Saturday mornings was the happiest when I was a kid — no school, a bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons, and I was set. Nowadays Saturday mornings are more or less the same — no work, a bowl of leftover drunchies (usually a half-eaten burrito), and BBC Radio 1’s weekly Diplo & Friends, and you can call me a happy camper, if not a hungover one.

A few weekends back, the Diplo & Friends guest DJ was a reptilian bohemian that goes by the name of Trippy Turtle… and really, that’s all we can tell you. Thanks to the Internet, DJs, artists and producers are popping up like daisies, sometimes with little to no information on who exactly these folks are — and Trippy is one of them.

Based off of his Facebook posts and Tweets, Trippy might reside somewhere in Europe (he recently did a show in Norway with Sinjin Hawke and has a show at the end of November in Paris) and rubs virtual elbows with Cashmere Cat. The two frequently feature each other on their respective mixes, including Cashmere Cat’s own turn on Diplo & Friends and his recent hangout with Gilles Peterson. Many thought Trippy was a Cashmere Cat alias, but he squashed that accusation months ago.


Trippy’s BBC1 mix is all machine whirrs, withered down syrupy R&B samples and edits, thunderous bass and stutters — a mix of sex trap and Jersey club , if you will. Really, this mix has it all. It’ll have you singing along, while simultaneously doing body rolls and that infamous trap dance that looks like you’re doing some really weird pull-ups all at once. That’s how good it is, but I shouldn’t have to tell you twice. Hit that play button.

Check out more of Trippy Turtle’s tracks and edits at his soundcloud.



Brace yourselves, Los Angeles, electronic dance music’s biggest prophet has made our city his new home. Pete Tong, the legendary veteran DJ and radio host for the UK’s BBC Radio 1, is one of dance music’s loudest advocates. While the scene has climaxed to a foreign territory where many are skeptical about its lasting future, Tong is no cynic about the current situation, but instead, a belieber, believer and visionary in embracing the current disposition.

With his recent relocation from the UK to LA, he plans on taking refuge within this concrete jungle–a hub for talent and haven for creativity. This city has invaluable powers to introduce or hide its talented artists by its labyrinth of networks, something Mr. Tong plans taking full advantage of, to introduce even more brilliant talent from the UK and Europe. We’re reminded of the powerful article that Bill Gates wrote, ‘Content is King’, which spoke of the boundless capacity of the internet and its extension of networks.

Pete Tong’s innovative perspective plans on rewiring the current grid of EDM that happens to be playing it rather safe and replicated among many of America’s DJs. By stepping out of his comfort zone and channeling his sweeping knowledge and deep roots of the EDM field, this new market will be groundbreaking for his personal career and for many to come.

BBC Radio 1 – Pete Tong, Essential Mix featuring Disclosure

This Friday night. Sept 20, will be his first Los Angeles residency show at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood. Los Angeles, brace yourselves for a sensational evening fueled by some of the most emerging and captivating tunes that this EDM prophet has to offer.

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