The day we feared has come…. we’ve contracted Bieber-fever. Since the YouTube star was first discovered in 2008, he’s gone through a series of, well…. we’ll call them “stages” for this moment, where the tweenage heartthrob has undergone some Chris Brown-like transformations. From the shirtless performances to the tattoos to the reckless behavior, this kid is no longer the bowl-hair cut donning prepubescent that we would never reveal to being enthralled by. But you know what they say: when you have a problem, the first step is admitting it.

Okay so the real guise that drew us in was that the song is a Jeftuz remix. A producer out of Netherlands, Jeftuz first got our attention with releases like “S. Ama,” and “Girl,” — heavy R&B tracks laden with deep drums and snares overlain with filtered samples and luscious melodies. We love you Justin, but it’s guys like Jeftuz that’s bringing that sexy-R&B back.

True to form, Jeftuz works his producer magic with Bieber’s, “All That Matters,” but what puzzles us is that to our ears it sounds like he barely made any adjustments to the song, aside from adding a high hat element and filtering down the production as a whole. Does this mean that the Beebs is going to come full circle on his Chris Brown-evolution and start doing sultry R&B?? Check out the original below for yourself and you tell us what you think.

If this is what happens every time a teen heart throb goes through puberty, we ain’t mad at it. We might have to check into Beiber-Fever-Anonymous.


For the next installment of our Triple Threat segment we partnered with KOSHKA, a Los Angeles-based online women’s boutique that houses in-demand and on-trend brands like UNIF, Cheap MondayMink Pink and Shakuhachi, just to name a few. Catering to the free-spirited, effortlessly fashionable girl, KOSHKA is the dream one-stop-online-shop because they carry brands with a range of price-points with no swagger sacrificing/repenting.

Enter the Otis and Maclain Midcalf Stripe Skirt. After hours of scouring our favorite online retailer’s latest inventory for that perfect piece (OK– it was about twenty minutes, but it felt long), we finally landed on the skirt for not only the ease of its material but, more importantly, that perfect slightly-below-the-knee length. We naturally called in bi-racial bombshell Ashley Moore to help showcase its versatility and chat with us about Instagram, self-confidence and pick-up lines. Only an impossibly cute-yet-cool girl like Ashley could give us the dynamics we so desire, and the results? Well, take a look for yourself and tell us your fave (we love compliments).





LAC: Let’s get down to business. Who is Ashley Moore? 

Ashley Moore: Ashley Moore is an all-around fun girl. I am a very friendly and energetic person who likes to enjoy the beauties of life. I love being active and finding new things to do. I’m also ambitious and love to keep busy.  I like being able to look  back and know that I accomplished something.

LAC: Models are notoriously known for being long which is perfect for an athlete. Did you play any sports growing up or was there just Malibu Barbie’s dream house? 

AM: No, I’ve actually always been a tomboy. I loved outdoors and my mom made sure she kept me in all sports; basketball, volleyball, softball, track and I played soccer at one point. I love being active and on the go. Never been the Malibu Barbie … haha, to the point where my mother could never get me to wear a dress.

LAC: You seem to have a quiet confidence about you. Where’s that demeanor come from?

AM: My demeanor comes from my mother! She inspires me a lot and made me who I am today. On my down days she’s the one person that knows how to lift my spirits and put a smile back on my face


LAC: Do pretty girls really need to be told that they’re pretty or beautiful from a guy? 

AM: No, as long as you know and believe in yourself, no man’s words should change anything. At the end of the day they are words and you have to look in the mirror and see it yourself … people can tell you how beautiful you are until they are blue in the face, but it won’t mean anything unless you know and believe it.

LAC: We’re pretty sure you’re approached by guys all the time. Tell us the worst pick up line you’ve heard? 

AM: The worst pick up line I’ve heard is “Can I have a quarter?!? I need to call my Mom and let her know I just meet the girl of my dreams.” I just had to laugh for a moment.

LAC: And the best? 

AM: “Will you walk down the runway with me and marry me?” One of my followers had commented on a picture which was really funny.

LAC: We feel like no one asks this but how does it really feel to have 92,000 followers? You’re essentially a celebrity.

AM: It’s a beautiful feeling; my followers are truly amazing and just keep me positive and motivated to continue on the path I’m traveling. It’s also great to know and see that I also inspire others. It means so much.




Ashley is wearing additional pieces by UNIF, Musical Formalities, Satsuki Shibuya and Shakuhachi all available at

Photography: Mark Wales
Art Direction: Aaron Babylon
Stylist: Lauren McQuade