Theres a gamut of music concerts that hit the desert every summer. Especially this year. Whew. In SoCal, its somewhat of a ritual to pull out your magic carpets and swim suits for soaking and sun bathing — with beats by pretty much whom ever you like to thump to.

For the second time this summer, SPLASH HOUSE returns to the desert August 8-10 and  hosts some of the most explosive names in electronic music across three poolside stages in Palm Springs. SPLASH HOUSE offers an alternative experience to the shade that summer fests usually get for being hosts of deliriant dry heat, crusading campgrounds and tedious traipsing. Instead, SPLASH HOUSE proposes pool-side lounging at The Saguaro, the Hard Rock Hotel, and the Hacienda Beach Club with a wow factor line-up including A-Trak, Jason Bentley, and Chromeo — and  live performances by Flume (oh fuck yeah!), Cut Copy, Jagwar Ma and more. This could be the new wave of next generation summer-staycation, all-inclusive packaging. Well done, Will Runzel.

Tickets + things are all right here.


When one associates RedBull and music, it’s usually with bands that are indie, edgy, and active. The latest edition of the RedBull Sound Select series really flipped the switch. At a packed house in West Hollywood, east side kids poured in to the Troubadour to get weird and dance all night to house, nu-disco, and R&B.

After salutations, the vibe instantly turned sensual and smooth as Rare Times opened the bill. The LA-based outfit has earned buzz for fusing silky, alt-R&B vocals over moody synthesized tracks. They played favorites like “Sirens Calling” and “Watched Over”- the latter being their most convincing and energetic performance. With much anticipation of their upcoming EP, hopefully the young duo’s live set can further evolve.

The series progressed with the spacey synth-pop sounds of Oh Boy Les Mecs, the group consisting of Mec and leading lady, Tracy Marcellino. She took the stage with messy long hair and a Bjork-esque fluffy, ruffled jacket. Main man, Hanford Pittman, appeared burly and ready to slay – like a Southern hardcore rocker. As if from some dark delirium, the pair creepily and confidently banged out hits like “Unrest” on synths atop of LED tables that lit up in various shades, which added greater stimulation to their live show.

Headlining the night was house/disco collective Hercules & Love Affair, their first performance in LA in 3 years. Fronted by dance music champion, Andy Butler. The NYC based project features a fluctuating cast of music vets who are able to hit high notes and revel across stage like schoolchildren. They performed timeless tracks such as “My House” and “Do You Feel The Same,” steering attendees into a dance frenzy. More insanity ensued when the ensemble invited the audience to party with them on stage.

The highlight of the night was pride of the East Side / Rhonda royalty: DJ Goddollars. He seamlessly curated cohesion between the event’s 3 different acts, while still keeping the party going for attendees.

The next edition of RedBull Sound Select is scheduled for November 21st, for only $3 bucks! RSVP to get your name, first come first served, on the list here.


LA CANVAS partnered up with Red Bull Panamerika and Marshall Audio to host a surprise invite-only show last week at Los Globos in Silverlake. After many sleepless nights of anticipation, it was announced two days before that Bosnian Rainbows would be the big surprise. Made up of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta, Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes, Deantoni Parks also from the Mars Volta and Nicci Kasper of KRS-ONE, the group is an indie Frankenstein masterpiece in terms of lineup, and it’s not all about Omar this time.

Having released their first record just a few days before the secret show, the buzz around Bosnian Rainbows is undeniable, as every show they play is for a packed house of devoted fans despite only releasing their record two weeks ago. The workhorse band has generated a following the good ol’ fashioned way: shows, shows, shows.


After seeing them play, we get it. Despite the show’s early-ish start time, people were lined up down the block hours before Bosnian Rainbows were supposed to go on. When the doors opened, the fans took their place at the front of the stage leaving them only inches from the instruments. Once a couple hundred people filled the intimate (read: sweaty) setting, the show began. The set started exactly as the album does, and was played from start to finish. The entire room was slick with perspiration and yet not one person could keep their eyes off of Teri.

Teri Gender Bender made everyone crush that night, as she took to the stage barefoot and ready to put on a hell of a show. Her stage performances have made headlines since her days in Le Butcherettes. Enigmatic, Teri is an all-star frontwoman. Her body convulsed with the music and she used everything within sight as a prop. Pacing the stage looking almost tribal, she clearly had not been skipping Zumba class. Omar, Deantoni and Nicci stayed anchored to their posts and all eyes were on Teri.

Bosnian Rainbows ended their set with “Mother, Father, Set Us Free” just as the self-titled album does. There was no encore because there was nothing left to play; they don’t do covers and don’t play music from their other bands so that was it. The show was over.


The good news is we can relive it as many times as we want thanks to the Internet! Below is a teaser trailer for an interview we did with the group. Stay tuned to our social media for the full interview!

The album was released on Sargent House/Rodriguez-Lopez Productions. Check it out on Bandcamp now.

Photo Credits: Erik Voake, Red Bull Content Pool




Earlier this month, Los Angeles-based duo Touché filled the Echoplex with the sounds of synth pop and art-rock. If the names of bandmates Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore ring a bell, it’s because these multi-instrumentalists are well known in the local music scene and have collaborated with many beloved artists like Twin Shadow and Beck. Pupils of Art-Ed, they excitingly and effortlessly showcased the mastery of brain, beauty and beat that night for the record release party of their first album, “It’s Fate.”

No stranger to theatrics, Alex appeared on stage in a superhero-appropriate ensemble of all black, outfitted in a studded bustier and costume cape. Bram sported an oversized windbreaker and grandpa glasses. Beginning their set with “Lock and Key,” and moving into “Everything He Wants,” Touché showcased the two-member band’s ability to sound like a four piece band, with Bram and Alex handling various instruments and vocals seamlessly. With its funky and syncopated bass line, Touché’s track “Bad Dream” had the audience dancing energetically. It was only appropriate, then, that during the song’s bridge, Alex dropped to her knees and shredded with an electrifying guitar solo. 


The crowd’s energy really ignited, however, when saxophonist James King of Fitz & The Tantrums joined the duo on stage for a few numbers, which were in the vein of Yacht meets Talking Heads. Barbara Ruska of The Belle Brigade also performed with the group on drums. They shouted her out while declaring that the next song was for “all the ladies”, and then broke into “Men Change.”

The last song, “Snow White,” was my favorite. It’s a quirky and clever rendition of the classic fairytale, and fuses elements of funk, rock and jazz. The latter genre is especially apparent in the song’s chorus, with its jolting “zoots” that can be likened to works by jazz legends such as Duke Ellington.

Speaking briefly with Bram offstage, I learned he was ecstatic with the turn out and that “Big Fan” was his favorite song performed that night. An eerie and experimental tune, “Big Fan” is about an overzealous admirer. With such a great performance that night, we’re sure Touché will have plenty of inspiration for future stalker-inspired songs. Just kidding.