Generation Z is Nostalgic. Here are 5 Things We Still Love.

Lizzie McGuire Source: Disney Channel

It’s the year of 2019. Millennials are the largest population, surpassing the Baby Boomers. Then comes Gen. Z, which often gets mixed into the millennial and Gen. Alpha categorization.

Gen. Z is the generation of memes, ridiculous challenges, and most importantly, technology. While this generation holds so much criticism from the rest of the population, it’s safe to say the criticism goes both ways when critiquing the latests trends and popular culture. This critique could stem from nostalgia for our generational trends.

Here is a list of five music icons you probably wish toured for the sake of nostalgia!

Jonas Brothers Band

2005-2013, 2019-?

Started in 2005, the Jonas Brothers, a band of brothers Joe, Kevin and Nick had our hearts with their charm and hits: “Year of 3000,” “Lovebug,”and “Hold On.” We also may remember the band’s appearance in Camp Rock and their own Disney Channel tv show Jonas L.A. After four albums and internal conflict, the brothers went off and pursued solo-projects. Recent rumors have surfaced in 2019 that the Jonas Brothers Band may reunite under another name. Nick Jonas later responded to this rumor stating this possibility at later time.

Hannah Montana


Hannah Montana is Miley Stewart! No Miley Cyrus! The world wasn’t supposed to know her double-life on the hit tv show “Hannah Montana” which aired 2006 – 2001. Before Miley hit it big outside of her show, she was jamming the popstar life and balancing her “normal” life. Post-Hannah, people still reminisce about their favorite Hannah Montana songs “Nobody’s Perfect,”
“Best of Both Worlds,” and “Rockstar” while listening to Miley’s new music.

Cheetah Girls


“Amigas, cheetahs, friends for life!” the Cheetah Girls famously said. The iconic Disney group consisting of Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, Sabrina Bryan and later on Raven Symone was the girl band of our time. This group was diverse and popular considering the time period. The Cheetahs brought the power in girl power. They taught us sisterhood, friendship and love through song and film. If you miss the Cheetah Girls as much as I do, once in a while, Disney Channel still airs the Cheetah Girl movies.

Lizzie McGuire


Lizzie McGuire technically did not make music like these other icons, but she did appear in a movie where she sang as a popstar. It was what our generation calls a “bop.” Her iconic song and performance “What Dreams Are Made Of” touched us as kids and remains emotional years after. Let’s hope there are no remakes of this classic.

High School Musical

2006, 2007, 2008

Who remembers watching High School Musical and thinking, that’s how high school would be? There was Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez as the “it” couple, the school sectioned off into cliques, and the spontaneous singing in between scenes. High school looked fun and many look back to this movie either embarrassed or with a smile on their face at how unreal this movie is. It was the musical of our generation, before “Teen Beach Movie” and “Descendants” (to list a few). “High School Musical” is the o.g. of our time and will always be. People have rumored the possibility of a High School Musical 4 in the franchise, but rumors in this case are only rumors.