There’s something about fashion designers Ashley Jones + Laura Fama. It’s DIMEPIECE. It’s the epitome of TEAMWORK. The Los Angeles based clothing label has been around the block for 7 years, and the progression of female empowerment through the brand’s urban-inspired fashion + accessories has churned a global aesthetic that’s second to none.

As LA CANVAS celebrates all things that go hand in hand to make a dream work, we salute the DimePiece Summer 2014 “Ride My Vibe” collection. Yet more importantly, a feverish interview manifested with lady boss, Ashley Jones — she dishes on what DTLA means for the brand, the advice she would give her designer self ten years ago, and her favorite quote you may be familiar with if you’re down with the DimePiece zest:

LA CANVAS MAGAZINE: What’s the rock behind your explosive fashion label, DimePiece?

ASHLEY JONES: DimePiece has been around for about 7 years now, we have been very fearless + experimental with designing and marketing our brand since the beginning.

LAC: Who’s the female that wears your brand?

AJ: The DimePiece girl is bold, fashionable and always carries strong opinions on various topics. Femininity is key, but she isn’t afraid of embracing her masculinity. She is influenced by music, art and everything creative.

LAC: Congrats on dropping the “Ride My Vibe” collection. Inspo, please!

AJ: Ride my Vibe was a simplistic take on streetwear here in Los Angeles. We wanted to bring a collection that merges popular influences in West Coast Culture with contemporary perspective on womenswear. The collection boasts a wide range of Summer 2014 MUST HA VES. Our favorite piece in the drop has to be our swimsuit immortalized with the image of West Coast’s most recognizable bad boy.

*If you don’t know who she’s talkin’ about, it’s Tupac.

LAC: Any collaborative or LA-based projects in the works we can keep on our radar?

AJ: Tons! We are working on some very special shoe collaborations for our lifestyle brand. We just started our visual DimePiece “State Of Mind” campaigns around the Los Angeles area Fairfax locations. Check them out while your driving. We are constantly working with new ideas + collaborations with international brands and we are planning a big launch party to release our new collection, online store and website. Stay tuned at @dimepiecela and It’s very exciting for our team!


LAC: What would you say to your designer self ten years ago?

AJ: Thats an AWESOME question. First things first — a ton of blood, sweat, and tears will go into your passions if you are consistently driven towards your goals. Always ask questions about apparel sourcing, designing, business advice, and ideas. Always surround yourself with amazing peers that will uplift your goals and dreams, stay positive and keep working hard. Keep a balance of business, fun and learning…never stop learning. Inspire others and inspire yourself.

LAC: And now?

AJ: THINK GLOBALLY in trends, fashion and business!

LAC: DTLA means a lot to you. How do you think fashion culture fits in that schematic?

AJ: Downtown LA is super special to us because of it’s amazing fashion resources and manufacturing companies that allowed us to grow our brand independently. The community of downtown LA is unlike anywhere in the world. People are constantly supporting each other, trading resources, talents and hard work. The Los Angeles creative community is buzzing with new energy and design juices! We are lucky and super happy to be a part of it everyday in the fashion district — watching new talents come in and help out is a beautiful thing to watch. We love DTLA. Our generation is going to leave a mark in the fashion industry for west coast culture.

LAC: Favorite part or time of the creative process?

AJ: I think the best part of the creative process in our industry is being able to create ideas and projects with your close friends. A fashion shoot, a graphic design for a print, an event or a fashion film. Truly, the best part of our creative process is being able to BUILD goals with your friends and peers.

LAC: What advice can you dish to some of the aspiring fashion designers and entrepreneurs out there?

AJ: Best advice I can give to fashion designers is too never stop trying. Find a niche of the market that you love and design towards that specific niche, street-wear, haute-couture, handbags, accessories, whatever you love go for it. Do something that other designers and brands aren’t doing and do it the best. Try your best and always keep positive and find solutions. Find a team and people that you vibe with and work hard with, only success will come out it!

LAC: What are you wearing right now besides your own creations? Who’s making you tick?

AJ: We love sportswear right now, mostly rocking DimePiece and vintage pieces. We’re definitely feeling the nostalgic 90’s throwbacks; Adidas, Nike, work out gear in sportswear.

LAC: Quote to live by:

AJ: “Love Don’t Pay The Bills”.