Listen Up: Howling Release X Machina Remix EP

Howling just dropped their latest EP – X Machina Remix. The three track EP is comprised of two versions of  X Machina—the original and a remix by Dave Harrington, guitarist of DARKSIDE. The third track of the EP is a remix of Howling’s Shortline by German pianist Hauschka. This remix package comes shortly after the release of Howling’s debut album Sacred Ground back in May.

Howling is a two man project made up of Ry X and Âme’s Frank Wiedemann. Did you see them in our latest Vacation Issue as featured Tastemakers? You really should. The duo creates otherworldly deep flowing music infused with echoey vocals, that often stray into the darker side of house music.

“Our process was very, very organic. For both of us, it’s just about the creation. Each song has a little journey of its own. The vision’s beautiful between us because there’s a lot of trust. It’s a very intuitive process where we fall in love with one element of the song or one element of a thought, and we follow that until both of those ideas have been met.” – Ry X, Howling

Catch Howling on their North America debut tour, they will be playing the 15th edition of the Prototype series at Lot 613 on July 31st, alongside Âme, Droog and Plastic Love.

Pick up tickets to Prototype 015  here.