Premiere: SNBRN drops playlist for Splash House Palm Springs

We’ve done it again, and this time, with the help of LA based DJ/producer DJ, SNBRN. If you’re gearing up to head down to Palm Springs on June 13th + 14th for Splash House, get in the mood with these ten tracks he exclusively drops on LA CANVAS—along with why they’re so nostalgic to him—to get you in the sun soaking, palm tree musing kind of mood for a weekend of proper house heavy beats.

Hands down my favorite summer jam of all time….no questions asked

Who doesn’t love the original, Viceroy flipped this one just for the pool.

A staple in all my summer sets! 😉

Currently my favorite track of the summer, wonder who hit this one out of the park???

This track is so catchy & beautiful…it’s sunset worthy.

Aight, nobody can make a house jam like Le Youth. 

Such an emotional remix, I cant get enough of it!

This remix is so unique and fresh, I play it every set.

Talk about a piano anthem, Blonde did it again…

This track is all about summer, and I’m all about it!


The things we typically do in the morning range from banal to breath-taking: Make eggs, pound coffee, groggily read the newspaper/iPad/Instagram feed, check traffic, take out the dog, drop a load, meditate, medicate, kiss and bang, surf, yoga, sail, kayak, sky jump…. (hey, we’re sure there is someone!). And yet no matter how ambitious, one can rarely say the AM entails joining a dance rave. Until now.

New Yorkers Matthew Brimer and Radha Agrawal started an A.M. dance party, Daybreaker, as a way of igniting spirits and strangers, getting a community together and dancing like hell without unhealthy doses of liquid courage and gnarly hangovers. This simple concept has become, (excuse the pun), all the rave. After taking NYC by storm, it has since spread to San Francisco, London and reached the sunny shores of Venice, CA this Tuesday AM Sept 17th2014.

As curious and fun-loving folks, we found ourselves grumbling at the alarm clock at 6:30 AM, throwing on sneakers and heading to the nearby hot dog and beer joint Wusterkuche in Lincoln. Sure, it wasn’t easy getting up, it wasn’t easy to rally our friends to check it out (“Huh? 6 AM? Dang that’s early! And why on a Tuesday?”) and we’ll be honest, we found ourselves second guessing our motives right before entering: “Dear self. You are pretty much gung-ho for anything, but this behavior has officially lead you to a dance rave at 6 AM on a Tuesday at a hotdog joint. Is this something you should monitor more?” But then we shrugged, reminded our left brain that our right brain deserves a dance party whenever they want a F***ING dance party and headed inside.

The crowd and beats assuaged our uncertainty almost instantly. Evidently there was at least a hundred people who were as crazy as us and better yet, they were dancing harder and happier than we could have ever imagined. The place was packed wall to wall with colorful, glowy, sweaty, smiling people. In fact, we know what you are thinking, but most looked gainfully employed, smart, super-duper humans. Many of them were in some kind of spandex day-glo combo. And seriously, every last one of them was dancing.

The maverick-mustached DJ Eric Sharp built up delectable layers of upbeat, sun-filled deep house so we could not resist rising up and getting down. He chose to share the love by embedding the entire mix here! And, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, he was accompanied by a full brass section. Oh and hungry? A mix of  Runa Tea, Groundworks coffee and KIND granola bars overflowed the bar.  Then, the band Magic Giant did a sing-along acoustic drum-circle performance to close the morning.

While a 6am dance-athon may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, if you want a morning that is guaranteed to be the exact opposite of banal, you should give it a try… more pics and info on Facebook!


Let’s get deep on this glorious Music Monday. Real deep. Like, the deepest house mix by Trinidad – Senolia titled “Deep Wood Stomp” just dropped today on okayplayer and somehow, it simultaneously found its way in, around, out and through our favorite Marshall headphones as we get to do what we love — bring it all to you. We suggest you take a listen while you read what Trinidad plans to bring to our future music turntables.


Imagine satisfying people’s music thirst on jam-packed rooftops in Istanbul, then heading straight to London where you hypnotize a crowd of over 7k with your music selections for the night. Magical, right? Born in Whitechapel, London, and being a certified wanderluster, Damian Lazarus is mostly a rare-breed music conductor who creates and executes some of the best collaborative experiences in the international music scene—and music industry for that matter. Yet, it’s within the cult audience that follows every spin of his career that leaves us in a love haze when thinking of what type of mind this unique creature may be holding.

From creating record labels like Crosstown Rebels and producing Pakistani hits, to worldly Lazpod curations and an August 23rd music gathering, Get Lost LA, he just may be our new favorite music man. Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone who lives and breathes the word, anyways? Get turnt, for with Lazarus comes a whimsical journey (OK, now we’re adapting his tone):

LA CANVAS MAGAZINE: Tell us a little bit about yourself and music backstory.

DAMIAN LAZARUS: I grew up listening to old music hall favorites and movie soundtracks with my Grandfather and ended up playing underground deep, trippy and weird house and techno music to people all over the world. In between, I created super cool record labels and worked with some of the most inspiring people in the world of music.

LAC: What are 3 main things that influence your progression as an artist?

DL: Being in love, being lost and being free.

LAC: Was there a specific event that took place when the light bulb struck and you knew you’d be a music man?

DL: Realizing as a kid that I enjoyed Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture as much as I did the theme tune to the Pink Panther.

“It’s exhilarating to travel the world playing music to amazing people. Sometimes life moves so fast you don’t know if you’re coming or going, but once I’m in front of a crowd doing my thing, I feel relaxed and at home.”

LAC: Are you currently working on anything we can look out for?

DL: I have just completed the final touched on my new artist album project, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons. The first single is out now which is called Lovers Eyes and features legendary Qawaali singers from Pakistan on vocals. The album is out early next year and I am currently preparing a new love show with The Ancient Moons.

LAC: It’s a pretty unbelievable track, along with the traditional-inspired video. What’s the flavor behind the song?

DL: It is a modern day Qawaali love story which has deep, hidden meanings and it works just as well on the radio as it does in the clubs, which is no mean feat.


LAC: What’s it like to spin to a packed topless rooftop in Istanbul and only a few hours later, turn it out to an audience of 7k + in London?

DL: It’s exhilarating to travel the world playing music to amazing people. Sometimes life moves so fast you don’t know if you’re coming or going, but once I’m in front of a crowd doing my thing, I feel relaxed and at home.

LAC: What global destination, musically, makes you feverishly hot?

DL: The pyramid site in the jungle in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where we create our Day Zero event on January 10th, 2015, makes me all hot just thinking about it.

LAC: If there was a logline about your musicianship, how would it read?

DL: He played with your mind… and you loved it.

LAC: We recently enjoyed streaming Lazpod 27: The Lovepod at LA CANVAS HQ while hustlin’ for print deadlines. It calmed our nerves. Tell us a bit about that series.

DL: I created Lazpod some years back to allow myself a platform to show all the other music that I love and cherish and think that is cool that I cannot play in clubs and parties. The show now has a global-cult following and I really feel connected to the people that listen. It gives a solid understanding of the kind of artist by providing a back story to what I’m doing when I’m behind the decks.

LAC: What would you say to your ’10 years ago’ self?

DL: You’ll never guess where all this hard work and passion is gonna take you…

LAC: Any insight on what we can expect from you at Get Lost LA on Saturday, August 23rd?

DL: A day of magic, a night of madness.

*See you there, chum.