As the creator and executive of the Los Angeles-based (and world renowned) futuristic-steampunk-circus-performance troupe Lucent Dossier, Dream Rockwell is a busy woman, especially as she and the rest of the Lucent crew are getting ready for their Winter Solstice show at the Fonda Theatre on December 21 – grab tickets for that performance here.

Rockwell took some time away from rehearsals to talk about her love for Coachella (where Lucent Dossier performs yearly on the Do Lab stage) and the craziest thing she’s ever seen while on stage. Check out her 21 questions with LAC below.

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1. How are you today?
I’ve got my sunny side up.

2. What have you been up to lately?
Lots and lots of rehearsals.

3. What did you have for breakfast?
The best fruit smoothie ever! It’s my every-morning delight. All organic peaches, raspberries, blueberries, banana, spiralina and super food greens, maca, turmeric, hemp oil, flax seed oil and chia seeds. I LOVE it!

4. What are you doing tonight?
Recording a new song we just wrote. It’s called “What if We Were Angels.” ‘Cause that’s what i’m wondering about these days.

5. What’s been on repeat in your headphones?
Our rehearsal sessions. When we’re working out new material I record the sessions and listen to them over and over to hear what’s working and what needs love.

6. Coachella or Burning Man?
Ohhhhhhh that’s so hard. They’re like our mom and dad. We love them both. And they have both birthed us and given us life. We have played Coachella 7 years running and this year we’ll be doing a super big show there so we adore Coachella. But Burning man is what inspired all of this… it was our first breath of life. So no way to ever choose, we love both our parents equally  😉

7. If you had an extra $50, what would you spend it on?
I’d buy a box of clown noses and deliver them to the LAPD. I think they could use them.

8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in the audience while on stage performing?
One time at Coachella one of our performers, Fernando, was vibing with this cute girl in the front row. And in the middle of a song he just ditched the choreo and laid down on the stage and started making out with her. He was supposed to do this lift with me and I was looking all over for him and there he was, laying off the front of the stage, in the throws of passion.


9. Favorite outfit you wear during Lucent performances?
I’m wearing this new white silk dress that’s 30 feet long and blows in the wind. I feel so mystical and powerful in it.

10. Favorite era for music?
’80s. Come on. But I also love early ’60s Elvis and rockabilly. And electronic music rips my soul open. haha, Can I have it all?

11. Favorite song of 2013?
“Happy” by C2C Ft. D.Martin

12. Proudest moment of 2013?
Our show at Lightning in a Bottle this year. It was such a huge feat. We were very ambitious. Projections, new costumes, new apparatuses, new performers, new numbers, new music. But we did it. And when the crowd screamed at the end of the show my body started to shake and didn’t stop for about 30 minutes. It was insane. And amazing.

13. Thing you laughed hardest at recently?
Psychedelic Bingo at Symbiosis was so crazy. I laughed so hard a nearly peed.

14. How do you kill time when you’re in traffic?
Books on tape. I have millions of them.

15. Eastside or westside?
Westside, the air is fresher and the hiking is rad with the ocean views. Ohhh but eastside, the vibes are so yummy and styley. Torn between two lovers.

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16. How many tattoos do you have?

17. Which one is your favorite?
The one I haven’t got yet!

18. What inspires you?
Creative people. People in bloom. Love. Nature. Good music. Giggles.

19. Decaf or regular?
Neither I’m a chai tea girl.

20. Why should people come to see Lucent?
So you can drop your jaw for 75 minutes, meet amazing, rad people and dance your bootie off. Three of my personal favorite reasons to leave the house.

21. Staying in or going out for New Year’s Eve?
I’m sitting in ceremony. New Years is always a moment to check in and go deep. It sets the tone for the whole year so it’s usually introspective for me.



If you havent heard of the name Aphidoidea, chances are you’ve likely seen some of their work. Born out of Los Angeles’ downtown arts district, the self-proclaimed “open collaborative think tank of design” has created some of the most stunning environmental and visual art installations to grace the best coast. The collective is the brains behind this past Coachella’s ‘Through the Cattails’ massive illuminated light sculpture, Burning Man’s ‘Crystalline Centrum’, and a long list of equally inventive and all-around awe-inspiring architectural installations. Next project on their list? Sitting down with the LAC team and entertaining our seriously ridiculous questions.





So, what’s up? Nothing much, just prepping for a long year of work.

Can we get you something to drink? Sure, a redeye with a side of expresso.

Aphidoidea? What’s up with the name? We work collectively like a colony, plus we love tomatoes and hate ladybugs.

Coachella or Burning Man? A walk in the park or sand in everything? At least at Burningman you don’t get any tanlines. If you know what I mean…

Rock, paper, or scissors? Rock beats everything, whoever tells you otherwise if full of shit.

Do anything last night? Coming up with drawings for a piece we are submitting, exciting stuff.

How late did you stay up? Usually as late as it takes, but last night it was probably around 3ish. Long nights are part of the game.

Meals or snacks? Meals. AYCE KBBQ.

Your craziest installation to date? Burning Man 2012 had some of the harshest weather and dust storms, it was lovingly referred by some as Burnapocalypse 2012. So, being in the middle of the Playa in a whiteout trying to hold up our project from the winds was pretty crazy.

Who would you invite to your fantasy gallery opening? Jabba the Hutt, as long as we don’t get thrown in the rancor pit.

If life could resemble any film… It would be PRIMER meets BRAZIL meets JURASSIC PARK meets THE NOTEBOOK meets GREASE ends with HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN.

Who would you commission to create your portrait? Any one of those caricature portrait artists on the Santa Monica Pier. Gotta support the budding artists.

Your favorite hiding spot in LA? A long night at King Eddie’s Saloon followed by post last-call Chinese at Won-Kok in Chinatown.

Blue or black ink? Black, darker the ink, the deeper the hue…

An art project you most regret? We got stranded in the middle of the Yuma desert at night on some sand dunes for a lame independent movie prop. We ended up having to get picked up by a relative who lived in Calexico. Never a dull day.

Ever sit down in the shower? No, but now that you mention it, it actually sounds kind of cool. I guess it’s like taking a bath without brewing in your own dirty stew.

When was the last time you really froke out at someone? WTF is froke! Froke you! Lol. No, seriously, WTF is froke.

What was the first thing you said aloud this morning?  Coffee. Now.

Are you listening to music right now? Whatever Pandora thinks I like at the moment.

Your dream project? Anti-gravity museum.

If we gave you $50, what would you buy? With 5 of us @ $10 bucks each we would get the following: Cocoa Krispies & milk, beach ball & Tapatio hot sauce, a case of Monster energy drinks, a six-pack, and a bottle of cake flavored vodka.

Last 3 google searches? 16 gauge shear press nibbler, Camp Bisco, Froke.

Where can we catch your next installation? On the beach at Santa Monica’s GLOW event in September.

What are you doing later? Working on a scale model for a public art project in Colorado.

Can we come? Don’t know, do you get your hands dirty?

See all of Aphidoidea’s latest work here