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It’s almost time for the most beloved (or dreaded) Hallmark holiday of the year, so we’ve compiled three looks to suit any February 14th perspective. Make this an inspiration board for what to wear to all your cutesy (or anti-love) festivities.


The Romantic

For the girl who actually has semi-regular plans (i.e. dinner and the Flux Screenings at the Hammer) and is actually excited to get out with her love interest (It’s ok to admit it!) this look is just literal enough to make Valentine’s Day feel slightly different than the other date nights.


The Realist


For the girl who is not in the mood to accessorize with heart  and floral prints, yet wants to do something besides stay in and watch another season of Parks and Recreation, we have a more classic outfit for any activity you have planned. This is perfect for a show (EELS are playing The Observatory and Dead Meadow is headlining at The Troubadour) or just grabbing a bite at less romantic locations (i.e. that hole-in-the-wall spot you’ve been wanting to try.)


The Cynic

If you’re going out despite your disinterest in all things Valentine, you’ll be battling against hoards of couples invading every popular hot-spot. In which case a military jacket and combat boots are your ideal uniform. Whether you are attending an Anti-Valentine’s Day party or staying in to avoid the cheesy decor most dining establishments will be donning for the night, this look will ensure you an unromantic evening.

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