By Ashley Brabham
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SUPERCHARGED® by Kwanza Jones announces the 2nd Annual SUPERCHARGED Summit which will be held on Saturday, October 19th at City Market Social House – Downtown, Los Angeles.

SUPERCHARGED is a lifestyle brand and personal development app that helps people do adulting better. Our goal is to ignite energy and action in those looking to better themselves.

One of the various ways SUPERCHARGED inspires action is through the SUPERCHARGED Summit; an annual event that boosts participants’ energy, knowledge, and network both personally and professionally. 

“We don’t have attendees, we have participants — people who know they have to DO something to CONNECT with something bigger and BECOME something GREATER.” 

Using tools and resources provided by panelists and speakers, participants will identify their goals and take immediate action toward achieving them. The Summit features a series of panels and breakout sessions featuring, John Henry: Partner at Harlem Capital, host of “Hustle” on Viceland & voted to Forbes’ 30 Under 30; Anita Ortiz: Senior Vice President, Global Inclusion Strategy, West Coast at Viacom; Kwanza Jones: Speaker, Philanthropist and Investor in over $40mm in commitments to women & diverse founders; José E. Feliciano: Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Clearlake Capital Group, L.P.; Rick Hess: Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Evolution Media; Brett Brewer: Co-founder and Managing Director, Crosscut Ventures; Pedro Marti: Senior Financial Advisor, Wealth Management, Wells Fargo and more.

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