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The thick and thin of Hollywood came out Wednesday night to watch Mr. Thom Yorke DJ poolside at Tropicana Pool & Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel as part of the summer party “NightSwim.” While the Radiohead frontman can sometimes be (unsurprisingly) elusive and aloof during DJ sets, last night, Thom was in a jolly good mood – and hence gave an electrifying – if not down and dirty – DJ set.

He had the crowd grinding from the start of his hip hop and dancehall-heavy set – as he flailed and half-lotus-flower grooved along to the tunes. When he let out the crowd hang on the lines of Madvillian’s “America’s Most Blunted” – “It’s a known fact that grass increases creativity,” smoke and wails rose on queue from the surrounding areas. Then he amped it up with Evil Activities’ “Step Up”…..not even caring that one of the speakers had blown. By the time he breezed into a rendition of “Tenere Taqqim Tossam” (by Tinariwen and Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio, at least so we think….) and some Radiohead jams, our minds were thoroughly on fire. The rest of the night is a Tinseltown memory. Full snaps below.

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{ Photos + Words by Faith-Ann Young }


Instead of staying in this past Sunday night and inevitably watching TLC reality TV shows, we headed to the Fox Theater in Pomona and saw our favorite Canadians put on nothing less than an amazing performance. Metric, the indie/electronic band with a healthy splash of rock n’ roll, lit the stage with some innovative synth and vocals by Emily Haines, guitar by Jimmy Shaw, bass by Josh Winstead and drums by Joules Scott-Key.

The crowd’s awe-inspired gaze quickly turned into a burst of energy by the first note of the first song. People of diverse ages, genders, lifestyles and fashion inspirations made their way to the show, reminding us how many different people can be reached and inspired by Metric’s sound and lyrics. Mind you, the line to get in was two blocks long, and the fans towards the front of the line were waiting for almost three hours.





















Metric kicked off the concert with songs from their latest album Synthetica, a much more mature and developed record with indie-synth anthems coming straight from the gut. Through the middle of the concert, they paid homage to their more electronic-punk albums, playing songs from Fantasies and Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? Every base was covered when delivering the setlist, appealing to the older fan and to the new listeners of the beloved indie rock band.



As the dreaded end of the show came upon us, Metric left the crowd with acoustic version of “Gimme Sympathy,” performed by Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw. The crowd quickly joined in, leaving the theatre with a hard-to-match electricity. We truly urge any indie/rock/electronic lover to check out Metric; a versatile and iconic band 12 years in the making.


~Words & Photos by: Ashley Tuttle~