly PBR.

Benjamin Working Paul Gonzalez X Benjamin Alejandro

French Fries are Forever Paul Gonzales X Benjamin Alejandro

Elvis Presley Gun  X Amy Winehouse Paul Gonzalez X Benjamin Alejandro

Studio Shot 2 Paul Gonzalez X Benjamin Alejandro Studio Shot Paul Gonzalez Benjamin Alejandro Yin Yang and Cross Canvas Paul Gonzales X Benjamin Alejandro



For you lucky folks that are in Las Vegas anytime between now and January 18 of next year – and you can definitely count us in for a Sin City visit before the year is over – check out Benjamin’s take on his favorite human beings and maybe take a leaf out of his book: “Some of our giant culture icons were and are human and people just like me and you. We are all human and yet quite capable of great level of influence.”

Go get ’em, tiger.



Style aficionados and fashion industry movers-and-shakers made their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas this past week to attend the foremost fashion trade show, PROJECT.

Fighting hangovers, and with our money and personal dignity miraculously intact,  the LA CANVAS crew found themselves ready to conquer the aisles and bring to you some of our hand-picked favorites.

Publish Brand

camojoggers IMG_5960

Publish Brand’s jogger pants are the perfect mix of casual and class. The unique camo print shown is just one example of Publish’s attention to detail, also seen in their house-made hats.


tavik2 tavik1

The discerning eyes of the folks behind Tavik bring us chic swimwear and clothing with beautifully patterned materials. 

Royal Elastics 

IMG_5964 IMG_5959

The anti-shoelace company collaborated with the ladies at LOVE+MADE, and the results are darling.





Hex continually makes transporting and storing our laptops and iPods sexy. Pictured here is their collection with graffiti legend Eric Haze.


Maui & Sons


Who said beach bums have to sacrifice their personal flair? Maui & Sons makes gear for the active person who wants to do it all in style.


3rd & Army


3rd & Army do denim right with great fits and well-cut plaid and patterned shirts.


Dr Martens

IMG_5962 IMG_5963

Did you know that 80% of Doc Martens’ customers 50 years ago were housewives? Today the Doc’s shoes are as stylish as ever with the iconic brand taking on fun materials like hot pink and glossy patent leather oxfords.



Keith Haring X Joyrich Collaboration sweater; classic illustration and tribute to the late and great artist.