It’s getting chillier at the beach, the waves are starting to suck and you’re in Southern California missing the summer (…because it isn’t summer here all year round).  As for your developmental, you need tunes that are grungier and louder but still pack those beachy chords. Wavves, the surf punk band out of San Diego, may be your fix. Under the influence of their super distorted wall of sound, you’ll probably find yourself reliving your teen years and maybe even have a swing or two at some mailboxes.

Thus we present you with the band’s new clip for “Sail to the Sun.” The video follows a day in the life of a priest who’s flying way off the rails of acceptable Holy behavior, unwinding from his high-stress job by picking up drugs and prostitutes and proceeding to get into all sorts of trouble.

Makes last Saturday Night seem rather tame, doesn’t it?




Look out for “Sail to the Sun” and a bolder new sound on Wavves’ upcoming album Afraid of Heights out March 26 via Mom + Pop.



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